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Alas he says As he wastes his time Looking at mundane sites on the Internet Amusing himself Or trying to But missing her bad all the time Cocooned in his idealism Of a promise made with wool over his eyes And a stone in his heart. Alas she weeps But silently As she waits to hear from him Pretending to find joy elsewhere Faking happiness Or trying to Even a single word would bring such comfort To show her she still matters Alas  is a situation They have both created More he than her though She at least tried Really hard But he mulishly clings on to his alas Burning silently, longing, craving Yet doing nothing. Both of them trapped In their intermingled destinies Of a web they wove Alas! © 2011 Preeti Shenoy For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.  

5 things I learnt from someone nice--a birthday post

Today is the birthday of one of the most important people in my life. Last year and the year before that, we had celebrated his birthday in the UK. This year we celebrate in a new home. A few of his closest friends came over at midnight yesterday and it was a complete surprise for him, when he was woken up from sleep and brought downstairs, groggy eyed  to find all his good friends as well as both the kids assembled there, with cake, eats and everything else.He walked into a pitch dark room and the lights came on and rest you can imagine! :-) We had all planned it all and co-ordinated, down to the last detail, which included minor but very important things like alerting the security at the gate of the vehicle numbers they would be arriving in, so that the security would not call to alert of their arrival. They texted me when they were outside my home and I crept quietly downstairs and let them in. We really made awesome-happy memories last night, which I am sure we will fondly reme

Some flowers from my garden

Lillies--one of the easiest plants to grow. Pink Hibiscus. Radiates so much peace! Yellow Hibiscus--so cheerful and peppy. I was very happy when this bloomed. So much perfection in nature! Zinnias--not too hard to grow either. But they are not pernnial and have to be replanted. Table roses are one of the easiest plants to grow. Especially if you live in an apartment. It needs only a very shallow container, lots of sunlight and some watering.They grow really well.

Marriage and its other implications

Warning/Disclaimer: If you are under 25, then this post is definitely not for you. It is a serious post. I suggest you stop reading right now and come back after five years ;-) I know many of my friends' children read my blog, and hence the disclaimer. _________ ____________________________________________________________________ A friend of mine, a smart brave young lady, who has a great career going for her, has just called off her wedding, after being engaged for 5 months, as she realised that the guy was not right for her. I totally applauded her courage and her decision. Her folks and she suffered a huge loss monetarily as all the wedding arrangements had been made, venue had been booked and even wedding  rings had been bought. Can you imagine the amount of courage this would have taken, especially in an Indian scenario? Her parents support her completely and I was happy that she had the courage to call off her wedding rather than suffer with the wrong person for

Odds and ends and coming a long way

Noticed an odd coincidence just as I opened Blogger to write a new post--the Number of followers this blog has was 576 and this is also my 576th post. Strange isn't it? The number of subscribers are more than 1100 now and this blog now gets more than 530 page views a day, sometimes touching a 800. Wow! What a long way I have come. Thanks for this much love folks! I do love you all :-) A bit of news that I am thrilled about is that my second book is  number 4 now on Hindustan Times best-selling fiction list. It had also made it to India today top selling fiction. It has been number one on Flipkart for ages. In Bangalore the other day, when my children and I walked into Landmark, I felt so chuffed that they actually recognised me. My children nudged me and we smiled. They excitedly pointed out both my books at the store saying "Look Ma, your book," and this time the staff there smiled indulgently. Later when we were sitting at the food-court in Forum mall, a co

5 ways to a more peaceful you

From my garden. Yes, I am back :-) Thanks to all who mailed and pinged and texted asking if I am okay. I indeed am. That is if you don't  count a hurt leg due to which I could not walk, a change in residence with a million boxes to unpack, a hundred thousand chores to deal with plus a 3rd book to write and also nursing a broken heart. Okay-- I lied about the broken heart  :-) heh heh..But the rest of it is indeed what has been happening in my life, and  S-U-P-E-R-B-U-S-Y does not even begin to describe even a tenth of what I am going through. I am sure you have been super-busy too, at least at some point in your life How does one find inner peace and stay calm and composed among such a chaotic schedule and when things don't go your way? What can one do to instantly better the situation? The first thing is to accept that certain things are indeed beyond our control and there is nothing one can do about it. This is really hard to do, especially if you are the kin

Friendships--some stay in our hearts forever

"How do you spell 'love'?" - Piglet "You don't spell feel it." -  Winnie the Pooh" "Friendship," said Christopher Robin, "is a very comforting thing to have." --A.A.Milne Some of my strongest friendships have broken even though I have given it all I had. One of them was very puzzling. She was like my soul-sister (and you think you outgrow  things like that in college). We used to meet every single day and our children got along so well too. Our children were inseparable and so were we.Then I moved cities and we still kept in touch. We called almost every single day. We laughed, we spoke and the world seemed brighter. She was my strength as I was hers. I remember her once telling me " Preeti--don't you think if we have each other we can face any darn situation in this world?"  I had agreed. Then one fine day, she vanished from my life. Yes--it was that dramatic. She wouldn't re