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Because he is.. (for someone very special)

He is Hobbes when I am Calvin He is the shoe when I want to be a sock He is water when I want whiskey (he can be soda too) He is Woody when I want to be Buzz He is Pon when I want to be Zi And he is Vice when I want to be Versa   (and sometimes the other way too) He is the string in a pair of pajamas He is the S on the superman logo He is laughter when I need some lightening up. And sometimes he is  the tears too. He is there—an unfailing safety net He persists long after I have given up He brings a perspective I would have never seen He listens patiently even when he knows I am wrong He has in him a capacity to love like no one else Also to annoy like nobody else. (wonder if they go together too)  He is a part of me. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I am so glad we are . :) © 2014 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.  _____

Blog marathon completed! (post 30 of blog marathon)

So, here we are on day 30 of the blog marathon. Those who have been following this blog would know that for the last 30 days, there has been a post every single day! It has definitely not been easy. I have blogged through a holiday, through the time when I had house-guests and also through birthdays of close friends. I have blogged when I did not feel like it, when I was unwell, and when my eyes were shutting out of sheer exhaustion. It's a great sense of achievement to not have missed a single day. I must make a special mention of  Alka Singla who is a reader who has commented on every single post of the marathon!  A big thanks to you Alka---your comments were really encouraging, and you have completed a marathon of a different kind--which is replying to 30 posts! I will definitely be blogging. So see you around. And for those of you who are aspiring to be authors, do pick up the current issue (August 2014) of Cosmopolitan magazine. I have been featured along with some

Things to remember when you seek advice (blog marathon post 29)

Sometimes, when we are stuck in a problem, where no solution seems to emerge despite our best efforts, we turn to friends. Or our trusted ones. We believe that their advice is going to offer a fresh perspective. It will help us find something that we might have overlooked. If we are really desperate, we hold on to whatever they say. Or at least think about it. The thing here that we forget is no two people look at the same thing the same way. It might as clear cut as a rock. Yet, when viewed from an angle that is ever so slightly different from yours, it appears different. To that extent, the advice given is skewed. What then do we do? Do we take no advice at all? Do we seek no help? Do we mulishly trudge along, with a try-and-fail-and-discover method? No. I think the answers are within us. But sometimes, emotions cloud our judgement so much that we are unable to see. The thing to remember is never to take any decision, when emotions are tumultuous. One needs to sleep ov

Helpless Bliss (blog marathon post 28)

Memories flood, like the river in spate Submerge the soul and reasoning You are everywhere I turn. In the drawer I open after a shower, It is your scent that I smell In the words that pour out of my pen It is your passion that pours In the clothes that adorn my body It is your thoughts that are woven The harder I try to suppress them The more powerfully they push-back Until I can with withstand no more And I yield Carried along the swirling waters With a force never envisaged That takes me to places   I never intended to go. I am floating now, Helpless But finally at peace. And oh the bliss! © 2014 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission. © 2014 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission. - See more at:

Games people play (blog marathon post 27)

One of my closest friend is visiting me for a few days. We were talking today about our childhood games. The games we grew up playing. The ones our children have never played or even heard of. We explained to them about Kabbadi . The three of us, adults--My friend, Satish and I had all played Kabbadi in our childhood. Three of us had grown up in three diefferent regions of India, and yet all of us had played it. None of our children even knew the word. We explained what it was like. The we told them about Lagori . Satish said they used to call it Pithu. Then we spoke about 'Tiger and the goat'. We used to form a large circle joining hands. One child would be the goat who would be inside the circel. The other child would be the Tiger, outside the circle. The tiger has to try and break into the circle. If the tiger got in, we would have to let the goat out, and not let the tiger get out. I remember it was loads of fun. We would all scream and shout, and play the game, thro

Favourite fictionals (Blog marathon post 26)

Am doing a Sunday Stealing post for today which is on Fictional Favourites. 1. Favorite fictional couple?    Henry and Clare in Time traveller's wife 2. Favorite fictional character?   3. Favorite fictional TV show?  Band of brothers  4. Favorite fictional movie?   Too many to name! The Shawshank redemption, Pursuit of Happyness, The Bucketlist, Goodwill Hunting, Up in the air, The bridge to Terabithia, Bridges of Madison County, The descendants, Brokeback Mountain and Lord of War, The wolf of wall street, to name a few  5. Favorite fictional villain?  I don't have one.  6. Favorite fictional hero?  Again I don't have a favourite hero as such. I think is it situations that make heroes out of ordinary people.  7. Favorite fictional pet?  Snowy from Tintin :)  8. Favorite fictional setting/universe? The Universe we live in is so beautiful! Currently reading A brief History of time by Stephen Hawkings. How can anything be more beautiful th

A note from Auroville. (blog marathon post 25)

