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The Magic Mindset: How to find your happy space. Some questions answered.

 Hello again! In the last post, I'd mentioned about the cover unveiling of my new non-fiction book The Magic Mindset. So many of you joined in and you made the celebration of the book truly special by interacting with me, sending me your wishes. Thank you so much for that!  Here's the cover of the book! To capture the spirit of the book, my publishers Harper Collins created  this beautiful video , which I want to share with you. Do use the headphones or switch on  the sound and watch it.      If this video made you feel calm and peaceful, then you will definitely love the book!    To give you a better idea about the book, here are a few questions that I was asked, and my answers as well!  1) What brings you to write this book? What is it that you want to send out into the world via this book? I began the 21 days of positivity when the first lockdown started in 2020. At that time we naively believed that the lockdown would be only for 21 days. We were all in shock, and unaware

Join us for a LIVE tomorrow, for everything about my new non fiction book!

 Hi all! I am really excited to share the cover of my new non-fiction book in a live session tomorrow (3rd September ,Friday) at 5.00 pm. We will stream it live on Facebook as well as on Instagram! Do join us. We will talk about how to find your happy space in these difficult times. We will give you a sneak peek into the topics of the book and we will also answer your questions. Instagram:  Facebook: Do mark your calendar and see you tomorrow!  Love Preeti Shenoy