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Ten day Challenge.Post 8. Three movies.

This post is a part of the ten day challenge I started . here.   For a  huge movie aficionado like me (though I do not claim to be an expert in this field at all!), asking me to choose just three movies is like taking a child to a 10,000 square feet candy store filled with all the imaginable shapes and sizes of colourful, sweet, mouthwatering candies with a variety of flavours and then telling the child that it can choose just one out of these millions of sweets displayed! I truly found it very very hard to pick just three.There are so many brilliant movies out there .. Life is beautiful is a must watch but I think everyone would have seen it and heard of it (if you haven't, click on the title). I am also not picking 'cult movies' like Matrix, Inception, Fight Club etc.  So I am picking three other movies which I absoutlely loved for what I could take away from them. (okay I picked four!) . 1.Shawshank Redemption This is  an all time classic. I think everybody

Ten day challenge. Post 7. Four books

This is day 7 of the ten day challenge I started here . Post 7 is Four Books. It's really hard to choose just four. I love books anddevour them. But if you were to ask me to pick my absolute four favourites from all the books I have read so far (apart from of course '34 bubblegums and cadies' and 'Life is what you make it', I'd pick the following: 1. Time traveller's wife--Audrey Niffeneger   2. The complete collected stories of Roald Dahl. (His Adult fiction). Incidentally my children have read ALL the books he wrote for kids, and I have read ALL the work he wrote for adults. He is one of my all time favourite authors. I worship his writing skills! 3. Tuesdays with Morrie--Mitch Albom A truly BRILLIANT book..One of my all time favourites.It was  my dad who had introduced me to this book and he loved it too. I have since then, made all my closest friends read it.  4.Mistress by Anita Nair OR River God by Wilbur Smith OR Lovely Bones by A

Ten day challenge. Post 6. Five foods.

This post is a part of the ten day challenge. Post 6 is Five Foods. I must confess, I am not a foodie at all. Some time back I had mentioned that if someone invented a pill that gave all nutrition instead of going through the bother of eating, I'd opt for that. A reader had commented on that post saying why can't I indulge in sweets and 'tasty food' once in  way? Why do I have to be so health conscious all the time? Fact is I do not enjoy food like many people do. Many people find great pleasure in eating 'tasty stuff'. They go 'yum' and they drool and they say certain things are 'mouthwatering'. I truly couldn't care less. I am tired of telling people that I do not enjoy sweets or ice cream(yeah not even ice cream) or fried stuff or paneer or fried chicken or pakodas or things most people go ga-ga over and stuff that people say they cannot resist eating. I guess I am lucky that way--I have no food temptations at all. It is supreme ind

Ten day Challenge.Post 5 -Six places.

This post is a part of the ten day challenge I started here. Post 5 is Six Places . There are many many places that I have had the privilege of living in. My dad had a transferable job and we kept moving. When I got married too, the same continued. I truly believe that this has helped me grow as a person. A good friend of mine had once told me "Preeti--you're a true survivor. If we throw you in the North Pole also, you will go and make friends with Polar bears and be happy there."  Later I thought about what she had said. It was indeed true! How well she had surmised me  and captured a true part of my personality with that statement of hers. Today I have good friends spread all over the world. If I call them and tell them I am coming over tomorrow to stay with them, they would welcome me with open arms.(I'd do the same for them too) I do feel fortunate to have so many good friends in so many places. Among all the places I have lived in and travelled to, the follo

10 day challenge.Post 4. Seven wants.

