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How to escape emotional pain (post 30)

A54-year-old plastic surgeon, Dr Ashok Raj Koul, who is known for advanced surgeries like such as reconstruction of breast and Brachia Plexus injuries, committed suicide on Thursday by jumping off the 10th floor of his residential apartment complex in Bangalore. His colleagues were shocked. He was supposed to have performed two surgeries later that day. He is survived by his wife, who is also a doctor, and two daughters, one studying abroad and the other a student of class 10. In another incident, a 76-year-old retired bank manager leapt to his death from his ninth floor apartment. His wife said he had been depressed over his failing health because of his age. Each year, around the time of the declaration examination results, there are a few cases of student suicides reported. For some time, there is anguish expressed over social media as well as in newspapers and television, about how we should not pressurise our young people about their academic results. The furore

Take care of yourself. (post 29)

Most of us have been raised to 'be nice' to others. We have ingrained it to such an extent that we know no other way. Even when someone puts us down, we second guess and say to ourselves 'Maybe they didn't mean it that way..Maybe I am over-reacting'. Here's the thing: If you felt bad about something that someone said, what is important is not how they meant it, it is how YOU felt about it.  People make disparaging remarks, out of envy. Sometimes, they are veiled. They are not direct references. I remember one time when I had made an extra effort to dress up well, to meet a friend. She greeted me and enthused about how stylish I looked. Then in the very next breath, she went on to tell me about how my ear-rings did not match what I wore as a pendant or some such thing. I told her it was my choice, and that was the way I liked it. I closed the topic. Another time, I was telling  another friend, about how I wore only sarees to an International lit fest, as

True friends! (post 28)

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”   Charles R Swindoll I met with my good friends Shinie Antony and Vani Mahesh today, both of who are excellent writers. In addtion to being the author of several books, Shinie is also the co-founder of Bangalore literature festival. Vani Mahesh  is an expert on Mythology and she writes mythology. Many of the Amar Chitra Kathas that you read would probably have been authored by her. She si a walking talking encyclopaedia on Puranas and things like that. They have also co-authored a book, A Kingdom For His Love   which carried a quote by me on the cover! We  were meeting after a long time, as all of us are immersed in our careers and other things, and we lead very busy lives. But oh the joy when we met! (as is evident from this picture) We felt so wonderful, and I feel blessed to hav

Life's little gifts (post 27)

Each and every day, I have to take my four legged baby for her walks and I have to take her at least twice a day. I have a doberman (Pics in the previous post ) and she is an inquisitive explorer. She goes so fast sniffing everything, and I have to break into a run to keep up with her. She finds the most peculiar things---discarded banana peels, garden lizards and frogs. But today she had a lovely little gift for me. She found a miniature Betty boop! Betty Boop proudly stands on my desk now.  She was lost, discarded, forgotten by someone. Now she has found a home :) What can I say? I am grateful for life's little gifts.

Glipmses of my Sunday--A picture post (post 26)

Each morning. I walk my  four legged baby. She is HUGE.  Everyone gets scared of her. She is a doberman after all. This picture here, where she is standing next to my daughter (who is even taller than me!) gives you an idea of how big my four-legged baby is. She is always next to me, when I work. She mostly acts as my arm rest, but sometimes lies next to my feet. Either way, she has to STICK to me. The doberman is also called a Velcro dog. Here's another picture.   It was my snapchat story too. (follow me on snap preeti.shenoy) We went out for a lovely drive today. I love how GREEN my Bangalore is. And that is how my Sunday was. Relaxed. Serene. peaceful. How was yours? _______________________ check out

Gossip Girl. Serena or Blair (post 25)

Rarely do I watch television. There are very few TV shows that I have watched completely, that too on Netflix, long after all the episodes were out. One of the TV shows was Breaking Bad and the other was Stranger things. Of late, one show  that my daughter has got me hooked to, is Gossip Girl. It is a teen show about a set of  high school students in Upper Manhattan, but strangely I like it! We had an argument recently about which character in the TV show was better--Serena or Blair. I made a poll and my daughter said that I shouldn't disclose which character, I supported lest I bias the voters. Fair enough, I agreed. So I have put up a poll on twitter or if you aren't on Twitter you can see it on my FB page too :) Vote if you have watched Gossip Girl! There are about 11 hours left. That's my fun post for today :) It's day 25 of blog marathon. Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow! ____________________________________________ Check out: http://pree

Dance away your Friday evening.(post 24)

