6 reasons why you should invest time to read (Blog marathon post 9)

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 All of us lead such busy lives. We have impossible deadlines, tight schedules and a million other things to do in a short span of 24 hours. Before we realise it, time flies and it is bed time, with many tasks still uncrossed on the 'to-do' list which is ever-growing.
In between all this, why in the world should we spend precious time to read books?

 Here are 6 reasons why you should invest time to read.

1. Makes you smarter:  Research conducted in Stanford University has discovered that  when we read, blood flows to the brain. Reading is a work-out for the brain. Everyone knows that to get those 6 pack abs or a 24 inch waist for women, with no-belly fat, you have to hit the gym and control your diet. Reading is a gym for your brain. It doesn't matter  what you read. it is the act of reading that counts. So go and read something that interests you and you enjoy.

2.Opens new worlds: There are whole new worlds out there waiting to be discovered. When we read we come to know about places we never knew existed. When you read history--how we came to be, why we have certain customs, how religion originated, how the industrial revolution changed the world and many such things, we are expanding our world-view. We become more open-minded.

3.Widens the imagination: Who would have thought about a magical world that existed when the back of the cupboard fell away? Who would have thought about an ocean at the end of the lane that could be contained in a bucket? Who would have thought about a tale of identical twins who inherit a home that overlooks a graveyard? What amazing fantasy lands exist between the pages of a book! And how delightful to be lost in it and travel to such fantastic places, while curled up in bed!

4.Connects minds: This I can tell you from personal experience--reading connects minds. A writer puts those words on the paper and even after many years, long after the writer is gone, he/she has made a mental connect with the reader. You enter another's mind. And if you discover someone who likes the same books as you do, the connect is instant. Sometimes, you get book recommendations from someone who matters to you.It might be a genre you have never tried. And if you like it, the connect with that person becomes stronger. Reading connects minds in more ways than one.

5.Solves problems: Many a time people write to me and tell me that they went through the exact same situation that my characters face. So many times, I have read books, and nodded my head in agreement at what the author is saying, because it is something that I would have undergone. The characters in great books show us ways, inspire us to persevere and become a little more than what we were. We become better equipped at problem solving when we read.

6.Builds a good self image: Studies have shown that reading makes us feel good about ourselves. Self esteem is mostly lowered by criticism, rejection and failure. When we read more and more, we link things we know and build a huge web of inter connected information---essentially wisdom. This makes us more empathetic, better skilled to solve problems and  we can instantly connect to characters who have worries just like us--fear of failure, fear of being turned down by the one you love etc. Reading helps us understand our world  better and we are able to cope with our concerns. When you read you are indirectly building your self-esteem.

In case you say that you have no time to read, you might want to read my old post: 5 ways to make more time to read.

 It is a smart investment that you will make, when you decide to read!
Happy reading folks. In case you are reading something interesting, do share in my comment box. Even if you are not, tell me what you think! I enjoy READING your thoughts  too :)

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  1. Preety, I just finished reading the secret wishlist and what caught my attention is that there might be people like the protagonists in your books who aren't shaken even a tad bit after years of not being in touch. I was so impressed that I ordered other books by you on flipkart and the first thing I am gonna read is 'the one you cannot have.' As I have a person in my life too whom I cannot have. And what better than your books to seek some relationship advice haha! Its so painful knowing that you have somebody special in your life but you can't have that person. It gives me sleepless nights just to think about it! I love your writing. :)

  2. absolutely,!! totally agree wid u. reading is must. everyone should inculcate this habit. it helps one in future. evn I am crazy for novels.. it gives me lots of pleasure. the point explained by u connect minds really took my heart.

  3. Great pic for the Blog!!!

  4. Well Written Preeti !!! Finished reading Stumbling into Infinity by Michael Fischman ..Amazing book to enrich spiritual soul . Currently reading Walking the path by Fredereique Lebelley.

  5. Great post Preeti. Liked it a lot. :)

  6. Agree with you mam and I read all your novels and blogs. Reading is one of my favorite time spending.
    I give your one novel to my friend and she wants all novels, she loves all of them :)

  7. Reading 'The Racketeer' by John Grisham..Going to hit Higginbothams to buy books right away..Thanks for the awakening!

  8. Oh where would I be without books ! For me they are a lifeline and I cant imagine my life without reading.

  9. Hi Preeti,
    I love reading your blogs.I am currently reading selective memories by Shobha de.
    Do you plan to write an autobiography sometime ? Having read all your post and books( and whatever is out in print) , I feel I know a lot about you... But I am sure that book will wrong me :) .

  10. Gr8 Blog! Like it a lot!

  11. I know with my full conscious mind that reading is must, and all the points which you have mentioned, somewhat i know all of these, but there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path..
    need lots of motivation even to start reading a book.. :(

  12. At the moment, I am reading Preeti's blog :)

  13. Best investment one can give it to himeself/herself

  14. Hi Preethi.... I am a busy lady with 3 full time jobs (working as financial analyst for a MNC, mum of 3 kids less than 5 years old and home maker with no help) but still even if I find a couple of minutes, I read. My husband think I am crazy to not relax and actually read a book but what does he (never reads books) know reading is such a stress buster.... YAY for reading :)

  15. Loved this post of yours. I love your books. Taking inspiration from your blog marathon, i am doing a marathon myself. I am a lawyer and have decided to read a case every day for next 40 days. Today is just the second day and i am already tired. Hats of to you. Love Jasmine

  16. I've just started this book.."And the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini....I'm just a few pages done but I must say I'm totally in love with it...As every other young girl ...I too fancy brother-sister stories...and this one is just made for me...excited!!! :-)

  17. Reading has been my favorite hobby as a kid and now I am trying to inculcate it in my daily life too. It's so relaxing to curl up with a good book (especially when it's written by you!) and a nice cup of coffee too. I hope more and more people realize that reading is a good habit and should be made a part of their routine.

  18. To me, apart from knowledge gained, reading is also a great way to keep in touch with good language. I belong to the old school of thought and still believe in correct sentences and felicity of phrases. The joy of reading a book with great language is like no other.

    Even though reading is a brain intensive activity, I enjoy doing it especially when I am tired and not upto doing anything else.


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