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Blog marathon completed! Last post :)

So, finally have come to the end of this month long marathon! It has been exceptionally hard this time, as I had my book tours and a hectic schedule. Despite that I managed to blog every single day, this whole  of February. Hurray! I blogged from Lucknow, Chandigarh, Delhi and Jaipur. I blogged from airports and hotel rooms. I blogged after book signings and book events. I blogged after being exhausted after a whole day session at the World Book Fair. I blogged after taking two flights and after media conferences. I blogged when I was dog-dead tired and the words were blurring before my eyes. I blogged when I had lots to say and also when I couldn't think of saying anything. Most importantly, I blogged even when I didn't want to . I think it is important to push your boundaries. That's the only way you grow. Throughout this blog marathon, there was one person who commented on every single post of mine. Let's give an applause to Alka Singla. Thank you Alka! Even

Some more postcards from Lucknow (blog marathon post 27)

Thought I would do a photo post today, as I have some really lovely pictures that I cliked inside the Imamwada during my Lucknow trip. The steps that lead to the Imamwada The wonderful Bada Imamwada  Love the Awadhi architecture. The beautiful minarets. The garden inside the compoud of the chotta imamwada. The mosque against the sunset. Isn't Lucknow beautiful? (For those who don't read my blog regularly---I got a chance to visit Lucknow when I was invited for the Lucknow litfest  Click HERE for some snaps that tell you what it was all about) Do visit Lucknow if you get a chance. There is so much history , beauty and old architecture in the city. And not to mention shopping for chikan work. I would definitely be going back. G'nite folks. Till tomorrow. _______________________________________________ Buy my books: Buy them:

Workout music (Blog marathon post 26)

Music can have an extra-ordinary effect on our brains.  Studies have discovered that it is intrinsic to all cultures and it aids not only in learning languages, but also for improving memory and focussing attention. When we are taught a foreign language we are always taught simple songs or rhymes. According to a study published in a UK journal, music also helps us to heal and helps to reduce physical pain. "Listening to music can reduce chronic pain from a range of painful conditions, including osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis, by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%," says the study. Music also helps reduce blood pressure,  aids post stroke recovery and boosts immunity. I need my music when I work out. I usually do my cardio  for about 45 minutes on the treadmill and have my i-pod with me.  Music with a high BPM (beats per minute) help me keep up a great pace, as I walk/run. Studies say that the best songs to work out to are those th

Wordless Wednesday no. 45. Sunset

My post for Wordless Wednesday is this Sunset I clicked from my home. Nature's splendour. A photographer's delight. ____________________________________________________________ Buy 'It Happens for a reason' at just Rs.102/- Amazon: Ithappensamazon Flipkart: Flipkartithappens

Parallel tracks --a poem (blog marathon post 24)

  Snatched talks Tug of  hearts Refraining, holding back Waiting for a reply Which always arrives. A perfect match Yet parallel tracks Waving out as paths cross Discussing transience of emotions Of  life itself. Our destinations  different But together we journey Making memories. I am grateful I replay, I partake For what is life, if not for moments you treasure? _________________________________________ © 2015 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission. photo credit: Love yourself.... via photopin (license)

These are a few of my favourite things (blog marathon post 23)

One of the best ways to cheer yourself up, when you have had a particularly nasty/busy/draining day is to think of your favourites. Your favourite person, your favourite spot in the house, your favourite drink---all of which instantly bring you joy. Studies have shown that when we look at photographs of those we love, our brains tell our body to release the endorphins and the 'feel-good' factor kicks in. So when I found this meme on Sunday Stealing on Favourite things, I decided to do it as a blog post. It asks you to list the following favourites..and I give next to it, my answers as well. Place: Norwich (part of the book 'The One You Cannot Have' is set here) Person: Of course Vee :) Color:  Sometimes yellow, sometimes black and sometimes green Food: Curd rice Smell: Chanel 5 or Eternity Book: Tuesdays with Morrie Movie: Shawshank Redemption Music artist:  Gotye, Goo-Goo Dolls, REM Thing to do when bored: I never get bored!I have so much to

Tweets from my timeline on #IndVsSA (blog marathon post 22)

