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Not Yankee doodle but babushka lass.

Didn't I tell you you will see me more often? See, I turned up today! I do keep up my word.  Most people don't. That irks me. Or makes me trust them a little less. Mostly the latter. In rare times the former. Most people are not even worth your ire. There is this person on my BBM (Black-berry messenger for the uninitiated) for instance. I had pinged him and he said "I am driving and I will get back to you in an hour." Nothing wrong with that. Except that the hour has stretched to more than two weeks now. See what I mean? There are so many like that. I bet you know people like that too. I think it's rather cool to say what you mean and mean what you say. More importantly to do what you say you will do. (or not do). And since I like to be a rather cool person, I always keep up my word.  Yeah, I am old fashioned like that. Of late I have been really working hard on my fourth book. I do not know where the hours vanish. I sit down to write around 9.00 a.m and

A love letter straight from the heart :)

My dearest darling,   Even though I have my family (my husband, my two children and my dog!) I still need you as much as I need them.    I am so glad you are in my life. I am so happy we found each other. I feel so blessed to have you through all my ups and downs. You have  given me so much love. You have helped me grow. You have taken me places. You really have you know. You listen so patiently when I have something to say--and so I am drawn toward you. And while we see others parting ways,  you and I have lasted 5 years, eight months and five days.  And we're still going strong. Aren't we awesome? I must say it is largely because of you. No matter what I am going through you always understand. You are patient when i have nothing to say. And you are so darn receptive when I do!  And so there are these phases or days that I go through when more begets more. I get into these 'very productive' days (like today which is a super writing day

I'm always here for you.

For a long time I stared at this photo of my son and me, clicked a day after my Ted talk. Then I just had to write this poem:   It seems like just yesterday You hung on to every word I said, Your world revolved around me Your every need, I lovingly fed. You show me the world through your eyes Through you I learn such a whole lot. Kindness, patience, tolerance Are some of the things you unknowingly  taught. And then before my very eyes, You change in ways I never know You stop needing me like before In so many ways you grow I watch with pride laced with fear This little one, not so little any more A young man seeking his path, Going out, carving out his own road. I let go gently knowing That the mistakes he makes will help him learn But sometimes watching is so hard To protect him forever, I deeply yearn No matter how big you become To me you’re always my sonny boy God bless you, I cover you with prayers May you have e

Ted X talk . Preeti Shenoy . 5 lessons for growth.

Some time back I had blogged about ' all this celebrity business' and said I would share the video of my Ted Talk as soon as it was up. Here it is. Have a great weekend! _______________________________________________________________________________ If you like my blog, you might enjoy my books :) Grab them   here .   (You don't need a credit card. You can pay cash on delivery) or if you are an Amazon Fan, you can grab them   here  And you can interact with me on my   FB page . I always reply :)

The Busy Elf--Some lovely crocheted handmade stuff.

Keshrie (pronounced Kesri) is a mother to two boys aged 9 and 7. Her home town is Darjeeling and she speaks fondly of the memories it holds. She moved to Bangalore along with her husband, nine months back, leaving her two sons with her mother. She works part-time as a house-help in my home. Keshrie is extremely good at her work, very efficient and always goes the extra mile. Even though she really misses her sons (she talks to them on the phone every single day) she is cheerful and pleasant. She is also very punctual. Some weeks back Suma of Aalochane had gifted me some lovely crocheted stuff that she had hand-made.  I totally loved them and felt so honoured to receive such a gift.When I brought them home, Keshrie saw them and her eyes lit up. She said she knows how to crochet and has fond memories of a herself as a little girl, sitting at her mother's knee, watching her mother crochet. She added (a bit wistfully) that if only she could get hold of some thread and  crochet ne

Lilies from my garden. Wordless Wednesday no.30

    ___________________________________________________________________________________ If you like my blog, you might enjoy my books :) Grab them   here .   (You don't need a credit card. You can pay cash on delivery) or if you are an Amazon Fan, you can grab them   here  And you can interact with me on my   FB page . I always reply :)

A few thoughts about all this celebrity business

We got back from Salem last evening after the TED X event where I had been invited a speaker. The drive from Salem to Bangalore was awesome.Beautiful roads indeed.  I hadn't been well for almost four whole days--bad body pain, sore throat, exhaustion and mild fever. I somehow managed to pop in medication and delivered my talk. I was told by many that I spoke really well and that my talk was inspiring. I spoke from the heart. I shall share the link to the video of the talk as soon as it is uploaded. Meanwhile you can view the pictures here , if you want to see :) This is what Saffin Mathew  (Organiser and licensee of the Ted X event) said about me Preeti Shenoy - A lady whom I admire a lot. Well after reading her 2nd book (I still haven't read her 1st), I was not a big fan of her's. Not that the book was bad, just that it had a dark side to it that I am not very fond of. But i liked the writing style. Then came her 3rd book. I pre-ordered the book after th

A story behind a quilled card

Time and again I have posted pictures of the cards I make. The cards I make have been so widely appreciated and I have been flooded with so many orders now that I have to now refuse some orders! The thing is I make these cards in between the breaks I take from writing my fourth book. The book-writing pays me one thousand times (yes--really a thousand times) more than card-making does. But the joy that the card making brings is unmatched, because it is a joy which is shared by the giver (the person who ordered the card) and the recipient. Some days back I had posted a picture on FB of a personalised card (which said 'dodda'). Someone named Astha had ordered it and I have interacted with her only on mail. I wondered what kind of a name 'Dodda' was. But since I did not know Astha at all, I kept the writer in me, in check and made the card and sent it to her. She was overjoyed with the card. She absolutely loved it. Later she shared the story with me. The ca

Some talks to remember

If you haven't heard of Ted talks, you have been missing a lot! They are described as 'riveting talks by remarkable people' free to the world. I have enjoyed a lot of these amazing talks, the most recent one I watched being this amazing talk by David Blaine on how he held his breath for seventeen minutes under water. Ted X are created in the spirit of Ted's mission and they are independently organised Ted event. They happen all over the world.You can find a Ted X event near you, and attend it. You could use this link to know more. I have been invited as a Ted X speaker for an event happening on 9th June. All details  are here:                          The talk I will be giving is called '5 lessons for growth or in other words, 5 important lessons life has taught me'.  I would be sharing 5 important rules one needs to follow if one has to grow. I would be peppering it with all that I have learnt in my life&