This is a part of the 10 day challenge which I started here. Post 3 is Seven Wants. 3 holidays in Maldives each year. (Each Holiday lasting for 7 days will do :-)) A  foot and body massager who/which does a super-terrific job. A Painting holiday in Venice.(Intend doing that in the near future.Satish does not know. Heh heh heh) Luxurious Spa and beauty treatments every week.(preferably on mondays so i have something to look forward to) A book writing machine. I just think and it writes out everything without my having to slog. A robot like Richie Rich’s Irona to take care of all the housework.And oh yes, while I am at it, a Butler like  Cadbury would be nice too.   A quiet place to which nobody has access but me. I want absolute silence in this space. Not a single sound. Not even a leaf should stir. It should be completely zen like—lots of light, greenery, minimalist furnishing and Ohm symbols and Buddha statues in it.   Just realised after I wrote out the above that

10 day challenge.Post 3, Eight fears

This is a part of the 10 day challenge which I started here .  Post 3 is Eight fears. To be very honest, there is very little I fear. I have been thinking and thinking what exactly is it that I fear? I thought hard and failed to come up with eight fears. I truly do not have them. Earlier, I was afraid of losing my parents. But now I have lost one and I have coped, even though it has been incredibly hard. (He meant the world to me). In retrospect,  I can see that his passing away has given me the greatest gift--my writing. I'd have never written, had he not passed away (I had started writing to cope with the mind-numbing grief which seemed to never end) and I'd have never become a published author and reached out to thousands  who write to me telling me how much my words move them, inspire them. I was afraid. But I had to face my fears and how well it has all turned out! Touch wood! After a while, my biggest fear was losing my closest friendships, but that has happene

Ten Day Challenge. post 2 Nine loves

This post is a continuation of a nine day series, that I started yesterday. Thanks to all who jumped in with me :) I have read and commented too :) Nine loves..Only nine?! I have so many many many loves :) Do I pick people or things or activities? I can easily pick 9 in each of the three. But that would make it 27 and the post says 9. I am making this a picture post. Here are pictures of my Nine Loves (in no specific order) 1.No prizes for guessing what it is :) The Red tag on top says it all. 2. He's my biggest asset, my strength, My world and the love of my life. I feel blessed that he adores me. And also . Need I say more? 3. Lostris . She is indeed my 3rd baby 4. Books. At any given point of time I am reading at least 3 books. Each room in my home will have a book which I am reading. I have a huge collection. The photo above was clicked one summer afternoon in Norwich,UK, when I had volunteered at a book-stall to sell books. I enjoyed every mom

Ten day you challenge--post 1. Ten secrets.

Just a little while back, I was going through my old archives and realised that almost all my posts now have evolved and changed into 'writer's posts' or 'Author posts'. There were hardly any "this-is-who-i-am" blogger posts! :-) They used to be such fun when I used to do them, a few years back. I decided to make amends and do some 'true-blue blogger' posts. No sooner had I decided that, I stumbled across this '10 day you challenge'. It was almost as if the Universe was conspiring to make me do some real 'reveal-yourself' blogging posts. I never say no to the Universe :-) And so here I am, taking up this Ten day Challenge. One has to post for ten consecutive days, on the above topics given in the visual. So here goes Ten secrets about myself for post 1. (Gosh, this is hard! ) 1.  People who toss away  deep friendships casually, especially for their own selfish reasons,  piss me off big time. 2. I'm slightly very disda

If you can touch my Doberman, you can take her home

There are dogs and then there is the Doberman . Doberman has been aptly called the Cadillac of Dogs and deservedly so. They are sleek, elegant and easily among the most intelligent dog breeds. They have also been very aptly named the smartest thing on four feet. Most people are terrified of Doberman because of the reputation they have for being among the most dangerous dogs in the world. Also in most movies, the vicious dog attacking someone is most likely to be depicted by a Dobe.(But that is also because they are so smart that they can easily be trained to act in movies)  The fact is  a properly brought up Dobe can be amazingly loyal, great companions and very loving family pets. It is also a big myth that a Doberman is a backyard dog and has to be restricted to a kennel outside. In fact, Dobes love attention and want to be a part of the family.They will be very unhappy to be left alone. They have also been called ‘Velcro’ dogs as they really love physical contact and want to stic

