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Why I sign 'with love'

If you have ever got a signed copy of my books, you would notice that I always sign the books the same way. ‘With love, Preeti Shenoy’. I do not know why most people shy away from expressing love. For me, when I say ‘with love’ I do mean it. Always.  I have put in my best efforts in my book. I have told a story that is close to my heart in the best possible way that I can. You as a reader are spending time and money to read my story. For me, it is an honour. And when you ask me to sign a book, how can it be with anything other than love? For me it is so important to express it. And it is sincere and from the heart. I get tonnes of mails expressing gratitude. I reproduce one such (with the permission of the writer of course) that moved me deeply. (I had blogged about how I had signed a 3000 books . And of course, they were all signed 'With love'.) Here is the that mail which made me feel that my efforts--they are all worth it: Hi Preeti  I am Rachesh. I work

A perfect fairy tale life

 Today I  was featured in this list of ' world class women achievers'. (along with the likes of Kiran Bedi and Anoushka Sharma). It was indeed a pleasure and an honour to have been chosen.  I do get many mails from many women who tell me they find my life inspirational. My life does sound like a 'perfect-fairy tale' to so many people out there. So  I  thought I will write a post to tell you about the grit behind the glamour, about the struggle to get where I am today. This article is mainly for the women readers out there. (though men are welcome to read and/or comment too!). Several years back, I made a conscious  choice to quit my  corporate career and be a stay-at-home mom. It was indeed a very difficult choice because, ever since I was a child, it was my dream to be financially independent. I was certain I would have a corporate career and rise to the top. That was all I ever wanted.  But when I became a mother, I changed in ways that I never thou

Three handmade cards--a giveaway

Most of you know (or at least I presume, the regular readers) would know that I make cards (and have sold so many by now too!) in between writing books.  (Have even been featured in The Indian Express for my cards!) :) Over the last two days, my creativity has been on an overdrive :-) I didn't want to quill but wanted to make something pretty and nice. Something connected to wishes coming true. (My book The secret wish list is a story about finding the courage to manifest your wishes and it is also a contemporary romance :-) What is life without love, after all!) I made one card but I wasn't satisfied with it at all. So I destroyed it. Yeah--I am like that :-) if something doesn't make me happy, I get rid of it! Then I made these three cards--which I am super pleased with.   I am hosting a blog giveaway for these three cards.  They are blank inside and  they come with matching envelopes :-) I think a loved one would be delighted to recei

Wordless Wednesday no.35. Magic

  Yes I made this! :) This is my entry for Wordless Wednesday.  _________________________________________________________________  Check out my latest book here where it has been getting some fabulous reviews. You don't need a credit card. You can even pay cash on delivery. And hey--If you like my blog, you might enjoy my books :) Grab them   here . :) __________

Ten things needed to be a writer

Saturday had a nice surprise for me. I was featured on the cover page of  Calcutta times of Times of India along with Ashwin, Ravinder and Amish. And  the Deccan chronicle (Kerala) which came out with  a special two year anniversary issue today featured me as well. Click to enlarge and read. For more Media coverage click HERE . Of course I feel super proud about all of this. Cris from Deccan chronicle who had contacted me said that my life really feels like a fairy-tale. (after reading the piece in the paper). I told her that since the newspaper article had a 250 word constraint, I really couldn't elaborate the struggle and the work that was involved in getting here. Today I was interviewed by E-fiction India as well for their April issue. They had a video interview as well as a print interview. Most people see only the glamour and the shine. They ask what is my advice to writers. They ask what my books are about. They ask where I get my inspiration from. W


Most couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries. We don't. Instead we celebrate the day that we first met. And today completes 18 years. Our relationship is finally an adult :) A friend of mine used to tell me that marriages should be renewable contracts. They should last for seven years and at the end of it, one should have an option whether to renew it or not. Then people would work that much harder at their marriages. If marriages came with that option I am certain Satish might have terminated the contract long back :) If he didn't I would have, for sure. :) We are so darn different, he and I. We are complete opposites in many ways.  He loves the old Hindi songs and Old English songs and my tastes in music are eclectic. When it comes to fitness, I am a dedicated fitness enthusiast and a yoga buff. He couldn't care less about exercise or fitness! He loves food. While I do cook tasty stuff for him and the kids, but  if someone would invent a pill that will take c

Why I cannot read stuff that you send

Okay. So this is a 'semi-rant' post.  It is different from my usual 'oh-look-at-the-bright-side' posts. Because sometimes you just have to say it like it is. There is no other way. I know you folks, the nice folks, (the folks who read my blog :)) probably know all of this. But the blog is where I can express myself. I have to clarify certain things over and over, because I get asked the same things again and again and again , mostly by people who don't know me at all. So here goes: I am a full time writer now. Yes, I am honoured that you consider me worthy enough to give you  suggestions on your writing. I appreciate your taking time out and sending me your work. Thank you. But no, I will not be able to read what you send me. The reason is that I simply have no time. I know what you probably might be thinking -- that reading what you send will take only a few minutes and it will mean a lot to you if  I read  and offer feedback. Yes, I appreciate you are eage

Are you a good friend?

As a writer I am constantly observing people, analysing them, trying to see things from their perspective and most of all seeking what makes people tick (or stop ticking as the case may be). I used to do it even before I became a writer too. It's just the way I am wired. One of my degrees (I have several and varied educational qualifications) is a Masters degree in Sociology which --no prizes for guessing-- is one of my favourite subjects too. Social psychology and I have spent many happy hours together. But that does not make me an expert but it sure gives me many perspectives which I might not have considered before. Of late, I have begun analysing relationships a lot. Especially friendships. Friends are truly the family we choose for ourselves. It is interesting to see what kind of friends you have chosen for yourself. Your choices speak volumes about you, as a person. Satish used to tell me 'There are no permanent friends or no permanent enemies.' I used to neve

Scattered windows- connected doors. Celebrating Women.

Some time back I had mentioned on my blog about being featured in a documentary film made by the all woman production house zero rules , and how awesome it was to be a part of it. The documentary 'Scattered windows--connected doors' features eight inspiring Indian women who have defined success their way. And yes, I was a part of it. A short version of this was made for Accenture India, as a part of their International Womens  Day celebrations. The longer version of this (which is a work in progress and expected to be ready by the end of the month) will be screened at International Film Festivals, and other film festivals. And it might even be released in the multiplexes in India! (fingers crossed!) The response to the documentary which premiered at accenture was PHENOMENAL. It was very well made, beautifully captured and completely grabbed the audience attention from the start. Awesome cinematography by Bakul Sharma and Brilliant Direction by Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwag