Wake Up Life is Calling: Win A Kindle!

 We've been running contests and giving away Kindles for the promos of my latest book 'Wake Up, Life Is Calling.' This is in partnership with Kindle India.

 So far we've given away FIVE Kindles.
Now here're the last one to be won! I thought I would post it here, as it's the last one, and it is a very easy contest,

What you have to do:
1. Watch this trailer
2.Answer the question  'What consumes Ankita and draws her in?'
3. Tag three friends.

That's it!

To participate you can head over either to my Facebook post, or Instagram post

Winners will be announced on 1st  June.
Apart from kindle we are also giving away a set of three books of mine !

Go on! You may be the lucky winner!
It's a simple contest to participate in.
If you win, you need a valid shipping address in India.

That's all for today.
More tomorrow

Get the book at a special price of 99: Type preeti.io/awake in your browser. Limited period offer.


  1. 😭 I cant participate. I am currently out of India.

    1. You don't have to BE in India to participate :)
      All you need is a shipping address, in case you win :)

  2. Hi Preeti,
    Nice to see your post. It's a special day for me today. My kids' Kindergarten Graduation Day. A milestone in their life and ours as a parent. Watched the video...It's intriguing...Have participated in the contest...Hope to win something :)
    Love, Alka.

    1. Good luck Alka! I don't handle the selection at all, as we have thousands of entries. My team does it. Also, for to be involved would be a tad bit unfair, as I do know some readers(like yourself) a bit more than the others.
      Wow---now they have a graduation day for kindergarteners? So cute! :) It's indeed a milestone.
      Congrats to them and to their proud parents too.
      It seems like another lifetime for me!

    2. Hi Preeti,
      Please don't get me wrong. It was just my casual statement. Like we say whenever we buy a lottery ticket or play a game of Housie. I never meant you to influence the procedure in any way.
      Thanks for your loving wishes to us and our twins. Yes we live and look back at our life as memories. At present I am saving their toothless smiles in my own memory chip as I know soon these days will fly to seem like a different lifetime. :)
      Love, Alka.

  3. Wish me luck mm here I goooo..

  4. Love you writing.... Participating too ma'am

  5. I missed to comment the same day on this blog post, but like they say I am going to forgive myself for failing on the challenge, pick myself back up and get myself right back to your blog. Btw the trailer is nice, seems like that of a short film. Hoping to see your books getting made into movies so that they will reach a wider audience ~ Indu.

  6. Hi Preeti. I think I missed out on this post. Will definitely participate and see what happens!


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