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Watercolour or Watercolor.I love it!!

What a splendid thing watercolor is to express atmosphere and distance, so that the figure is surrounded by air and can breathe in it” --Vincent Van Gogh Water colours have always fascinated me.I love it for its sheer brilliance of colours, and the speed with which, you have to work.It is so difficult to capture that play of light.This is a simple landscape that I completed yesterday.I have used ONLY 5 colours, in the whole painting. Have been staring at it, ever since. Still not tired!

The Roaring twenties??

TS’s comment and a friend’s post prompted me to write this post. When you are in your twenties, getting older is probably the last thing you worry about. There are so many more things that are confusing enough, without adding to it, what seems a certain but distant probability of being in your thirties, or forties or fifties. You want to get rich. You want to find your partner. You want someone to come home to. You want to get married. You want that cool job paying big bucks. If you are still studying, you can’t wait to start earning. If you are earning, you want to have a lovely house and lovelier person to spend your days with. Maybe kids. Some day. You are not sure if he or she is THE one for you.You are perhaps, spoilt for choices. Every single person (more so if that person is a ‘cutie’) seems a prospective partner, till you discover that they are not. There always seems to be something that is missing. You try to discover your identity. Maybe even your sexuality. Nothing


fare·well Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[fair-wel] –interjection 1.goodbye; may you fare well: Farewell, and may we meet again in happier times. –noun expression of good wishes at parting: They made their farewells and left. 3.leave-taking; departure: a fond farewell. 4.a party given to a person who is about to embark on a long journey, retire, leave an organization, etc. –adjective 5.parting; valedictory; final: a farewell performance. ___________________________________________ Farewells seem to be the order of this week. TS blogged about it.So did Misti . My turn now. Because in a few hours from now, a good friend is leaving for the US of A. Some months back another good friend did.But he will be coming back in a few months. The best thing about farewells is that, there is always something to look forward to! That is why farewells do not affect me anymore. Not much anyway. Maybe I have seen too many. Maybe it is because, I feel that distances ar

The onion field

Allium Cepa is its scientific name. It is edible,available the world over and used in an array of dishes.The humble onion. The onion field is a book by Joseph Wambaugh, a sergeant for the Los Angeles Police Department,published in 1974.It is about the kidnapping of two plainclothes LAPD officers,Campbell and Hettinger, by a pair of criminals,pulled over for a routine traffic violation. The two officers were forced into the car,driven to an onion field,where Campbell was fatally shot. Hettinger was able to escape, but later became scorned by his fellow officers, fired from the force, and eventually a police training video was made using his experience as example of what not to do when stopping and approaching a vehicle. Hettinger suffered severe emotional trauma as a result and people who knew him said he was never the same afterwards. He was forced to resign from the LAPD after committing some acts of petty shoplifting and developing a drinking problem. Later in life, Hettinger was ap

Age and Prejudice.A tribute to Dad’s best friend.

Age is something that creeps up on every single one of us. As you read this, you are a few seconds older. Some people just exist, dragging their weary souls behind them. And some people really live life to the fullest. Age does not get in their way, obstacles do not get them down for long and they emerge stronger, happier and they have grown. What is it that separates these go-getters from the others? Why is it that some people are so weary and down-in-the dumps where as some people are bubbly, positive, cheerful and great to be around? I had mentioned this in my post ‘ radiators and drains .’(in case you do not know what it is please do click on link) Mr. Prabhu is one such radiator. I feel so fortunate that he came into my life and feel very enriched that I share a close relationship with him. He is an amazing person. He is so energetic, dynamic, lively, spirited, tireless, vivacious ,zippy and so full of life. He is one of those very few who have really succeeded in cocking a snoo

Two kinds of people

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who put away their shoes in the shoe rack, as soon as they enter their homes and ones who kick them off and let them be. There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who never misplace car keys (or any other keys for that matter) and the ones who never find them until they search for 6 and a half minutes (or more) on an average. There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who plan what they will be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day, and stock up on the necessary ingredients, and the ones who just rummage through the fridge and rustle up a quick meal. There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who think before they speak and say politically correct things, and ones who do not think but speak the truth and are very funny. Usually. There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who read others blog and do not leave comments and the ones who blog, read others blogs and also

Please hug me.I'm just like you.

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Avalon Sunset

“I didn’t ask for it to be over, but then again, I never asked for it to begin. For that’s the way it is with life, as some of of the most beautiful days come completely by chance. But even the most beautiful days, eventually have their sunsets ”

I want to get on that train.

100 Years From Now One hundred years from now It will not matter What kind of car I drove, What kind of house I lived in, How much I had in my bank Nor what my clothes looked like. One hundred years from now It will not matter What kind of school I attended, What kind of typewriter I used, How large or small my church, But the world may be ... a little better because... I was important in the life of a child. --Forest.E.Witcraft The minds of children are really like clay. They can be moulded into whatever you want. You, as an adult, a role model, a care giver have infinite power, to shape them into beautiful, warm , kind, positive and sensitive human beings. Or you can fill them up with bitterness, resentment intolerance and violence. Many a time I feel that the mindless acts of violence, terrorism and abuse goes on, simply because somebody did not spend enough time with their children—or maybe they did.But the twisted way. Children believe adults. For them, their w

Number three--My first tagged meme post

There was something else that I was going to blog about. I had the picture ready and the post too (in my head) when I got tagged by Roshan to do this meme. I usually don’t do memes. But this one made me think. 3 things you should know about the number 3 1. The number of men who are in love with me at any given point in time 2. The number of women who want to kill me at any given point in time 3. The number of people my husband would like to kill at any given point in time 3 things that scare me 1. Truth 2. Lies 3. Lies that cover up the truth 3 people who make me laugh The ONE would have been my dad.I used to be so happy when he was around, and we used to laugh so much together.But he is dead now.So my answer would be 1.Tyler 2.Atul 3.Gawpo 4. Mr.Fab (yeah I know its a three meme--but how can I not mention mr.Fab?He is just fabulous) 3 things I love 1.spending time with my kids and husband 2.spending money with my husband without my kids 3.conversations that stimulate (my

The curse that wasn't

Expressionism and Surrealism are two branches of Art that fascinate me. Many of my friends tell me that they don’t understand surrealism or don’t see any talent in expressionism. I don’t understand how they don’t understand! I tell them that if the picture moves you or speaks to you, it is Art.You don’t have to like it just because everyone else says it is great. Art is what you feel—what makes you think, and perhaps take a second look. Most people find it hard to believe that I have had absolutely no formal training in Arts whatsoever. I have never been ‘taught’ art. I don’t know any techniques of painting, nor do I know angles, perspectives etc.Whatever I create, I just do it as a way of expressing myself. I go with my good friend Niall , who says “I favour the viewer/listener/reader to discern their own meanings.” This painting ( The curse that wasn’t ) that I completed two days ago is very meaningful to me.I have used symbolism, surrealism and expressionism here. Don’t worry abou

Pictures to bring you joy

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” --Ashley Smith I clicked these pictures recently--some in my garden,some around the complex I live. I hope they bring you as much joy as it brought me. As I sit on this bench in the evenings, the air is filled with chirpings of so many birds, all returning home,done for the day.There is so much peace.I take a deep breath and savour these moments. Oh--It is a such joy and a blessing to be alive and healthy. I love this colour.It screams for attention.Makes you notice it.Makes me feel. Deep. My garden fence is full of these.They live only for a day.By evening, they have wilted.The next day, they fall.Such a short life--but, so much beauty.