So my vacation in the beautiful, mesmerizing, quaint Pondicherry comes to an end today. (sob sob) The worst thing about vacations is that they come to an end. I went to the Auroville Botanical Centre today. It was a lovely place---so green, serene and tranquil. I loved their collection of plants and how they have done up the entire place. Auroville is a city based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The energy that this place exudes has to be experienced to be believed. The way they have utilized the local resources, blended into the community and made it a meaningful community that has worked not only towards living in harmony but also developed the economy and contributed to the growth of the Nation, with prosperity, peace and health for all, is something very commendable and admirable. Though I have been to Auroville many times, I never get bored or tired of it. If you have never visited it, do plan a trip. I have to leave soon and hence I sign off. This

Postcards from Pondicherry (blog marathon post 24)

 When you are on a vacation, the last thing you want to do is sit glued to a computer and blog, especially when your eye-lids are drooping from the excitement of a full day! But that is exactly what a blog marathon is about. Just like a marathon, where you go on even when you don't feel like it, because each step adds up to reaching that goal, each post on each day is one step closer to the goal. While I am enjoying it immensely, it is also a strain.  But then, I think all good things take that little bit of extra effort. I went crazy shopping today. Got tonnes of stuff for my loved ones. I have no idea how it it is all going to fit into my suit-case. Will know when I pack. One of the nice things about a great vacation is being able to take lovely things home, for the ones you love. Am sharing some pictures--all from my day, today. A shoe store where I found the prettiest prettiest flip-flops.  This is the pair I picked for my daughter:   Aren't they so

When you are a true friend, distance does not matter.

Greetings from Pondicherry! I type this a little distance away from the Aurobindo Ashram. It felt wonderful to walk the streets of Pondicherry again. The quaint street names in French, the JN street which is a shopper's paradise, the houses with even numbers on one row and odd on the other, the tonnes of people who are Indians, yet speak French as their first language, the humid weather, the unique Gendarmes---all of it brought back nostalgia and a train of memories. Tomorrow I will explore Pondicherry a bit more, after spending time with my friend. This morning when I arrived, I told her that to me, her home felt like my every own. It is rarely in other people's homes that one feels so at ease. She told me that it was the same for her, when she visited my Home in Bangalore. I feel fortunate to have such friendships. Close friendships so enhance the quality of our lives, making us happy, serene secure. I also attended a one-on-one Yoga session today. It was terrific. F

A vacation for the soul. (blog marathon post 22)

So tonight I leave for Pondicherry. It is definitely a place I love. I lived there for two years---loads of happy memories bout the place. My third book Tea for two and a piece of cake also features Pondicherry. We used to live very close to the Aurobindo Ashram, which is located in the 'White town area'. Pondicherry is divided into two parts---the white town area, which is very picturesque, quaint with all the streets having French names and the rest of Pondicherry which is like any other small south Indian city. I have explored so many streets of  Pondicherry on my trusted Kinetic Honda. The streets are too narrow to drive, and the best mode of transport is a cycle or a scooter. I love the beach too, as too Auroville. I am going to spend a few days with one of my closest friends, who lives there. An impromptu vacation. A time to rejuvenate. A time to reflect, introspect and to come back, happier, calmer and ready to face anything that the world hurls at me. I t

Five myths about happiness (blog marathon post post 21)

When I was a little girl, I thought about what to pray for. I decided that high on my list were health and happiness, for me as well as my loved ones. That was all I wanted---to be happy. As an adult, I think that is what most of us want to too--happiness. How do we achieve that? What beliefs do we hold that limit us from being happy? Here are top 5 myths about happiness. 1. To be happy, everything has to be perfect : Many believe that to be truly happy, every thing has to be perfect. But this rarely happens in real life. When you find the perfect woman of your dreams, she is older, married or already has a boy-friend. When you find the perfect job, the location is not what you desired. Rarely will you find something that is so perfect and has tick-marks in all departments. And even if it does, it is usually transient. If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never be happy.   2.  I will be so happy if : If you depend on external factors that are beyond your c

Some pictures from my home (blog marathon post 20)

All three picture, clicked by me, from the various balconies/terraces of my home. A sunset, with it's brilliance running riot---like turmoil in a confused mind. Except that you remember---the sun sets only to rise again. My favourite bird is definitely the eagle. Majestic, powerful, Alert---and a symbol of freedom. Today's post is a picture post. Am sure the uniqueness of the photos more than makes up for a lenghty post. Which of the three pictures above did you like best? (For me it is a close call between sunset and the Eagle behind the curtain). ____________________________________________________________   Buy the book:                

An adventure camp day (blog marathon post 19)

So we spent the day at Bheemeshwari in Karanataka today. It is about 100 kilometres from Bangalore and is a beautiful place, on the banks of river Cauvery. Very green, very picturesque--and in the middle of the forest. It was truly beautiful. There was a camp run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts and we opted for the adventure package which had zip-line, tight rope walking and many such adrenaline pumping activities. Tight-rope walking was extremely scary. It had my heart pumping at thrice it's normal capacity.The zip-line was fabulous and not scary at all. All in all, a day well spent. I only wish it had been a little less crowded, and they had organised the booking s better. ______________________________________________________________________ Buy my latest book: The One You Cannot Have

