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Jasmine in bloom. Wordless wednesday no. 42

    Terrific to  wake up each morning, to the jasmine in full bloom. From my Garden. My entry for Wordless Wednesday. _______________________________________________________________________ ps:  Have you read The One you Cannot Have yet?. Buy it from Amazon just Rs.99/- for a limited period! Or pick from the following :) Crossword: Touchcrossword Flipkart: Landmark: Infibeam: Uread: (Uread ships internationally too)

She loves me more.

"Siblings fight, pull each other's hair, steal stuff, and accuse each other indiscriminately. But siblings also know the undeniable fact that they are the same blood, share the same origins, and are family. Even when they hate each other. And that tends to put all things in perspective."               ----Vera  Nazarian. My two children (my son who is 16 and daughter who is 12) are no different. They fight, tease each other, bicker, play together and  have their own secret language, which all siblings who are close do. Sometimes I eavesdrop on their conversation, when they think I am not listening. I enjoy it immensely. Overheard yesterday: My son to my daughter: You know what, mummy loves me more. My daughter: Of course not, she loves us both equally. My son: No, she doesn't. They haven't told you, you are actually adopted. My daughter pauses for a few seconds. I hold my breath. Then she says " At least they chose me, but they are

An interview with Kiran Manral on her new book

Though I have known Kiran Manral for many years now, from my early  blogging days, it was only in January 2013 that I met her, during the launch of my book 'The Secret Wishlist'. When we got talking, it felt as though I have known her all my life.  Kiran is  wonderful, sensitive and warm and she did an amazing job of my book launch.  She is a superb orator too, and spoke extremely well. You can watch the entire video of the launch here . I  love her witty writing (from her blog and numerous other places that she writes)  and picked up her first book The Reluctant Detective , which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Kiran has also starred in the Dove ad, as well as in tangerine colours of life. Here is Kiran Manral's short bio:   Kiran Manral has worked as a journalist before she quit to be full time mommy. Her blogs,   www.thirtysixandcounting.   and , are both in Labnol's list of India's top blogs. She bl

Waste to Garden Gold!

Have you ever thought of what happens to that plastic cover that you chuck into the dustbin? Or the potato peels? Or the leftover slice of Pizza? Do you throw them all into the same bin or do you separate them?  If you aren't segregating your waste at home--you really should. Pic courtesy : The fact is big Indian cities produce about 3000 tonnes of waste a day, at the very least. Most of them are dumped into illegal dumps just on the outskirts of the city. Organic waste from your kitchen is 60 percent water. The municipal department spends money transporting this waste! If  we do our bit, we can manage our waste at home, thus saving resources and time, that can be utilised better for other things like education and infrastructure. Organic waste  really does not need to  travel. Also, thousands of people in our country are rag-pickers who make a living out of scavenging in the waste bins and selling the plastic dumped there. If the plastic is not covered