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Cupcakes, a bicycle and some unforgettable memories.

Birthdays are only as special as the people who have them. If the person matters to me, then I go all out to make their day special. 21st of May was very special indeed. It was my daughter's eleventh birthday. All through the summer vacation, she had kept moaning about how none of her friends would be around for her birthday as they were all out of town. She kept telling me that she is sad as nobody is there for her to celebrate with.  I couldn't stand her genuine disappointment. Finally I told her to just leave it to me and that I would make her birthday special. She trusts me with her life. How could I let her down?! The one thing that my daughter loves is baking.  A few months back, a lady named Marina Charles, who runs baking and cooking classes in Bangalore, had written to me saying how much she appreciated my book " Tea for two and a piece of cake . " She was a huge fan of my writing and had read all my three books. She had mentioned that anytime I want to

Stars in a moonless sky

Stars in a moonless sky What is it that you dream about she asks. Your Smile,Your look Your Kiss,Your hug Your love,Your trust Your words,Your feelings Your warmth,Your concern Your presence,Your eyes He replies. And she smiles as she understands the language of truth. She mulls over his words Long after he has slept She lies awake Weaving with them Her security blanket Wrapping them around herself And then carefully squirreling them away On the days when there is nothing but blackness For his words are the stars that illuminate her moonless sky. And they are hers. Nothing can take them away from each other now. For words once uttered find their way into hearts And later spill over to paper In form of poetry. Immortalised forever. Perhaps this is what they call love. © 2012 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission. ______________________________________________

What it means to be a mother. Happy mothers day!

My ten year old (soon to be eleven, she never fails to remind me) daughter made this for me, this morning. It was as delicious  as it looks! I feel like a bloated whale right now, as I type this, as I gobbled it all up. "Mummy, Happy mothers day. Today you aren't entering the kitchen. I will do everything for you," she said. Satish and she headed off to the kitchen, while I sat and wrote my fourth book. (wrote one thousand six hundred words while they conjured up the breakfast). I couldn't have asked for a better start for the day! If you had told me though sixteen years ago that I will give up my corporate career to be a stay-at-home mom I'd have scoffed at you. At that time I was working in the corporate sector. I had just been offered a wonderful opportunity at another multinational.There was nothing more I wanted than to have a high-flying career, become a CEO perhaps and truly rise to the top-level management in the corporate world. But when I gav

A book fair and some personalised happiness :)

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. This has been my credo, my motto, my belief ever since I was old enough to have a conviction. I have held on to it steadfast through all these years. Anything I do, I give it all I have. That is the only way I know. When I do my portraits , I do the very best I can. It's the same with my quilled cards. Most of my cards have been sold. To be very honest, the money I make from writing my books is truly a thousand times (yes a thousand!) more than what I make from selling cards! But the emotional satisfaction in being a part of the joy of the giver as well as the recipient is matchless! I am delighted to get mails from people thanking me for adding happiness, magic and joy to their lives. Recently I started  taking orders for customised quilled monogrammed cards. Here are a few of my latest creations. The people who ordered them were overjoyed with the results :) The cards are all mailed in a hard envelo