Freedom. (Blog marathon post 18)

This morning, we attended the Independence day celebrations in my daughter's school. The children had put up a splendid performance that enacted the relevant snippets of Indian History,  ranging from the mutiny of 1857, going on to depict the lives of various freedom fighters, a fantastic performance rendition of the poem 'Where the head is held high and the mind is without fear..', an enactment of Mangal Pandey episode, dances, patritoic songs  and  also how India has progressed and evolved. I had goosebumps as the children performed---so powerful were the emotions invoked. Later when I got home, I began thinking about what 'Freedom' means to us in a personal context. To a young professional who has just started a career, Freedom might  mean having enough money to indulge in whatever they desire, without worrying too much about spending. Many people spend their entire lives in pursuit of this. To a teen , freedom might mean not being accountable to anyone,

On books, writing and how i work (blog marathon post 18)

The thing about writing a book---most people do not understand when I say I need solitude. They think it is the noise that bothers me. Honestly it isn't. For me, when I write, I want to cut off from the outside world. For me, even a ping on Whatsapp annoys, as it encroaches into my mental space. I don't want to think about anything other than the characters in my book. And the inadvertent  'pinger' does not know this. Especially if the pinger happens to be an acquaintance rather than a good friend. So I tune off. I go off whatsapp. Go off mail. I don't answer doorbells or phone calls. That's the way I work. When I write, I am creating a new world from the scratch. I have to be involved and immersed completely in the creativity process. And I do whatever it takes to get me there. It is very hard most of the time. There a million things at home that need attention. There are a whole lot of things that need to be co-ordinated. When you work in an offi

Wordless Wednesday no.43.( Blog marathon post 17)

Fresh organic Mint Organic spinach, ready to harvest Organic tomatoes. The dried leaves have now been pruned I don't know what this flower is, but it is lovely! These are all snapshots from my garden. This is my post for today, which is a part of Wordless Wednesday. ____________________________________________________________ Buy my latest book:   Gnite folks. See you tomorrow!

A cats paw (Blog marathon post 16)

If you see this next to my bed by 3.30 pm, you can be sure that it was a day well spent and that I would have left the bed only to make that cup of black coffee, and returned back to my writing. I usually work from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. I stop when the children come back from school. There were three cups today. And come to think of it, I have worked a great deal today on the editing of my new book. There is a small chance that it might be out this December! I am really pleased with this very unusual novel that i have written. I am certain that you will like it too. But that is all I can disclose at the moment! I  alsolearnt a new word today. Cat's paw. Is having a Cat's paw in your life a good thing or a bad? I think it is terrible. I would hate to think that someone was a Cat's Paw in my life. It would be a disrespect not only to me, but also to the person in question. So what is the connection between Cat's paw and my new book? In my new book, th

10 last things.(blog marathon post 15)

Every evening, we have a little ritual. I light the brass lamp that hangs from the roof in front of the altar, and then as I ring a small bell, lighting incense and sometimes camphor, I move it circles around the deity--in other words, perform an ' aarati' . Then my children and I sit down and say the prayers, which consist of several sanskrit shlokas. After that we annoit our foreheads with  sandal paste or  'Vibhuti' or 'Bhasmam' (holy ash). Today as I was lighting the lamp, my daughter asked if she could ask me a question. I expected the question to be a simple thing like whether she could watch TV. Instead she said " Mom, I don't want it  to happen  ever, but a thought struck me. if you were to die in the next three days, what 10 things would you do?" The question took me by complete surprise. I asked her why she had asked that and she said she doesn't know. So I told her that it was an excellent question, and I would write a

13 things.Sunday Stealing.(blog marathon post 14)

Thought I would do a fun post today for the blog marathon. And hence I decided to do a Sunday Stealing : 1. Outside my window…  is a large expanse of space, a tiny portion of which houses a small organic vegetable garden, currently canopied under a moonlit sky littered with millions of twinkling stars.  2. I am thankful…  for the people currently in my life, for my ability to write and connect with a lot of people, a beautiful family, a lovely home, and all of you--who read me.  3. In the kitchen…  You can do many other things other than cooking. ;-)  4. I am wearing…   A happy feeling that comes from a day well spent.  5. I am creating…  A new novel and it is almost done!  6. I am going…  nowhere when it comes to my good friends. Am always there for them.  7. I am reading…  three books at the moment, 2 fiction (both romances by British authors) and one non-fiction.  8. I am learning…  that sometimes a little distance is a good thing.  9. I am ponderi

A happy memory (blog marathon post 13)

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”                                ---Washinton Irving “I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”                                ---Mitch Albom My mother is visiting me these days. We had a great time today. One of the greatest joy in lives, is when you can take your parents out and buy them lots of things, like they used to, when you were a child, and watch their faces light up in joy. And that is exactly what i did. And then, we posed for a selfie :) I feel so blessed. If you are fortunate enough to have a mother, go call her to