Life's laws

All of us, sooner or later have to face life's blows. Oh ,she hits hard. Sometimes she hits to hurt, sometimes she hits to kill. Sometimes she hits just for the fun of it. You are powerless with her blows, and you never know when the next one is coming. If you survive the blows, you emerge stronger, much stronger than ever before. If you don't survive--well, you cease to exist. The thing to remember if you are going through some difficulty is that, five years from now, will this truly matter? Think back how your life was, five years back. For most of us, life would have indeed taken a turn. Five years back, I was totally shattered, broken and a wreck.(I lost the person who meant the world to me). Today, I draw my strength from it, as I know he lives on inside me and I am happy to have got the time I had with him. I had read somewhere that when clothes are being washed, they are going through the rough and tumble. They are tossed, spun, drowned in soap suds and water and tos

I only get jealous because I love you

True love is always unconditional. There is no place for jealousy if it's true love. Especially if it is a relationship for life, like a marriage, where you have committed to each other. A few weeks back I had written a post " Freedom and marriage' which was appreciated by many and the same sentiments were echoed by a majority of people who read it. One of the worst things that one can do to a spouse is restrict them from doing what brings them joy and then impose conditions on them, just because of your insecurities and jealousies. This in the name of 'protecting your marriage/love/relationship.'  One of my friends, a mother of two who has been married for 17 years now, badly wants to go on a trip with her three women friends, without her husband and children. This friend had given up her career after her marriage and is a totally devoted wife and a full time mother.She is aways there for her husband and children and is one of the nicest, warmest individua

Cold regards

As I type this, my ten year old daughter is lying next to me. She is slowly recovering from a monstrous attack of wheezing and has just returned from the hospital. (The parents who have experienced their children having this know how hard it is to go through it. It is heart wrenching to see an active child lying quietly next to you, even though you know they will  eventually recover).She is much better today and will be okay in a couple of days more. Last night was bad though. Every two hours I was waking up and monitoring her. This morning I was right next to her, doing my work of checking mails and responding and co-ordinating a fifty things related to my books. My work fascinates my daughter and the adulation I get from her is incomparable to anything else in this world. She thinks I am THE best writer in the world. (and that totally makes me feel like an Empress) :) There were many fan mails today. I read out a few to her and she said "Wow, mama, you're so lucky! So

Why I cannot stay away from you for long

How can I be away from you for long? :) Especially when you're so responsive and read everything I write! Where else will I get such unconditional and loyal love, but  from you :) One of the reasons which kept me away from this space was a new love affair that I started recently. It's Tumblr .This blog (Just a mother of two)  is a happy space and  also this is a space where I do not post short stories or videos. Also many a time there are articles I come across, which strike me as deep and powerful and I want to share them, showcase them and go through them again and again.I find Tumblr ideal for that. In my Tumblr account, I haven't enabled comments as I don't want to interact there. Initially, I wasn't even going to share my Tumblr with anyone, but people discovered it anyway. :) Some affairs cannot be hidden for long, I guess. I now quite like how my Tumblr is shaping up (I have posted some dark short stories written by me, there)  and in case you want to hav

Make me an offer I can't refuse--Some awesome bookmark giveaways!!

One thing which gives me immense joy is creating/making things.Creating stuff is my refuge, my sanctuary, my sanity, my joy and something that keeps me going when life gives me a few knocks (or even when it doesn't). I would go crazy if I did not create things. Then comes the question--what do I do with stuff I have created? For me, like all other creative people/artists,a lot of passion goes into each thing I make--be it a painting, be it a poem I am writing or be it a hand-written book I am making. (Most of my closest friends have got hand-written books as gifts from me).Whatever I create is indeed very dear to me and I do value it a lot.So I gift them only to my closest ones--the ones who I feel have 'earned' it and 'deserve it--the ones whom I feel 'connected to'. I do feel connected to all the people who read my blog and leave such lovely comments for me! I do wish to give you all something I create. But the numbers are HUGE and it would take me a lifet