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Part Two--Promised pictures.

Here are more pictures, from the trek , as promised. The drive was lovely.There seemed to be at least a hundred shades of green! a real treat for city dwellers. The steps to reach the cave temple. Atul peeping out from one of the windows cut in the stone.(The living quarters are amazing, when you think about how the monks lived there hundreds of years ago) Another View.There was water inside flowing out--so I did not venture in.I wondered what this cave might have been used for. See--how it is carved and cut into the hill? A view from inside. A sculpture of Shiva and Parvati atop Nandi.I found it so beautiful. Look carefully! There were tadpoles in the spring that we passed on the way. (And this time Blogger has decided to be kind.Pictures are enlarging!)

The Promised Pictures.

We went on a trek to Bhedsa Caves. They are on top of a hill about an hour's drive from Pune, India. They are Rock cut caves with awe-inspiring architecture. And they date back to 2nd century B.C. Somehow, historic monuments always impress me.It is like walking into a fairy tale which really happened a long time ago. They are caves where Bhuddist monks used to live. I marvelled at the architecture and their spartan life style.There was so much beauty and such a positive feel about the place. The climb was really hard. We had to park our vehicles at the foot of the hill.We huffed and puffed as we climbed, and were drenched in sweat. But when we reached the top, it was totally worth the effort. See for yourself what I am raving about! It was so green--I felt I was driving into a picture postcard! We had to reach the top of this hill! There was a tiny stream trickling down the hill, on the way .Water was so cool and refreshing. Finally, we reached the top.This board greeted us

What do YOU think about this?

A blogger buddy Abhinav wrote a post about a very pertinent social issue (sex as a means of livelihood) . It made me think. I'm sure you too will have something to say. Do read it and leave your comments there. And yes--as promised in my last post, the photos are coming soon.(This is NOT a post :-) It's just something I couldn't help sharing)

How was your weekend?

Some weekends leave you feeling that you have ‘achieved something’. (even if it is something as non-descript as finally organising your over stuffed wardrobe which you have been meaning to do for weeks) This week end was one such for me. No, I did not organize my wardrobe. I belong to that category of people who firmly believe that an organized wardrobe is a sign of wasted life.(Sorry—but there is so much more to do than keeping your wardrobe pristine clean, all the time .I agree it comes as naturally as breathing to some of us. But the rest of us struggle with keeping it neat.) Am digressing from the topic here. To come back to the point, on Saturday, I had one of my thinking workshops , which was great fun. The kids LOVED it. One of the thinking questions was “If you had a magic mirror like in the story ‘snow-white’ what questions would you ask it?” The answers given were really interesting. One 6 year old child said she would ask the mirror how many balls there are in the world

What the bachelor had to do with just a mother of two!

That title got you hooked, didn't it? Admit it!! Well, there is no scandal here.This is just a post about how my blog title came to be! If you are disappointed, I'm sorry :-) If not---- well, read on! Many people have asked my why I call my blog “ Just a mother of two ” when obviously there is so much more—to me as well as my blog.:-) In fact, once I was amused when someone (who must have just read the title of my blog) actually took the trouble to write me long mail, saying I should not be disheartened and that I was doing a very important job, raising my two kids.(of course it is THE most important thing to me. I gave up a 'corporate career', without second thoughts or regrets—and I really enjoy my kids) How the name came to be—well, a friend of mine who is 'contentedly unmarried' , used to tease me a lot , calling me a ‘mother of two’. I used to tease him back saying he was a ‘horny bachelor.’ I even sent him this picture and he laughed. Months later, when I

Cell phone question

Cell phones or mobile phones have become such an integrated part of our lives that for many of us, life without it is unimaginable. With the rising number of mobile phone users, and out of rising dependency on the same, a whole lot of new issues have cropped up like ‘Cell phone etiquette’. There are many who think it is okay to continue texting, while having a conversation with you. They nod to whatever you are saying, their thumbs busy sending that text, (or SMS as it is popularly called) their eyes glued to their phones. Many of us are so dependent on this little instrument that we have relationships with it! It is almost like an extension of your body part. How do you look at your cell phone? Would you get irritated if your spouse or partner (or whoever you are living with—your room mate/parent) answered your phone when you weren’t around? (assuming here that you do not carry your cell phone to the shower!) Or would you be happy that they answered your call? I

Wedge heels saves the day!