The whole of today, I have been submerged in work, coming up gasping only for air. One of the things that I am doing is completely re-working 34 Bubblegums and Candies which was my first book. It is almost a new book now! I have added many new stories, completely taken out a few and then edited heavily. I really like how it is turning out now. It will soon be launched with a new cover and a new title. Will update you when that happens. Also have been commissioned for a very exciting project, very close to my heart, by an International Travel magazine. I love the work I am doing for them. However, I won't be able to tell you details yet. Then there's my newspaper column which kept  me busy. After being buried in work for more than 12 hours, I want something peppy, something fun. So here's one of my favourite dance videos :) It's an old one. I have no idea what the words mean, but it sure makes me want to get up and join in. Enjoy! Have a great weekend! wi

Tidy up! (post 23)

 There are many people, who can function well no matter what their surroundings are. It might be messy, chaotic, noisy (think hostel rooms) but it doesn't affect them at all. But for me, what I am surrounded with matters. I like clean organised spaces. I like minimalism. I like being surrounded by things that are mean something to me. One book which I HIGHLY recommend is the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo.  The Konmari method works like a charm. I have used it with  amazing results. My home is full of things that has  for me. I share with you an  old interview which I did sometime back, which gives you a tiny  glimpse of my home. (I had written only 5 books when this was shot..Now I have written 8) I do believe objects you surround yourself with make a difference. If the stuff and the chaos makes you happy, keep it! But if it doesn't go read the book I recommend and then ACT on it!

When you are not ready for marriage. An exclusive extract from It's All In The Planets. (post 22)

My post for today----An exclusive extract only for my blog readers  from It's All In The Planets.  ________________________________________________ Nidhi I sink into my leather recliner chair, fold my legs, take a sip of the whiskey, and dial Tara’s number. ‘Hey there, sunshine. How goes everything?’ Her voice itself has the power to soothe me. ‘Hey, Tara. Not so good.’ ‘Why? What happened?’ ‘It seems like a repeat of the Vir saga all over again,’ I sigh. ‘Oh no. Why?’ ‘Manoj says he is shifting to the US and expects me to join him. He wants us to get married within a month.’ ‘And?’ ‘And what? I am not ready, Tara. How can you get married when you aren’t ready?’ There is a small pause from her side as she processes the information. Then she says, ‘Yeah, you can’t. You have to be completely willing. You have to be eager to get married. You have to want it more than anything else you have ever wanted in your life. I know, because that’s what I

Championing the Written word (post 21)

Check out the latest issue of Business World (dated 20th March 201, women's day special).  Some prominent women in the publishing industry were asked to  to name one book by an Indian woman author that they loved. I picked Anita Nair's Alphabet Soup. You can read what I said in the article above,  here.  I have hard a very long day. I have been working for almost 12 hours now, and so I shall make this post short. See you tomorrow folks!! _______________________ ps: Check out

Snapshots from my garden. (post 20)

One of the things I love to do in the morning, before I begin my day, is spend time in my terrace garden. We grow our own vegetables. I have blogged about in in the past, and also shared pictures. There's another pos t I wrote too which talks about how I started one. Today I share with  you two pictures from my garden.  I also have a lovely cactus collection which is full of flowers, in full bloom. I share many pictures on my snapchat. (Preeti.Shenoy is my snap id) and you can follow me there to see what I am up to on a daily basis. More tomorrow. Good night folks.

The place I love most in this world. (Post 19)

Spent the entitre morning sketching my desk, my most favourite place in the world. I really love my antique desk. I can sit for hours at my desk, sketching, writing, creating. I always get lost here. So grateful to have that. For more of my art follow me on my instagram art page. ____________________________________________ Check out:

Do you take people for granted? (post 18)

My post for today is my column which appears in The Financial Chronicle every Saturday.  "We all have those friends, who get in touch only when they need something. When you need something, they are always busy or unavailable. Then there is the friend, who vanishes for months together. When they do resurface in your life, there is no apology, no explanation as both parties are genuinely happy to reconnect. I have many friends with whom I can pick up right where I left off, even if it has been years since either of us spoke a word to each other. Mostly these bonds forged in childhood, are so strong that passage of time doesn’t weaken them....." You can read the full piece HERE. __________________________________________________ Grab my latest book:

A racoon and a donkey (post 17)

Many people who read my books are unaware that I also make art. I have been doing this since my childhood, and it is one thing that gives me immense joy, apart from my writing. An art course that I did a while back, had a very interesting exercise. We had to get realistic looking  plastic animals, use them as models and then make realistic animal sketches. Today I took out my collection of animals, and here's what i made. A brown raccon And a donkey. And here they are, now a part of my sketchbook! For more of my art, check out Instagram  handle exclusively for my art.

