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Turning 50

      Today, I turned fifty. It seems like a big number, and it seems like a milestone. I think it is more so because suddenly I am hit with a realization that more than half my life is over (If I presume a lifespan of 85 years, which is a more than reasonable assumption).   I have always believed that age doesn’t define you. In one of my books, a character says ‘You can be old at 24 or young at 62’ and it is a maxim I’ve lived by. Yet I cannot escape the undeniable physical signs of ageing—grey hair, actually being one of the better things about it because there are worse things, which I leave to your imagination!   For the past few months, (partly because I have completed the manuscript of my 14 th book and sent it off to my publishers) I’ve been ruminating and thinking deeply about life. What does it mean to be a certain age?   What does it mean to turn fifty? Is it watching one’s body slowly wither away? Is it growing stronger mentally? Is it