What else can I blog about today, other than the fire-cracker of a victory that India had against SA in the World Cup Cricket. I was watching after a long time and enjoyed thoroughly as is evident from my twitter timelime. I am embedding some popular tweets from my Timeline (and Satish's) for today's post. Enjoy :) For those of you who do not understand Twitter, click here for a basic guide. Told @preetishenoy and Lostris not to move since India is playing well eversince she sat there. Some grumbles :) — Satish Shenoy (@Satish_Shenoy) February 22, 2015 And incidentally, Satish had predicted the win this morning. This is what he tweeted after the match. I predicted a 150 run defeat for SA. Very very close to that figure :D #IndvsSA — Satish Shenoy (@Satish_Shenoy) February 22, 2015 131..86000..307...If you don't know what the significance of these numbers are you are not a cricket buff :) #IndvsSA — Preeti Shenoy (@preeti

5 tips to improve your relationship (blog marathon post 21)

Highlight of my day today was the harvest from our   terrace vegetable garden. Here is what we harvested: a) 1.75 kgs of tomatoes. b) Some long beans. c) 400 gms bitter gourd. d)  Some sprigs of Parsley e)  A bunch of Spinach f) A bunch of Rocket leaves Here is Satish posing with the harvest :) I always feel gardening is a lot like relationships. Here is why 1. You need to invest a lot of time in both. 2.If you neglect it, it withers. If you, in your enthusiasm over-water it, it dies. In relationships space is the equivalent of water. Too much and your relationship suffers. Too little and you kill it. 3.You need a lot of patience for both. You do not get results overnight, in a week or even a fortnight :) 4.You need to weed out the pests ;-) Don't allow them. They creep in slowly without your realising it and you have to be extra careful. 5. It needs a lot of nutrition. In a garden we need to give it nutrients. In a relationship the nutrients are lovin

A doll for my dolly. (blog marathon post 20)

Here is a doll that my daughter and I made entirely from waste material! Isn't she GORGEOUS? We were really pleased when we had finished. We never expected it to come out this well. Here is another picture.  It was an old vest that was battered and bruised that formed the body. I just drew a rough pattern by hand, without any reference . I just went by my gut feel. Here is what I had cut out ( from both sides).   Then began the task of stitching it. I stitched all around by hand, leaving a tiny gap for the stuffing and then turned it inside out, stuffed it with poly-fibre from an old pillow which had seen better days, and closed it by stitching around it. My daughter joked that at this point the doll looked like Augustus Waters. Okay? Okay.  :) Then we completed the body And finally, we stitched the hair and the frock. We used beads for eyes. And I used embroidery thread to stitch the mouth. Both of us fell in love with her, afte

A warm mail and a small clarification (blog marathon post 19)

Here is a mail which I shared on my  Facebook author page today.(shared after taking the permission of the writer, of course) I get many such mails. And for me, the knowledge that my writing made a difference in someone's life and helped them makes it all worthwhile. This is bigger than any award that anyone can confer on me. One another thing that I have to clarify is how some people who feel connected with me, because they have read ALL my books, and ALL my posts,think that my expressing my inability to help everyone who writes to me is rude on my part. I had a reader tell me this  face to face (as 'well intended advice' of course) and I clarified immediately that I definitely cannot help all  who expect to be helped because they have read my books and of course I will say so, without mincing words! Another reader wrote to me pointing out that I sign my books 'with love' to  'people I haven't met' and therefore it is 'rude and shockin

A post card from jaipur and from Rock Garden :) (blog marathon post 18)

Yesterday morning, I  was in Chandigarh and  had about an hour or so before we boarded our flight to Jaipur. So I visited the Rock garden and had a WONDERFUL time! Here is a pic from the visit!    By the time our flight landed in Jaipur (and we had to take a flight from Chandigarh to Delhi and then another flight from Delhi to Jaipur)  it was nearly 5.00 pm and I barely had time to get ready and rush for the event. But I think we managed more than fine considering the circumstances :) And here are, as promised in the last post,  some pictures from the Jaipur launch of 'It Happens for a reason'.   We had a full house!! If you want to see more pics, you can check out my Facebook Author page--links on the right. Almost every newspaper in Chandigarh as well as Jaipur featured 'It Happens for a Reason' To see the full Media coverage, you can go here. (Go on ! And do check it out :) ) Now I am back in Bangalore. Oh the joy! Nothing like home

A fabulous event at jaipur! (blog marathon post 17)