Is there something called destiny? (post 16)

If you haven't yet watched the movie Lion, please do go and watch it this weekend. It is the true life story of Saroo Brierle y . I was so deeply moved by the movie, that I bought the book, immediately, and I am currently reading it. The book first published as ' A long way home' and subsequently, after the movie came out, has been published as Lion. Watching the movie, and reading the book makes you believe that there indeed is something called destiny. Our life paths unfold exactly the way it was meant to. That is the core message of my last novel too. That we all have  our destinies. Does that mean we adopt a fatalistic approach and leave it all to chance? No. We put in efforts, we steer our lives, and we accept the outcomes. Hard to do, but it comes with time. And age. That's all for today folks. Tomorrow--meet me here again :) ___________________________________________ Buy the book:

Footsteps.(post 15)

For today's post,  thought I would post what I do as a warm up for my writing. There is a site called One word. You see a word at the top of the screen, and you get 60 seconds to write about it. My word for today was 'Footsteps'. And here is what i wrote : The footsteps you leave on people’s hearts speak a lot about you. Tread with caution. Tread with love. Tread with care. Stomp if you must, but remember when you go, all you leave behind are memories. The best part is, once you submit, you can also see what the others wrote on that same word, which you did. Fun, isn't it? That's all from me for today folks, goodnight. Don't forget to show me some love by leaving me comments, so I know that you are with me, on this blog marathon! xoxo Preeti

The fundamentals of caring (post 14)

I just finished watching this lovely movie called 'Fundamentals of Caring'. It is a poignant , uplifting story  and the humour is dark--exactly how I like it. When do you know you care for someone? It is when you put your conveniences aside, and care for them to the extent where you make their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations your own. Parents think that they do this for their children--but here's the thing: Some parents do, some think they do. Many parents try to live their lives, and carry out their ambitions through their children. Many push their kids into science stream, forcing them to take the IIT-JEE, sending them for these coaching classes right from when they are in Class 9! Many feel that career-choices like being a film-maker, or a graphic designer are not really as prestigious as going to IIT and IIM. True happiness comes only when you do something that YOU find fulfilling. Living someone else's dream is never going to bring you real satis

If your life partner lacks this, you are ruined (post 13)

The above is a quote from my book  It's All In The Planets If you have read it, who says this to whom? If you haven't read it, GRAB IT at just Rs.99/-

The questions of Age (post 12)

For my post today, I decided to do something fun, something light, and something breezy, easy and not so cheesy. So I headed over to Sunday stealing. And what do I find? This! (Not breezy, not easy, and definitely not cheesy). But since I decided to do it anyway, here goes: 1. By a certain age, women should : not give a damn, and should live to please themselves. 2. By a certain age men, should : retire :D 3. When I was young I thought by now I would : stop caring about close people who purposely put you down. 4. Now that I am older I wish : I had not given a damn in my twenties and traveled more. 5. You know that you are too old to do an activity when: you are NEVER too old to do ANYTHING! 6. You know you are too young to do an activity when : it's illegal for you to do that. 7. When I was in high school I listened to the music of : Pop of the 90's, George Michael, Madonna, Sting. 8. When I was in college (or the next four years after high school

Guests or pests? (post 11)

My post for today is my newspaper column that appears every Saturday in The Financial Chronicle. Enlarge and read, or go HERE ___________ ______________________ ps: Check out

Possesive much? (Post 10)

A splendid book that I  read, called The Tamil Story, a collection of   88   Tamil short stories   from the last hundred years, translated into idiomatic English, showcases the society, the human emotions and the rich literature of the language, in a wonderful way. While the societal beliefs, norms, customs and traditions have evolved and changed over the years, what remains constant , never changing, ever-present are the human emotions. A story I found particularly interesting, written in 1920 is by Subramania Bharathi, the well-known poet, freedom fighter, activist, writer ,journalist and social reformer from Tamilnadu. The story titled Railway Station , talks about a young Muslim man, in a dilemma as he was forced to marry three sisters, who were now fighting among themselves for his affection. The young man says that life is a living hell because of them. If he buys a silk blouse for one of his wives, the other one tears up hers, demanding the same. If he b

Life goes on (post 9)

What an EXHAUSTING day today turned out to be. The old lady downstairs passed away. She was 83. I went to pay my last respects. There were many mourning. I stayed  for a while, comforted them and came back/. Sometimes I think what matters really is not your wealth or status or prestige. It's the memories you leave behind. Even though the day started not-so-well, I am content. Very very content. I shall share that news another time (it's too soon yet to share) but I am excited about it. I got a lovely letter today. I share it here (with permission) This is the thing about life. It goes on no matter what. It throws up little surprises every now and then, like the one above. And during the time of our existence, we MUST make lots of happy memories, so that when we go, those whose lives me managed to touch,still remember us and keep us alive.

Wordless Wednesday no. 52 -Happy womens day!

