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All for love--how love blinds us.

Satish and I were talking this morning. The papers were full of the details of the recent murder case that has been rocking the nation. It gets murkier and murkier. There is just too much negativity for me to even dwell on it, I said. And the extent to which people can go to--heinous and unimaginable. He understood. We spoke then---about relationships. About egos in relationships.About our need to be loved. Appreciated and liked for who we are. Our need to be understood and accepted. Human beings are social creatures. We want to connect. We want to be heard. Most of all we want to matter. No wonder we form the strangest of connections.We forgive those whom we love. Even if they have hurt us, trampled over us, we turn a blind eye. We are too attached--too connected. We need them in our lives like a cocaine addict needs his next fix. We imagine our lives will be meaningless without them. Love blinds us and binds us in ways that we can never even attempt to escape. It d

A letter from France, Bruce Dickinson and BNLF 2015

Something lovely happened the other day. I got a nice email from a reader in France. I share it below with her permission:(click to enlarge) It always feels wonderful when people from a different culture are able to relate to my writing. Another bit of news from my end is that I will be a keynote speaker along with Bruce Dickinson (yes yes--the same Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden!) at Mumbai as a part of BNLF 2015 Here is my profile on the site: You can find all details on the site--read their FAQs too. Other than that I have been BURIED under the second edits of my book. I had mentioned what writing a book involves.  So you can imagine how it has been for me. I emerge from my cocoon only for coffee/chai breaks. I am quite excited about this book, and will give you details soon. Guess what I will be doing over the weekend? Of course you guessed it---finishing my edits. Sigh. Writer's life. But I am not complaini

The weeks gone by

It is amazing how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that I posted here, and now I check the blog and it is more than three weeks. Almost a month. Terrible, this neglect. Had this blog been a garden it would be full of nettles, overgrown weeds, touch-me-nots perhaps, and creepers climbing unto where they shouldn't be, moss, grass and a million such things which spring up when you are inattentive. But the good thing is, neglect, no matter how dense can be wipe out with a single hour of hard work. That is what I did with my garden too, today. I weeded, threw out the dead leaves, trimmed a few plants that needed it, repotted  some where the roots had outgrown the container, added fertiliser to the others and at the end of an hour it looked loved, cared for. And now it is the blog's turn. Here I am--fret not :) *big hug*. A lot has been happening in my life. A writer I admire a great deal (and a friend too now) Shinie Antony had launched her book 'Orphanage of words