Have just got back from the event at Crossword Bookstore Jaipur and it was a FULL House. The event was just fabulous. Great turn out, a lot of interaction and a lot of fun. One reader gifted me silver earrings with Topaz that she made herself! I am exhausted now as I have taken two flights to get to jaipur today---and as soon as I came, I rushed to the venue---without even having lunch, as I landed at Jaipur only at 4.45 pm, and had to reach the venue by 6.00 pm--after a whole day of travel. An extremely slow Internet connection here and so I shall share pictures tomorrow. G'nite folks and thank you for turning out in such great numbers and thank you for all the love. ----An exhausted me. _____________________________________________________

One fine day--- at Chandigarh! (blog marathon post 16)

 This is what I woke to this morning.Slight drizzle, cool breeze and a mood of melancholia. Love it as I sit gazing out of the window sipping a warm cuppa. Then I visited three book stores--Capital Book Depot, English book store and Browser book store.  This is me with Ajay, the owner of the Capital book Depot. Can you spot my titles in the background? :) I met up with readers at Capital Book store--and it was wonderful. One of the readers was so overwhelmed when she saw me that she cried! I was stunned. I gave her a hug. I had to meet the press after that which i did and I was exhausted. But I had another event at Whistling Duck Chandigarh. By the time I ate lunch it was 3.30 pm. (I was starving) As soon as I entered the venue, rows and rows of my books greeted me. I was so happy I had to pose for a picture The event was wonderful. Members of the Chandigarh Literature society attended it. I spoke about my journey from a blogger to an author. And there w

Love is in the air. (blog marathon post 15)

Greetings from Chandigarh! Those of you who want to meet me at Chandigarh, can come to the  Capital Book Depot , sector 17, Chandigarh at 12.00 pm on 16th February.  I will be there for about an hour. I have another event in the evening which is an invite only event, and in case you are keen to attend, do write to me and request an invite. For today's  blog marathon post I am doing a Sunday Stealing Love-is-in-the air-Meme (click on it to know what it is) There is what they have asked: Love, to you.  Define love in your own words :  Love is being there for each other, come what may. Love is life itself. What do you want in a relationship?   A sense of being heard, a large degree of trust and freedom and also belief in me, knowing that I would make wise choices. What do you contribute to a relationship ? An element of fun, full and complete support, unconditional love and acceptance of flaws, for I am not perfect either. Currently.....  Do you have a Vale

World Book fair Delhi and a Bloggers meet (blog marathon post 14)

So was at the World Book fair Delhi, where I had a fabulous session. Here I am just before going inside the hall for my session And this is just one side of the audience. I couldn't capture the other side as it wouldn't fit into the frame. We had a fabulous turnout and a great time! After that I headed out to the Westland stall, and also the Amazon stall. We clicked some interesting pics at the Amazon stall. I also signed the author's wall. Amazon tweeted about it: We have a visitor! @preetishenoy hits the Amazon stall at the World Book Fair. #CrazyAboutReading — (@amazonIN) February 14, 2015 Then I headed for a bloggers meet at CCD. It was just awesome to connect with bloggers--all of us like minded people who completely understood each other, when we spoke of our online experiences. They didn't believe that i had two children till i showed them the pictures :) It was great connecting with them. I made

A talk at the Lucknow University and Lucknow lit fest (blog marathon post 13)

The folks at Lucknow University are fabulous!I had a wonderful time there this morning, where I gave a talk, about 5 lessons I learnt on my journey from a blogger to an author. Prof.Nishi Pandey, who is  the Head of Department of English and Modern languages, And also the Director of Planning and development board  , Director is Ineternational collaborations  and the International Students advisor  is a warm and wonderful person. I loved conversing with her. Her depth of knowledge and her perspectives are refreshing and I enjoyed every moment spent with her. The students of the University came up with some intelligent questions and I enjoyed answering them. One of them made this lovely card for me, and cleverly used all the titles of my books to convey a super-sweet message! Here we are posing with the card. In the picture is Prof.Nishi Pandey, Vishaka (who made the card) and  you know who the third person is :) This is what she wrote inside the card: Thank you Vishakh

Postcards from Lucknow (Blog marathon post 12)

Landed in Lucknow today. Lucknow is a beautiful place. I am having a FABULOUS time here. This is Rumi Darwaza, which is an amazingly beautiful gateway built under the patronage of Nawab Asaf Ud-daulah and is a brillant  display of Awadhi architecture. This is the Chotta Imamwara built by Mohammed Ali Shah in 1839. If you are interested in it's fascinating history you could read it here. A part from the above I went around all of Lucknow, ate the amazing Makhan Malai , visited La Martiniers college and also went shopping. All thanks to Prof.Nishi Pandey who heads the department of English at Lucknow University, where I will also be giving a talk tomorrow, before my session at the Lucknow Litfest. Then I take a flight to Delhi! Signing off for now as I have had a long long day, travelled a long long way and have another hectic action-packed day tomorrow. Good night and don't forget to leave me comments! ____________________________________________________________

