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600th post and a giveaway of handmade cards!

The last time I had done a handmade card giveaway on this blog, there was an amazing response! This my SIX HUNDREDTH post!! I cannot believe the places my blog has taken me and the amazing friendships I have made through my blog in different countries. To celebrate my 600th post, I have made these five cards. Four of them are quilled. (My latest fascination. I learnt how to quill recently) I would be giving away all these five cards to five different people. If you want me to sign it, I can sign it for you, else I can leave the inside blank so that you have a handmade card to sent to anyone special in your life who deserves it! You just have to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I shall just use a random number generator to pick five numbers--so when you leave a comment, just begin the comment with your comment number. (Person who comments first is No.1, next one No.2 and so on) You like them?  Want them? You know what to do! :) And FB commen

A beautiful gift.

Something truly beautiful happened to me last Thursday. Here is the story in pictures.  Guto Paganotti  is an engineer and is also a  part of a vocal group in his city 'Madrigal in Casa'. The music he sent me was by his choir. It was soul stirring--such beautiful msic which transports you to a different place altogether. I cannot possibly embed the whole CD here but if you want  sample of what kind of music it is, click HERE And you know what was the MOST special thing about this gift he sent me? His mother knitted it by hand!(she loved my first book and was moved when she read it) ps: Guto later told me that his mother made it for my daughter but I can wear it too :) How sweet is that! _______________________________________________________________________________ You can interact with me on my  Facebook page.   I reply to almost all comments and I check it very regularly. I do read all the comments left here too  and manage

Notebooks for thoughts and doodles

Any place that I travel to, anywhere I go, the one thing that always catches my eye is any shop that sells stationery. I have a wide range of notebooks collected from my travels to different places all over the world. I hoard them like a miser hoards his treasure. I love the texture of handmade paper. I love moleskine notebooks, I love nightingale--basically I just love any texture that is sensuous to touch and aesthetically appealing. My handbag will always have pens and a notebook, and whenever anything strikes me (especially lines for my book that I happen to be working on) I immediately jot them down. My notebooks are filled with my story outlines, descriptions, doodles, poems--anything that is running through my head which I feel is worth capturing. Right now, this is the one that is next to me . I had bought it from a street vendor in Mc.Leod Gunj.  This is the first page. Inside, the pages are full of my third book outline, plot, dialogues, planning and more stu

Seven lies we tell ourselves

Almost all of us are guilty of lying to ourselves . Why do we do it? Why do we fool ourselves? Mostly because it is a easy way out. The hard hitting truth is, most of us are lazy. We want the path of least resistance. We want things to happen easily. The second reason we do it is out of fear. Most of us are so afraid of change. We fear the unknown. We fear rejection. We fear failure. Over the years, I have discovered that many a time I too have been guilty of telling little white lies to myself--but that does not definitely make it okay! I am happier when I face the truth and take action on what I can act upon. Here are seven white lies we all tell ourselves: 1.If only __________(fill in suitably) came back to my life, I would be happy : After my books became best-sellers, hundreds of people have written to me lamenting over a love lost. Sometimes the person would have walked out. Sometimes they would have dumped somebody. They keep feeling that if things went back to what th

On what it means to be an author

There is no denying it. My life has completely changed over the past four years. Earlier, whenever I met people and they asked me what I do, my replies would vary from working in an MNC, teaching at a school, running my own art classes, running my own thinking workshops for children, teaching the underprivileged kids English and Math or conducting workshops at schools.(I have done all of those at different points in my life) But these days, I am a full time writer. (My third book has already been written and will be out in Feb/March. I have already started working on my fourth too). And yes, getting this much success (my second book has consistently been on Hindustan times top ten fiction, it was number one on flipkart best-sellers and even made it to India today lists) has definitely changed my life. Eighty percent of the people I now meet have either heard of me or of my books. Has that changed me as a person? No! But has it changed how people react to me? YES! Typ

There are people and then there are People :) Wordless wednesday no.28

A long time since I did a Wordless Wednesday I love this pic I clicked :)