Purvi (aged 6) trying out my shoes just before the party Yet another Children’s birthday party (sigh!) Kids AND parents invited. Unfortunately, husband is traveling. Fortunately, there were many women whose husbands were traveling as well. Unfortunately, there was no Vodka. Fortunately, there was no Conrad/Conroy too! Unfortunately, there was one ridiculous game for mothers and children. Fortunately, my kids decided it was too ‘dumb’. (and we did not take part) Unfortunately, there were other ‘compulsory’ categories. Fortunately, I enjoyed it, because I won it :-) It was a prize, for 'the mommy with the highest heels.' And yes—the winner was me. I have always loved wearing high heels. I always feel ‘party attire’ is incomplete without those killer heels. But this is the first time I have got a prize for it! Yeah—I guess you could say the party wasn’t so bad after all. Despite there being no husband and no Vodka !!

Smile --Tomorrow may be worse!

Kids really say the darndest things. It is amazing at times, how much insight they have. And how piercingly true their words are. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit down, as I was thinking about Satish leaving for Srilanka, early Sunday morning. The prospect of being alone with the kids, without him, was making me feel so low that I wanted an extension ladder to get out of it. It came in the form of my 6 year old daughter. “Mommy—Are you upset because your dad died and you are missing him?” (The usual reason whenever they see me on the verge of tears) “No, baby. Today I am upset because your papa is leaving early tomorrow moning and I’m going to miss him really bad” She perked up instantly and said in a bright voice “Oh! Is that all? He is not yet dead. He will come back soon! Smile Mommy. You look better when you smile” I did not smile. I burst out laughing.

Very Very true!

Satish sent me this to me in a mail just now--and it was too good to not share!!! ________________________________________________ This is how a woman's brain works . Every one of those little blue balls is a thought about something that needs to be done, a decision or a problem that needs to be solved. A man has only 2 balls and they take up all his thoughts .

"Did you really..?"

Last week, my son came back from school with gift in his hand, a letter of appreciation for his mom, and a big happy smile on his face. Both he and his sister were very excited. “Mummy, Gift for you” they yelled, when I opened the door. “You know Mama, your name was said in the assembly today. And the principal said that her son will collect the gift on her behalf. I went and collected it and everyone clapped.” He went on excitedly. I did not expect it at all. I was pleasantly surprised. Orbit is a magazine published by Takshila Education society which runs 3 schools. An article I wrote was chosen and was published in the latest issue of Orbit. The Pro-Vice chairman had written a letter of appreciation for the article and for my writing style. I had written an article called “Life skills v/s Academic skills”. In the article that I wrote, I had quoted the Pink Floyd song “We don’t need no education”. Funnily they have changed it to “We don’t need any education” (How can you change a fam

Little details!

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Missing you.

I miss you when I wake up in the morning, and instinctively reach out to your side of the bed, to ruffle your hair. I miss you when I go into the kitchen and make two cups of coffee, without thinking, and then remember you are gone. I miss you when I lay the table for breakfast and lay a place for you, and then remember you are away. I miss you when I iron the kids school uniforms, because you usually do it for me. I miss you when I login to Orkut , because you usually say “please leave it on for me.” I miss you when the kids leave for school, because you usually hug them, and whisper a ‘magic mantra’ in their ears, so that they have a good day. I miss you when I read the newspaper, because there would usually be a story that I would want to share with you. I miss you when I pick up the phone to call you, and I realize that you are in a different time zone, it is still night for you and you will be asleep. I miss you when I have my lunch, becaus

Lighting the lamp

There are certain rituals that I have grown up with and I would love to pass those on to my children. For as long as I can remember, ‘lighting the lamp’ has always been one daily ritual. I don’t even think about it much. My grandmother did it .My mom did it—and now I do it too. As a child, my dad used to light the lamp in the mornings after his bath, just before breakfast and leaving for work. When I got married, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was the same in Satish’s home too, when he was growing up. Now, he lights the lamp in the mornings, in our home.(Lighting incense goes with lighting the lamp.'Lighting the lamp' automatically means you light the incense too) A British friend of ours, was fascinated by the hanging lamp (yes, it is suspended from a hook and it hangs) in my house that I light, everyday. We would be having a conversation and at 6:30 p.m, I would excuse myself to ‘light the lamp’ and ‘say my prayers’. He expressed a desire to see it. He was ver

Do Gods weep?

View from my terrace just before it rained heavily. pregnant clouds waiting like hearts to pour sorrow. © Ps