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A magical evening 25th year reunion.Batch of 89. KVIIT chennai.

If you had told me a few days back that time-travel is possible I would have scoffed and told you that you have been watching far too many Christopher Nolan movies. But today I sing a different tune. I have just travelled 25 years back in time and I blog now to tell the tale. To even think about it gives me goosebumps. I have just attended the 25th year high school reunion of my batch and what we all went through is something that is indescribable. I wasn't even sure of making it as my new book has just released and I am in the middle of promos. (Incidentally, the first printrun has sold out even before the book released and it has already gone into a second print run! We have sold more than 35000 copies already!)  But my closest friend (we have been together since we were 11) and asked me if  I would come for the reunion. She said it was the 25th year and hence historic and there were our batchmates coming from different countries and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Bangalore launch of 'It Happens for a Reason'

As promised in the last post , here are some pictures from the Launch of 'It Happens for a Reason'. The launch event was just fantastic! The lovely backdrop. It was at Autumn Hall at Hotel Royal Orchid that we hosted the event.  I posed for a lot of pictures. You will see them soon in the  papers.  We released the book after a brief introduction. The book was released by Shinie Antony (one of my favourite authors and also the founder of Bangalore Literature Festival) and Chander Kamal Balje the Founder, and Chairman & Managing Director of Royal Orchid Hotels It was a lovely discussion and we also had a great audience interaction.  I hate reading from my own book. But I ended up reading a bit as the audience as well as Shinie wanted me to!  Then I signed many many copies! We had wine and snacks and some lovely company!  All my author friends had come. I felt so happy and thrilled to have them there. In the picture from left to rig

Signing of books and the Grand Launch--It happens for a Reason.

So it has been really crazy, the last few days. My home was taken over by thousands of copies of  It Happens for a Reason . Yes, the book signing madness was on--full swing. I signed thousand and thousands of copies.  Worked for about 36 hours non-stop, with short breaks and also a 6 hour break to sleep. It was just like the book signing last time. It is indeed back-breaking work. But posts popping up all over social media, like this one expressing delight at having received a signed copy, makes it worth it. I am very happy to let you know that the book has gone into reprint, even before the first print-run is out! To celebrate 'It happens for a Reason' we are having a grand launch tomorrow (13th December 2014,Saturday) at Bangalore. It is an invite only event, and in case you wish to attend it, you can request an invite by sending a mail to the Westland Team : invite(at) We have a limited number of invites up for grabs. For those of

Are you real?

Are you real? You are a tangent, infinitely close And yet you fade away too soon You glow awhile in borrowed light Arriving in phases, like the moon You come close only to turn away You seek and then you elude You speak with a thunderous silence You pretend,   you delude. You are a puzzle I need to solve You are the question that went unasked You are the game that I can never win You are a riddle which comes masked. You exist only in imagination But the warmth of the glow is real Only time will tell if you are summer rain Or an elaborate winter spiel.   2014 Preeti Shenoy   For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission. ___________________________________________________ Buy my latest book: Amazon: Ithappensamazon Flipkart: Flipkartithappens

5 pointers for better friendships. How much can you interfere in a friend's life? #askpreeti

#Askpreeti  had been getting a phenomenal response. Every Thursday, you can ask me anything on my FB page , and I will blog my answer. You can scroll down and read the last two #askpreeti posts, one was on 'Ten things to do when someone does not love you back' and the other was 'How to become a better writer.' Today I have picked reader Shubha Mallya's question on friendship. We all love our friends. And yet there are times when we have to make difficult choices. How much should we interfere in a friend's life?  What if they tell you that they do not need your help? Is it wrong if we expect them to lean on us in their difficult times? What if they are  busy  when you need them? Here are five things that help me when I have to make a decision about my friendships. 1. Respect their choices:   If your friend had told you  that this is what they have chosen because that is what works for them, accept it. You might be as close as siblings. You might be so

It Happens for a reason. A short video that tells you about the book.

If you want to read the first few pages of the book, click HERE Both Amazon and Flipkart are offering signed copies and awesome discounts too. Check their sites for the terms and conditions to get one. And you know what to do, right? Do it!   Buy the book! Amazon: Ithappensamazon Flipkart: Flipkartithappens  ______________________________________________________  

How to get over someone who does not love you back. Ten things you can do #askpreeti

A week has flown past so fast. It's Thursday once more and it is #AskPreeti ! Every Thursday, I shall blog my answer to a question, which you have asked. You can ask me questions with #askpreeti tag either on my FB page or tweet to me using #askpreeti  Today I picked the question asked by reader Indira Saha. Indira asks what we can do when we love someone, but he doesn't love you back. You love them and do not want to let go. But they do not reciprocate your feelings. What do you do then? You have to decide firmly to let them go.The more you hold on to them, the worse it is going to be for you. Letting go of someone you love is  hard. Very hard.  Here are ten things you should do. 1. Accept the pain : Accept that it is going to hurt and it is going to hurt a lot. The pain is going to be searing. It is going to creep up on you constantly. It is going to make your heart heavy. It is going to  make you feel completely down and out. Accept it and do

How to become a better writer? #askpreeti

Every Thursday, I shall blog my answer to a question, which you have asked. You can ask me questions with #askpreeti tag either on my FB page or tweet to me using #askpreeti - See more at:  It's Thursday! And it is #askpreeti Every Thursday, I shall blog my answer to a question, which you have asked. You can ask me questions with #askpreeti tag either on my FB page or tweet to me using #askpreeti  Today I picked three questions which are related. Readers-- Vishad Gupta, Risita Ghadei and Varsha Gaikwad asked me about how to improve English and asked about writing better and editing better. First of all I must reiterate that I am still learning how to write better! I might be a successful novelist but of course I am still a student. With each book I write, I am getting better. But there is a long way to go. How did I start writing my first novel--what my journey wa