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Gratitude can change your life

'Life is what you make it' has now made it to Number Seven on Top Ten fiction list of Hindustan Times ! It is indeed a joyous moment. There is also an article [ it has a nice picture of me too ;-) ]  in Times of India Mumbai,yesterday, which features me and a few other blogger-turned authors.Click here to read the article. I have been flooded with mails and I am truly overwhelmed by the amount of love and appreciation I am getting from all of you. On my FB page , I finally had to put  up this message (to which I again got so many responses too!): Hey guys, Till now I had managed to reply to each and every person who sent me a mail. But now the mails have started POURING in with my second book. Struggling to cope with this many!! Please bear with delay in responses :) Much love! Preeti Many people write to me saying my life sounds like a perfect life and it seems like I live in a fairy tale! Some openly say they are jealous of me! I find that emotion really hard t

With love from Maldives.

There are vacations you take  and then there are vacations which make you feel you're living out your dreams. It isn't hard to figure out which category my current vacation falls into. The last four days I have been living in paradise. I wake up and I feel  that someone has turned me into a character and put me into a picture post card. How can every single thing be so perfect, so tranquil, so serene and so fill me with  so much joy? This is truly THE BEST vacation I have ever had. As cliched as it may sound, it is true. I am in Maldives right now , sitting on my ocean deck of my water villa, surrounded by the sea which has multiple shades of blue. It feels as though all the blues of my painting kit  have opened up and poured themselves into the water--cobalt blue, prussian blue, aqamarine blue, peacock blue, sky blue--name it and it is there. The pictures here are not photoshopped at all--this is how it really is! It is out of the world. It is amazing. It is tranquil,

A promise and a birthday

In my last post, I had said that I would write about what a true friendship really is. The best example I can think of is two of my husband's closest friends--Arati and KP, whom he was friends with right from the time he was a carefree bachelor. They have known him for more number of years than I have.They live in Delhi. He has so many stories with them, which I wasn't even a part of. I met them for the first time, about six months after I got married. They are one of the nicest, sweetest and loveliest people you will ever come across. I was proud and happy that he has such wonderful friends. Today, sixteen years later (that is the time Satish and I have been married) we are still the best of friends. Their daughter is almost 18. She is a chip of the old block and she adores my two children as much as they adore her. When we were visiting India, from the UK, we stayed with them. At that time, their daughter Geetika, made a promise to my daughter, that on her birthday, she

Things change you see.

Things change you see Sickness in the pit of my stomach Spreads outward like spilled wine Tipped carelessly on a white table cloth Holding in the pain Tightly knit Sewn lips Even though dying really To end it all. Desperately seeking closure (not susan) So memories long held (now meaningless) Can be obliterated Without loss of further face (Eternal sunshine anyone?) But the pain , all pervasive Like cancer spreads To all parts of the body Till the head numb with grief Finally stops pounding And succumbs to silence. Suicide-  a causal word now Causes not a stir And what pierces most Is that he still does not know. Care Or Even remember. Things change you see. © 2011 Preeti Shenoy For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.  ______________________________________________________________________________ This is a poem I wrote a few days ago. Most of my poetry is dark and sad, very unlike my posts which are

Great joy in a small thing

This is a painting I did for a good friend. When I was in the UK, there was only one person who would call me very regularly from India. It was this friend. Most of these phone calls would end up in us howling with laughter, as we would talk all kinds of nonsense and silly things, which we both would find hilarious.For me, it was a welcome break from my writing, which was truly emotionally exhausting. (when you read my second book you will know why). We still keep up the phone calls and the good thing now is that we're in the same time zone, unlike when I was in the UK, when I had to keep checking what time it would be for him, in India. Now I can just pick up my phone and call him whenever I feel like. This painting  is done in acrylic on canvas.It measures 17" x 12". (A3 size). The beauty of it is that, it is done using ONLY three colours.All the myriad shades of blue are obtained by mixing just three basic colours--Prussian blue, Titanium White and Ivory Black.

A little note from me to you about a not so little thing.

We were expecting a good friend for dinner that evening. Satish and I had finished all the preparation for it. I had rushed upstairs to my bedroom to change, when I  saw my laptop lying open and I could not resist checking my twitter stream. A tweet I got in my timeline, made me sit up and take notice. It was from someone I do not even know.Someone whose twitter id is  @Ronald_3847  had tweeted that my second book 'Life is what you make it' has made it to the longlist of Vodafone-Crossword Book awards ! It was announced on IBN Live . He had even given the link . I was so excited I could barely speak. With a pounding heart, I opened the link and sure enough, my book was there on the long list.  I flew down the stairs (yes, really flew) and hugged Satish and I started crying. I was so emotional. He had no clue what had happened. "My book is in the longlist, it is mentioned in the longlist," was all I could manage to utter.A few minutes later, I had calmed down and t