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The story of Mr.Video and Ms.Journal (Warning: violence involved)

It's official. It's a war. My home is now a war-zone. I am caught in the cross-fire, not knowing whose side to take.  My hand illustrated-journal has launched a war with my home-made video. To complicate things further, a professionally shot video has jumped into the fray. I am inundated by the sounds of all of them screaming at me, yelling, jostling for attention. To complicate the war-zone further, there's Oktobuz z ( a set of wonderful people to work with, and I love working with them. ) who are perfectionists. Then there's my extremely sweet, ever-obliging, web-designer, Pranav. Pranav and Oktobuzz are on my side, of course. The videos and the journal seem to have taken a life of their own. They threaten to engulf us, take over our tiny world which is I t's all In the Planets. At first all was under control. Oktobuzz told me that a video had to be made. And in that sweet way, they said 'Preferably shot by a professional photographer.'

A nice little surprise for you! (coming soon!) :)

In my last post, I mentioned there's a surprise coming. And that I have worked very hard at creating it.  (which itself was a big clue). Many of you came up with nice guesses. But nobody guessed what it is. For the first time ever! I will be sharing my unreleased hand-illustrated journal in the #SuperFans Contest! ( 24th August, Wednesday, 11 AM). Are you in? Follow my Facebook page for details :) _____________________________________________ ps:    For exclusive pre-order signed copies from Amazon India go to :

It's all in the planets (My new book!): A behind the scenes tale

Most people think that when you finish writing a book,   your job is over.  (do click on the hyperlink to read 'what writing a book involves') I am here to dispel that myth. Your job starts only then! The editing process is long and painful. We went through at least 4 edits, before this final version was done. At one point, my editor and I had exchanged 14 emails over a very minor detail, which you wouldn't even notice when you red the book. (I have a superb Editor! I love working with her). Once the book is out, it is important to tell your readers what the book is all about. Many authors think that marketing a book, is the job of the publishers, and they can sit back and relax. I would disagree. I think when you have put in so much effort into the book, and your publishers has invested a lot of money to bring out the book, then the very least one can do is participate actively. It is only befitting that the book deserves a thrust, to reach the right readers. To

New Book! Do you want to know the title? (and also some post cards from Bhutan!)

Hi there, If you have been following my Facebook public posts, or my Instagram,  or my column in Financial Chronicle, you would know that I have just got back from an AMAZING holiday in Bhutan. The country is PURE magic. I stayed in Thimpu Punakha and Paro. It was ethereal. Here are a couple of pictures, in case you missed my posts. By the river Wangchuk in Thimpu.  This was at a Nunnery in Paro.  At Thimpu. The Buddha is MAGNIFICENT. I  feel so blessed to have the privilege of being able to  sketch this scene.  The art is to Die for! Fooling around :) (Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed) I also did an amazing trek (walked 18.3 kms!!) to Tigers Nest. But I will save that for another post. I came back with a loud THUD to India, wishing my holiday would not end, and it took me a while to get back to Social Media :) But now I am here, and excited about me new book coming out :) Join me on Facebook today(1st August) at 6.00 pm IST where we are