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The One You Cannot Have (TOUCH)

And so my weekend whizzed by. I have no idea when it came and when it went or where. It was stealthier than a thief, dressed in black, blending  in with the shadows of the night, quieter than a cat's paws landing on cold cement floor noiselessly and faster than a flash of lightning on a dark, moonless, stormy night. Mostly, I think, it was lost in the huge stir that the sharing of the cover page of my next title created. I shared it on Facebook over the weekend, but in case you haven't see it, here goes: It is a story of unrequited love. It is a story of a couple who were in a perfect relationship for four years, and who could not imagine  existing without each other. But life had other plans for them. Sixty percent of the book is written from the point of view of Aman, who is the male protagonist. I shall share the back blurb and a little more about the characters soon! Watch this space! Over the weekend, I was also invited by IIM-Bangalore, to speak at  Vista 2

Wordless Wednesday 38 . Snapshots from Pune International Lit fest.

For Wordless Wednesday thought I would share some snpashots from the recently concluded Pune International Lit fest. It was wonderful to meet and interact with my fellow authors. See if you recognise any! :) Answers at the end of the post :) Did you recognise any? :) In case you haven't--- from top to bottom.. Tuhin Sinha ,  Mehgna Pant ,  Durjoy Datta,  Ashwin Sanghi , Kiran Nagarkar (I am a HUGE fan of his writing) and of course Preeti Shenoy :) (Click on the names to know more about them) _______________________________________________________ Buy my books in India,   here .  (You can pay cash on delivery. You don't need a credit card)      Buy my books on Amazon, (outside India)    here - See more at:   Buy my books (pay cash on delivery)  on  Click HERE Buy my books on Flipkart (pay cash on delivery). Click HERE Buy my books in India,   here .

Coming soon!

 Hi there, Apologies for not posting this sooner. Things have been crazy in a crater-erupted-inside-my-home kind of a way. I have been working NON-STOP since Friday evening. I took a break only yesterday morning. I worked and worked, till I fell asleep in front of my laptop. Upon waking I worked again. I had to revise my manuscript of my 5th book and do the edits, and God, it is a tough task, requiring immense concentration and effort. You cannot let your mind wander even for a few seconds, as you might have missed something. When I work on edits, I shut down from the outside world. Nothing else matters. I find anyone trying to even talk to me, an intrusion. Fortunately I have a co-operative family and they give me my space and time.  In case you want to read more about the process of writing a book, click here. And this is just the first round of edits  which  are over. (two more remain) Meanwhile nobody guessed the title of the book, and so I went ahead and revealed it o

Guess the title-part 2. FIVE book hampers to be won :)

  So here is part-2 of 'Guess the title' game which has just started. If you have missed it, see my last post. See the clues above and guess the title !! Go ahead---wear your thinking caps and get cracking! :) FIVE book hampers to be won. :) Westland   (my publishers) will pick five correct entries and give away gift hampers. You could even join me on my Facebook page , or Twitter , where the contest will go live later . I just thought you, my dear blog readers [my special people :)] , should be the first to know and hence this post! :) And also here is a picture I shared on FB, which a lot of people liked :) So had to post it here too :) Good luck in guessing the title :) And also tell me if you think this picture is good enough to be the author picture for the new book. ______________________________________________________________________ Buy my books in India,   here .  (You can pay cash on delivery. You don't need a credit card)      Buy my

My 5th book! Guess how many words in the title? :)

A lot of people are guessing the number of words on Facebook. If you want to join me there, click here. Else, just use my comment box :)  __________________________________________________________________________  Buy my books in India,   here .  (You can pay cash on delivery. You don't need a credit card)      Buy my books on Amazon, (outside India)    here

A powerful connection.

7th of September is a day I do not like to face. In case you are a new reader, I suggest you  read This   post I wrote on 7th September 2010. and This one I wrote on  7th September 2011 and also This one I wrote on 7th September 2012 (My personal favorite  being the first link-- the  2010 one) He loved to go for long walks. Today I walked 12 kilometers,as a tribute to him. Satish walked with me.I remembered  all the stuff that he did, everything he used to say. The stuff that made great memories. And the stuff that made me the person I am. He shaped me, he moulded me, taught me to be strong, independent and have pride in my work. He taught me to be kind. He taught me that you learn something from every single person you come across. He instilled in me, my love for books. As a child, my home was filled with books. By the age of nine  or so, I had read Thomas. A. Harris's I'm Ok, You're Ok. I used to have conversations with him about Transactional A

A special relationship and a birthday wish.

She called me up this morning at around 5.45 a.m. I had been fast asleep and my hand reluctantly reached out from under the blanket to answer her call. Groggy eyed, I picked up the phone and tip-toed out of the bedroom, so that I don't wake Satish, my brain still pounding under the confusion of being suddenly woken up, my mind suspended in that half-dazed state between sleep and wakefulness. 'Good morning Preeti,'  she said. 'Hey--all okay?' I asked. 'Wish me first, It is my birthday,' she said. 'Idiot--did you wake me up for that? I would have wished you later. I was fast asleep.' 'So what? That's okay if i woke you,' I smiled  and wished her. And we spoke for a good 35 minutes. And that was just the first phone call. Later there were many more phone calls to each other. Apart from the whatsapp chats. 'Hey, Do you realise something?' I told her, a little while ago. 'What?' she asked. 'We'r