A lovely evening! (blog marathon post 11)

Have just got back from the Interactive session at Landmark. It was a FABULOUS session! This is me, in the car. The mandatory selfie before an event The love and warmth I got from all of you who turned up there was overwhelming and I do feel awesome about it! Here is what Pramod, a reader said. (Thanks for the photos Pramod!) The other person in these pictures along with Pramod is Rajkumar Cannebo, who has made it for all my book launches! Here is what another reader Preethi Venugopal said There are many many more photos. And many more readers have said lovely things about me. A huge thank you to all of you who made it today. We had a great time as is evident from these pics. I am really tired to write anymore today, as I have been on my feet since 5.30 pm. I am off to Lucknow tomorrow. I have an early start to the day. So goodnight folks. See you in Lucknow at the Lucknow litfest. I shall be posting from Lucknow tomorrow! _______________________________

Love , kisses and all things warm (blog marathon -post 10)

Okay--so here is a surprise which i have been working on for the past many weeks! *bugles, Trumpets and drum rolls please*   Love, Kisses and all things warm . An e-book singlet priced at just Rs.30/- ! (from my columns in FC, and other places). It will be available for download on Feb 14th. This is what my editor said in the blurb : In Love, Kisses and Everything Warm, bestselling writer Preeti Shenoy puts together some thoughts on love and its side-effects. Written with her trademark perceptiveness and lucidity, the collection — especially put together for Valentine’s Day — conta ins five short essays, and five hand-drawn illustrations by the author. With observations on office romances, on what love means to us, why there is no age limit for it, and why kisses are the ultimate expression of passion, this e-book single is a perfect gift for anyone pondering about love, anyone in love, and for everyone who has ever been in love and wants to find it again. Lik

Another short extract from 'It happens for a reason'. (Blog marathon post 9)

From page 43 of 'It happens for a reason'.   I pour myself another drink though. I just want to forget the day’s happenings. As we wait for the pizza to bake, we talk. I learn that he has studied veterinary medicine at no less than Cornell. He says the college offers a very small number of merit-based scholarships that are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance, and there was just one scholarship for an Indian student, instituted by a family of Indian origin, which he had won. Once he completed his course, he worked in one of the best animal hospitals in Brooklyn. He returned to India a couple of years ago and is one of the founder members of the hospital that he currently runs. ‘Wow—no wonder it is this good. You are personally involved in everything,’ I say. ‘Yes, when you are passionate about something, it shows. There is no point doing something that does not make you feel happy just to earn money. If you hate what you are doing, you are then just w

Alone together (blog marathon post 8)

Of all the different kinds of mails I get, the ones that surprise me most are the ones where people bare their souls, their life problems and their dilemma and ask me for advice. I sometimes wonder why. I know it is because they can connect to my writing. I know it is because they feel I can understand what they are going through. I know it is because they think I can come up with a perfect solution to their problem. But it yet confounds me that they dash off an e-mail to someone who for all practical purposes is a perfect stranger to them and who doesn't even know they exist.  I can't imagine doing that. I love Neil Gaiman's writing, and also Mitch Albom's. But that doesn't mean I dash off a lengthy email to them, telling them all that is going on in my life and expecting them to come up with a solution. And mostly there is nothing I can do to help them. Many a time it is a problem where the person they are in love with doesn't love them back. Sometime

Things happen for a reason (blog marathon post 7)

If you are in Bangalore, drop by at Landmark on Wednesday, 11th Feb at 6.30 pm. I will be there. It is going to be an interactive session and you can ask me questions and I will answer. I will also be talking about my journey from an unknown blogger to where I am today :) I do believe #ithappensforareason ! If you are not in Bangalore, but  have friends here who would like to attend, do send them the above invite. The other day a journalist from 'The Hindu' was interviewing me. (I was later featured on the front page of The Hindu--metroplus) I was telling the journo that whatever happens to us, does happen for a reason, though the reason is not evident at that time. I do believe that the Universe has a plan for each one of us. We cannot escape our destinies. No matter what you do, some things just will not happen and sometimes things effortlessly happen to you. There is destiny but then there is free will too. We may not know where the path of life takes us, but w