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Why cats are worshipped in Kedar-Gouri temple (blog marathon post 15)

Yesterday, I told you that I would tell you that I would tell you the story of why cats are worshipped in Kedar-Gouri temple in Bhubhaneshwar and how a cat followed me around, even sleeping in my lap. Many many years ago in a small village in Orissa there lived a very pious but extremely poor Brahmin  family.  There was a husband, his wife and  the mother-in-law who followed all the rituals and religious ceremonies.   Every day before they ate their breakfast the mother-in-law would make an offering of mile,  to the Goddess. Then after she performed the pooja, she would use that milk for coffee.  One day the wife was very hungry as they had no food the previous night and had starved. So when she saw the milk the next morning,  she couldn't resist taking half a tumbler. Out of sheer hunger she gulped it down.   Then she panicked as the mother-in-law would  notice the reduced quantity and be furious, as the wife had committed a sin by having the milk kept

A note from me to you (blog marathon post 14)

Ever since this blog marathon started, I have always taken care to compose each post carefully. It isn't as though I am writing for the sake of posting something. And of course, I don't get paid for writing here. I write here for the sheer joy of it and to connect with you. It feels great when you all write back, and tell me that you enjoy my posts. I was also thinking this morning, how easy it is to pass a remark about the 'quality of writing ' on this blog. Those who have followed my blog will know that I do take care to see that I  always post something interesting---a poem I wrote,an inspirational post, a photo that matters to me,something amusing and things like that. It is always personal, always warm. It is never a callous post.  If you have any requests for a particular topic, do say so in my comment box and I will consider that for my next post.   One of the really nice things about being a best-selling author is that I get to travel to many

When things go wrong. (blog marathon post 13)

Many a time things do not go according to our expectations. We desperately  want something but something else happens. We dread something occurring and we have to face just that. And then when we least expect it, life shines. That is the beauty of life. That it is unpredictable. Sudden. Slow. Flowing. At times languid, at times serene, at times tempestuous. Nobody an predict how it will turn out, tomorrow. Forget tomorrow, nobody can predict what will happen in just a day. You can plan all that you want---but life totally takes over and before you realize it, it has spiraled out-of-control. All you can do at such a time is weather it out. Wait for the storm to subside. Sail in muddy waters. And as long as you can see the shore, just hang in there. You are going to be just fine. __________________________________________________________ Like what you read? Buy my books, you will love them:  Get my latest non-fiction book on relationships at

A year end fun meme (blog marathon post 13)

Thought i would do a fun post for today, as it is a Sunday. So I headed over to   Sunday Stealing  and found that they had a nice year end meme going, and I decided to do it. Here is what they have asked, and my answers as well. 1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before?   Wrote anon-fiction book! 2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?    Had resolved to lose 3 kgs by Feb, and keep up my weight. I did keep it! 3. Did anyone close to you give birth?  Yes, My niece! 4. Tell us a valuable lesson you learned in 2015? That if you perceive you can achieve and that The magic (By Rhonda Byrne) really works! 5. What was your favorite new TV program? This is one thing that did not change and will not change--I do not watch TV! 6. What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015?  Lots of vacations abroad. 7. What dates from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? Lots of happy m

A crazy kind of love (Blog marathon post 12)

 I was listening to Taylor Swift's Blank Space today on the radio. Was intrigued by the lines  "So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames You can tell me when it's over If the high was worth the pain" and "darling i am a nightmare, dressed like a daydream"  and  "We'll take this way too far and leave you breathless Or with a nasty scar" So I looked up the video. And it was such a visual treat! I loved it that they have used 3 dobermans at 0.48--0.55 Truly no other breed would do :) If you watch the video, you will know what I mean. I also think this kind of 'mad-frenzied love' is good only for music videos. In real life, you  would probably run from such a woman in the other direction. Even if she was Taylor Swift :) Men on my TL who read this post, tell me what you think of such women. (Watch the video) Women on my TL---we can all drool over this insanely good-looking guy in the video :) T

Blue skies, sunshine, ocean and happiness (blog marathon post 11)

Maldives. A paradise on earth if there ever exists one. It features in an entire chapter in my book The Secret Wishlist.  It is where Ankit takes Diksha. Fiction merged with reality. I was happy. ___________________________________________ Like what you read? Buy my books, you will love them:  Get my latest non-fiction book on relationships at just Rs.175/- :

A Christmas eve post (blog marathon post 10)

Christmas eve. Full moon night. I always feel there is magic in the air at this time of the year. I love the Christmas spirit --even though the skeptics would say it's all commercialized now with all those clever marketeers pushing just the right buttons to get you to open up those purse strings---I still love the spirit. When I lived in UK, it was so beautiful. There was snow, lights, festivity, warmth, bonhomie and a cheer that wasn't there around this time of the year. When I used to live in Kerala too, it was the same! There would be groups of children who would go around, singing carols at each house. Some would be dressed up as santas, and they would put up a little show , going from door to door. In Bangalore, from my 14th floor window, I can only hear the sounds of the traffic. The sprawling metropolis stretches ahead in front of me like a lonely galaxy. And all I can do is sigh,and send out Christmas wishes to everyone who feels the magic, and everyone who need

Dreamcatchers (wordless wednesday no.49)

Be sure to believe in your dreams, and they will come through. This is my entry for Wordless Wednesday.

How Love can be destructive (blog marathon post 8)

First it was the Sheena Bora case that dominated the water cooler, coffee machine and dining table conversations. The TV channels got a story that even the most imaginative fiction writers would shudder to create as it sounded—well, too fictional to be true. As we squirmed, wriggled and shuffled uncomfortably, glued to the TV sets that blared the ‘facts’ or   purported facts, the unfolding drama took turns that would make fifty shades darker pale in comparison. And this was a ‘true-story’ too to boot—or so they said even as the quest for the truth continues. Just as I was recovering from the absurdity and the shock of the ridiculous depths to which humanity can sink, I was assaulted by yet another story---the Gokul case which appears to be even more sordid.   The techie who has been arrested for murdering his wife and for sending hoax bomb threats to Kempegowda International airport, Delhi and Mumbai airports has also been booked for sending a message to an Industrialist bas

44 (blog marathon post 7)

Why do I feel 24? :) _______________________________________________________________ Like what you read? Buy my books, you will love them:  Get my latest non-fiction book on relationships at just Rs.175/- :

Loneliness (Blog marathon post 6)

A movie I watched last night left me strangely disconcerted and made me think about the relationships we form in these technology-saturated times. The movie Mili directed by Rajesh Pillai was about a teenage girl who grows up with feelings of rejection. Nothing she does is good enough and she keeps getting into trouble at school for being ‘weird’ and ‘different’, unable to complete simple academic tasks, always being lost in a dream-world. She is sensitive and kind but painfully shy.   She stalks her crush on Facebook but is too shy to talk to him in person. She spies on her room-mates who have boy-friends and she makes their lives difficult by hogging the bathroom when they need it, overhears their private conversation that they have with their boy-friends, reads   the messages on their phone, her irrational behaviour stemming from jealousy and a feeling of neglect. She has no friends, nobody to talk to and as the days pass, she cocoons herself in a web of loneliness. She b