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What is the coolest thing about your mom? #ItHappensforaReason

Meet Vee and Aryan. Mother and son. The coolest mom in the world, according to Aryan. What is the coolest thing about YOUR mother? Share it with us on Facebook and the comment that gets the most likes will win books from Westland! Results will be ann ounced on Wednesday 5th November. If you don't have  a Facebook profile, just share it with me here, and I will definitely be reading it :) (However the contest is only on Facebook) And if you can't wait to read more about Vee and Aryan, here is a sneak-peek into the first few pages: Buy the book! Amazon: Flipkart: Crossword:

It Happens for a Reason. A novel by Preeti Shenoy. Read the first few pages!

Here it is! The first few pages of my new book 'It Happens for a reason'. In case you have trouble viewing the above, click HERE For a chance to win a FABULOUS, personalised calender, with all 12 photos clicked by me, and messages from me go here . Liked it? Grab  the book! Amazon:  Flipkart:  Crossword:

It happens for a reason. New novel releasing on 10th December 2014!

Here it is! My 6th book. Remember I had told you about  a conversation that involved a red and blue in the cover in one of my previous posts about the things that happen after a novel is written ? What you see above is what we were talking about and discussing. The story of this book is a very unusual one. It is about a feisty young girl called Vee, who gets pregnant at the age of 19, out of wedlock and decides to keep the baby. Vee now is 34 and has two very unusual careers. She runs a dog-boarding facility and she is also a gym instructor. Her son Aryan thinks Vee is quite the 'cool mom'.  Then, there is Suchi, who is Vee's best pal, almost like a sister as Vee and Suchi went to boarding school together. There is Ankush (who is Aryan's father) and many more interesting characters. Their story (with each other) starts with a car-ride. And no---am not giving away anything more. I hate spoilers :) Here is the back blurb of the book: Like all my other book

Shades of Love. A wonderful session at Litomania 2014.

One doesn't  stay in a long term relationship because of lack  of choice. One stays because there is a commitment made. Because you value that person. Because you commit and you honour your  word. This is what I emphasised  in the panel discussion  yesterday at Litomania in my session with Ravinder Singh (author of ' I too had a love story', 'Can love happen twice' and a few more)  and Madhuri Banerjee (author of' Losing my Virginity and other dumb ideas', 'Scandalous housewives' and a few more). Picture by Divya Nambiar Ravinder said that 'When there is doordarshan you only watch that. There is no choice.' And that in today's times there are huge distractions like Facebook, where as they did not exist 19 years back. (As I have been married for 19 years to the same guy, I have to add :) )  I couldn't disagree more and Ravinder must have seen the horrified expression on my face and so he quickly clarified that he was onl

10 easy ways to stay positive and upbeat--even when the chips are down

Things won't always go the way you want them to. How do you stay positive and upbeat even when they don't?  Here are ten easy ways to pep you up. 1.Focus on one activity that makes you happy : My latest addiction is organic terrace gardening. No matter what is going on in my life, my time spent in my terrace garden, gives me bliss. Satish harvesting the spinach in our organic terrace garden.  Find one activity that works for you. Focus on it. And spend a dedicated amount of time on it every single day. Be regular. Start with a small goal--say ten days. You will see a difference in how you feel. 2. Remove yourself from 'downers' : You know the kind. You ask them how they are and they give you a long list of what is wrong with the world today. You ask them about their health and they have a hundred complaints. You tell them about something good that happened to you and you get a snide remark. Minimise the time you spend with this kind. If you can avoid them a

Some snapshots from the Bangalore litfest 2014

The recently concluded Bangalore literature  festival (Bangalore lit fest 2014)  was fabulous. It was well organised, well attended and there were some marvelous sessions. The great thing about litfests is meeting so many people whose books you have read and admired. I was a part of a panel that discussed love and relationships. The others who were a part of my panel were Dr.Vijay Nagaswami, Psychiatrist and a relationship counsellor (also an author), Milan Vohra and Nandita Bose--both fellow authors. Here is a picture which was clicked just before we went on stage.   Everyone said that our  session was lively, interesting, insightful and yet fun!     I was honoured that a senior writer --and one whose writing I love attended my session, and even asked a very relevant question. She was none other than Sathya Saran.  I have read a lot of her writing and I love what she has to say. here is a picture of me and Sathya Saran, chilling in the author's lounge.

Guess the name and win a prize!

  You met Ankita in 'Life is what you make it' You met Nisha in 'Tea for two and a piece of cake' You met Diksha in 'The Secret Wishlist' You met Aman in 'The One You Cannot Have'                     Whom are you going to meet next?  See the clues above and guess the name. (Another hint: She is a Bollywood celebrity) Leave your answers either as a comment in this post or if you want to see what others are saying, join me on my author page on facebook. Click HERE Results to be announced tomorrow! (On my Fb page) UPDATE: Results announced! ________________________________________________________   Buy my last book: