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The CUTEST plan in the world!

I found this in my daughter's room long after she had left for school. (She is eight.) This was too good to not share! She has made a plan which  also shows a map from her room to our bedroom. If you look at it carefully (click to enlarge), you will see that she has drawn herself  and her brother , right at the bottom and she has labelled it 'us'. She has drawn me (and I love that luxurious mane of hair, like a Lion's which she has given me. :-)) and my laptop is very prominent, right next to me. In fact it is drawn larger than me! (Sigh--she sees the laptop as an inseparable extension of her mom!) The best part of the plan was its strategy and the minute details including footsteps on the 'path to be taken', that  she has drawn, that includes a place to hide! :-) And the absolutely super part which makes me grin wider than a Cheshire cat are the lines "Before you enter, see that pop is not there. Then slowly walk in, talk to mummy and come

Confessions of a Happily married husband--a guest post by Satish

A guest post written by Satish  It’s been a long time since I wrote a Guest post and decided to give it a shot today since I had some free time and also given some news that we recently received. It’s Preeti’s blog and therefore thought I would write about what it is to be married to an author, a poet and an artist. When I was a child I always wanted to be a Doctor. I could not however stand the sight of blood and therefore took the easier way out and decided to get married to a Doctor, instead. Now life does not go the way you normally want it to. To cut a long story short I fell head over heels in love with Preeti who was not a Doctor and got married to her. On my part, I ended up being an Accountant – an Accountant you would be aware is one w ho doctors the books of accounts and a good one is he, who when asked the question what two plus two is gives you an answer – what do you want it to be, instead of four. Therefore I did manage to do a bit of Doctoring myself, after al

40 nosey questions answered. (a tag)

Shimmer tagged me. Earlier Jyotiajay had tagged me with the same tag. One tag and I feel uneasy. Two tags and it becomes difficult to breathe till I get it off my chest :-)  So here goes (you asked for it, you got it!) :-) 1 .What is your current Obsession? Human Portraiture--and I must add I am getting very good at it. (yeah humble me :-) ) You can view my portaits here. 2 . What are you wearing today? In what department? ;-) 3. What’s for dinner?   Something hot :-) 4. What’s the last thing you bought? Artists Acrylic paints and they cost a small fortune. Well, that wasn't exactly the last thing I bought, but if I told you, you'd never believe it! :-) 5 . What are you listening to right now?   Happy together—Turtles.   The Turtles - Happy Together . - 6. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Both are pretty young girls  cheeky enough to tag me :) . 7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anyw

Friends, more friends and how blogs help!

People who blog and people who do not blog, rarely understand each other! (and if you dont blog but read blogs regularly, then I am not referring to you!)  This post by Adi Crazy sums up what I feel  (and I feel very strongly) about blogging beautifully. There are many who don't blog and who think that blogging is for ' vela people'.( vela can be loosely translated as those who have no better things to do in life. I find it offensive) They say they don't have time. I think what they really mean is they don't have the inclination or the ability) which is fine, as long as you don't make sweeping statements, that too derisively about people who blog. You connect through blogs. Your minds have met before your physical selves have. There are many who hide behind virtual identities and use the blog only to vent out frustration. But there are many more really talented  and genuine people too. The important thing is to sift out who you really want to connect with

Beat those Blues!

This morning I read in the newspaper that the third and fourth weeks of January, sees the highest number of  suicides and depression cases. Some Psychologists have even declared the 3rd Monday of January, the most depressing day of the year. Living here in the UK, it is easy to see why. Christmas and New year festivities have died down. The new year resolutions have been broken by now and getting back to work after all the 'happy times' is not exactly joyous for most people. To top it ,most people have put on weight as well. The weather in UK and in many parts of North India too has been grey. It has been at least 5 days since I have seen the sun. The snow has long melted and it is dreary, dull, wet, cold and grey outside. Want to beat the blues and don't know how? Gillian has written this amazing post which I instantly loved.(Even though she wrote in December, I discovered it only now and it immediately appealed to me) Gillian lives in Canada, runs her own beauty spa

A haiku and a picture. (wordless wednesday no.18)

Snarled tangled We Mangle inseparably Pleasure Pain and Love! © 2010 Preeti Shenoy For more poems click here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

5 things you can do for 'Instant weight loss'

So, the holiday season is over and we've all heaved our protesting bodies and groaning minds back to work and back to the start of a new year, a few additional kilos in tow (for most of us) due to Christmas feasts, New year feasts, extended vacation and sheer laziness. Many of you have written to me asking me to write about my fitness routine and how I maintain my weight and what is my 'secret'? :-) I don't claim to be an expert and I'd recommend checking with your Doctor if you have any health issues. These are the simple things I do to maintain my weight. 1. Say no to Sugar: Sugar in your tea and Coffee are really big culprits when it comes to gaining weight. These are really unnecessary empty calories that you are loading your system with. Refer this article for further information.The same is applicable to the Indian Diet  and food habits as well. 2. Say NO to fizzy drinks:   I really think the colas are one of the worst things invented on Earth. Clev

A Warm Wintery Wish :-)

(2,-3), (1,-3),  (1,-2) and  (3,-2) For the mathematically inclined among you,let me clarify-- these are NOT the values of co-ordinates in a Math problem. These are temperatures prevailing today and the temperatures forecast for the next three days in the place where I live, in the UK. It's funny how stark contrasts hit you in a big way and make you appeciate Nature and Life. We just got back from an amazing vacation in India .(And yes I met all the wonderful people I mention in my last post. It was truly marvellous.) In the evening, I was in Chennai where the temperature was 26 degrees and in the morning when I landed at Heathrow it was zero degrees. :-) I was excited. As a child, growing up in the early eighties in a small Indian town, 'snow' meant a white facial cream that came in  little white jar with a light pink lid, manufactured by Ponds. My mom used it every single day as a part of her beauty routine. By late eighties as "Colour TV" (' Humare gha