It's been a while since I did a wordless wednesday So my post for today is a picture clicked this afternoon, when I went out, and the restaurant gave me a complimentary Sangria for women's day!  :) Happy women's day to all the wonderful women in our lives! ____________________________________________ check out

The No relationship (post 7)

The No relationship Preeti Shenoy __________________________ Nothing in common No exchanges No glances No conversation No smiles No connection No hugs No touching No waiting No gifts No desire No caring No interest No hatred No love No laughter No freedom Bound by apathy And promises Made in ignorance The No-relationship chugs Stronger than ever Running on parallel tracks No destination in sight No end either. © 2017 Preeti Shenoy  For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

Have you met Aniket? (post 6)

Today's post is about Aniket. Have you met him?  Do you know anyone like him? Or if you are a guy, are you like him? (Do watch the above video--It's a 30 second introduction to Aniket) I had shared the above video on facebook, and I got an interesting response from a reader. This is what he said. You can see my reply too. The Hindu had given my book an excellent review , praise which is hard to earn if you write commercial fiction. I quote from the article: Shenoy’s book, on the other hand, is a pleasant discovery. Her deft handling of a nicely rounded and original plot is impressive. Chance brings a 30-something woman, Nidhi, and a 20-something man together, and they become friends. Shenoy gives us complex characters with complicated lives, and her handle on different kinds of relationships is strong. Her writing is simple; too simple in fact, with almost no layers and subtleties. All of the punch, then, lies in the story and its insights. You find y

Why you should watch a good movie (post 5)

One can learn a lot through Cinema. Correction---One can learn a lot through good cinema. A good movie contains such a lot. You see a whole new world that you never saw before. Just like  a good  book does , you immerse yourself in the microcosm of the experience, transporting yourself to a different dimension, through the characters. How does one determine what is 'good' and what isn't? As movie tastes are very subjective. For me, what usually works are the IMDB ratings.  Occasionally  there have been times, when a movie is rated very low on IMDB, but I have liked it. Sometimes, I feel a movie hasn't got the rating it deserved. Since it is a user driven algorithm, it tends to cater to most people's tastes. A good film can be a deeply moving experience. We learn to empathise. We travel to different cultures without leaving our seats. We get to see the situation from many perspectives. Above all, if you absorb the lessons that a good movie is trying to i

Do our children need this? (post 4)

My post for today is my newspaper column in the Financial Chronicle. Enlarge the image to read---or if you are unable to do that you can go here . Good night folks. See  you tomorrow! Don't forget to share your thoughts with me, in my comment box. What do you think of this undue pressure that we put on kids? Is it worth it? Does your academic performance truly determine what you do in life or how well you do?   _____________________________ ps: check out my latest book: 

Reward yourself.(Post 3)

My last two posts were about pushing boundaries and motivating yourself. But how often do you reward yourself? I think it is very important to. We are so often caught up in the DRAMA of life, that we forget about taking time off for ourselves, to do something just for us, that makes us happy. We think it is selfish to put our needs first. If you are a parent, you sacrifice your comfort all the time, and put the needs of your children above your own needs.  If you are a child (even an adult child), we do things that make our parents happy, and many a time, we compromise on what we truly desire or want. So every now and then, be KIND to yourself. Do one thing every single day that makes YOU happy. Do something that gives YOU joy. Take out time for yourself. It can be something simple, like spending time relaxing, or going out for a cup of coffee with a friend, or even taking time out to read a good book ! For me, that thing I do for myself is my art. I do illustrated journal

Motivate yourself. (Post 2)

So, did you push your boundaries? Did you keep up the first day of  the challenge you set yourself? If you have no idea what I am talking about, see my previous post.  I was very happy that I motivated so many people to take up the challenge. Today I wished my dad's closest friend, as it is his birthday. He is in his eighties, but is so fit,  so active and extremely articulate and well-read. You can converse with him for hours. Today is also the birthday of Dr.Suess. I have read almost all his books over and over, countless times to my children, when they were toddlers.  Secretly I too enjoyed reading them. I think there is a lot you can learn from children's books. I don't mean the ones with morals (I dislike those.). I mean the poignant,  well-illustrated  ones which on the face of it seem like a simple story, but  are actually deep, when you think about them. Often they elucidate a philosophical concept. These are some  of my favourite Dr.Suess quotes:

Push your boundaries. ( post 1)

Hi there! Welcome to my blog marathon!   As promised--a new post every day, for the next 31 days!!  Don't forget to subscribe if you want to get them in your inbox.  The link is right there, in that box right on top, in the side panel. Today I had a very productive day. I woke up at 4.00 am, as I couldn't sleep. Then I wrote my newspaper column. I write a regular column in the Financial Chronicle, and it appears on Saturdays. I have to submit it on Wednesday. Most of the time, I file it by Tuesday evening. Last Saturday I had written on growing old.  Double click on the image to enlarge and read or if that doesn't work, you can go here. Today  when I told my daughter that I am starting my blog marathon, she said 'Haven't you done so many of them? Why do you do it?' I told her that I have done one every year, since 2010! I do it as it is a HUGE challenge to write a new post everyday, despite everything else that is going on in your life.