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A food post. Life's little blessings

It is rarely that I post things about what I cook. And very very rarely have I shared photos of stuff I cook. Many people who meet me are surprised to know that I haven't hired a cook, and I do all the cooking myself. My husband too cooks, and one of the things we love doing together, is cooking. Today was one of those days, where I ended up making  some  stuff which turned  out YUMMILICIOUS.  Carrot Idlis for breakfast.  You can find the recipe HERE I served it with some coconut -coriander chutney. It is something my grandmother used to make, and the recipe has been passed down the family. I love the feeling of nostalgia, warmth and comfort this brings. And then, in the afternoon, I baked a banana-walnut cake. I used THIS recipe. That turned out really well. It tasted divine and the the aroma wafting across the home, brings such a happy, warm feeling. This is what love smells like  :) Sometimes, we forget to be grateful for life's little things.  

A recap of my last few days--A picture post.

The last few days have been really hectic for me, and I have just got back from Hindu Lit For Life in Chennai and a few events in Kolkata, where I had some good sessions, met interesting people and had a pleasant time. I am sharing a few pictures with you: A picture of the audience at my session at Hindu Lit For Life With my fellow panelists--I am sure you know who they are. I admire her a lot. I don't think she needs an introduction! A section of the audience at DPS Kolkata Got a standing ovation. As you might have guessed I am EXHAUSTED, travel-lagged and sleep deprived. Many a time I am asked if I enjoy these events. I do. But it takes me days to recover. I do prefer writing to addressing large crowds (even though I always get standing ovations). Will blog again soon. Till then, keep smiling. _____________________________________ ps: Get my new book:

Seven things I do when $*^# happens!

 Have you been following your new year resolutions? I am happy to report that I have very much been following mine. :)  Going strong, in fact. In my last post, I told you about the reading wall.  I have already finished reading two books so far, and now I am on my third. Satish too has finished reading two books, and he too is on his third. Any free time we get, we are reading secretly and competing with each other openly. :) Of course, both being bibliophiles, we read for the joy of reading more than anything else. If you want to know the books I read and whether or not I liked them, you can leave me comments, in this post asking me to mention them. If there are at least a 50 requests, then will write a post on them. Why fifty? Because it's WORK for me to do a review, and I don't work for free. But if there are enough number of requests, then I will do it [call it a wave of altruism submerging me with the number 50 ;)].  On a different note, what do YOU do when

The single best thing you can do for yourself in 2017

So we are already on 2nd January 2017. Hope you managed to stick to your resolutions at least on Day 1. I did. (see my previous post for my resolutions) I had said that I would share with you, one nice thing that we did at my home, and that you could incorporate it in your home too, if you liked the idea. Any guesses as to what it was? Well, I created a Reading wall. So what is a 'Reading wall'? It is a large sheet of paper stuck on the wall, on which you enter all the books that you read.  I made mine into four sections, one for each member of the family. We threw in sops like dinner at a nice restaurant, when four books are collectively read (so it's a win-win for all). We also threw in rewards like _______ (fill in suitably) when you reach  N books. I am sharing some pics with you. This is what I made. The pen and the scissor give you an idea of the size of the sheet. I used a full size chart paper. I added details in each one's section, like how you see b