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5 simple ways to lessen stress during pandemic

 We're in the worst second wave of this terrifying pandemic. We all thought 2021 would be better and that the worst was behind us. But how wrong we were. Anywhere we turn, there is death and illness. Shocking images of crematoriums running full, people dying outside the hospitals for lack of oxygen cylinders and beds, heartbreaking appeals from doctors and ordinary citizens, pleas for help in getting admitted to a hospital, pleas for injections and oxygen--we cannot be immune to it. There's not a single person I know who hasn't faced some kind of a loss because of the Pandemic. Everyone is stressed. And when you are stressed it affects your immune system. You are likely to succumb to illnesses.  Stress is something which we have to minimize at all costs, especially in these times. But how do we do it?  Like everyone else, I too was affected.  For a while, my stress levels were high. I  felt totally down as well as angry and helpless. But I am in a much better frame of min

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   Hi there, How have you been?  How is the summer heat  at your part of the world? I got the first dose of Covid vaccine on 1st April. I was fine that day. But the next day,  it knocked me out completely . I was so exhausted I slept the whole day. Fatigue hit me hard. I didn't have fever or any other symptoms though. Many of my friends  too reported feeling the same. It took me 3-4 days to recover.  I am glad to be back on my feet now. A thought struck me--if the vaccine itself causes so much discomfort, how terrible it must be for the ones who actually got Covid. I say a prayer for all the ones suffering. We are at a phase where it might be 2020 all over again. Maharashtra is mulling a lockdown as I type this. Bangalore might follow suit if the cases don't subside. There's already a night curfew in place. I don't get why people don't follow precautions, and why people still want to have large gatherings for celebrations. The need of the hour is staying safe. We ne