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The Magic Mindset: How to find your happy space. Some questions answered.

 Hello again! In the last post, I'd mentioned about the cover unveiling of my new non-fiction book The Magic Mindset. So many of you joined in and you made the celebration of the book truly special by interacting with me, sending me your wishes. Thank you so much for that!  Here's the cover of the book! To capture the spirit of the book, my publishers Harper Collins created  this beautiful video , which I want to share with you. Do use the headphones or switch on  the sound and watch it.      If this video made you feel calm and peaceful, then you will definitely love the book!    To give you a better idea about the book, here are a few questions that I was asked, and my answers as well!  1) What brings you to write this book? What is it that you want to send out into the world via this book? I began the 21 days of positivity when the first lockdown started in 2020. At that time we naively believed that the lockdown would be only for 21 days. We were all in shock, and unaware

Join us for a LIVE tomorrow, for everything about my new non fiction book!

 Hi all! I am really excited to share the cover of my new non-fiction book in a live session tomorrow (3rd September ,Friday) at 5.00 pm. We will stream it live on Facebook as well as on Instagram! Do join us. We will talk about how to find your happy space in these difficult times. We will give you a sneak peek into the topics of the book and we will also answer your questions. Instagram:  Facebook: Do mark your calendar and see you tomorrow!  Love Preeti Shenoy

A writer's observation at Nepali Temple in Varanasi.

    In the year 1800, in the month of May, Varanasi received an unusual visitor — a heartbroken man called Swami Nirgunanada who came with a large group of women and men. He was actually the the King of Nepal, Rana Bahadur Shah, who was fleeing Kathmandu where military forces had been dispatched to arrest him. He stayed in Varanasi for four years and began the construction of a temple — a replica of the Pashupathi nath temple of Kathmandu. During its construction Rana Bahadur Shah moved back to Nepal where he was stabbed to death in 1806 by his step brother. The temple could be completed only 20 years later, when his son undertook the project. The land belongs to Nepal Government now. . I fell in love with the temple built in pagoda style architecture, made of wood, terracotta and stone. See this  photo  below and you can imagine how much effort went into its construction and how skilled the artisans were. I observed old women, dressed in white , living inside the temple

My next book--out in September 2021 !

 Hello dear folks! How have you all been? My last post here was in April. After that India was hit with the worst second wave of the pandemic. The images of horror are etched indelibly in all our memories, and I sincerely hope we avoid a third.  Like many of you, I too lost loved ones. The one thing this pandemic has done is shown us all what truly matters---enjoying the cherished moments we have with our loved ones, being grateful for the gift of health,  doing what you love and  doing a lot of it. I was also busy with the edits of my next book which be out in the last week of September . It is a non-fiction book on finding that happy space, especially in these times. It was a very exciting time when my editor sent me this photo with  these messages:   As you can see from the messages that my editor shared, the book has a lot of lovely exercises, which make you think. I have shared a numerous anecdotes from my own life too, apart from many real life stories that helped me and motivate

5 simple ways to lessen stress during pandemic

 We're in the worst second wave of this terrifying pandemic. We all thought 2021 would be better and that the worst was behind us. But how wrong we were. Anywhere we turn, there is death and illness. Shocking images of crematoriums running full, people dying outside the hospitals for lack of oxygen cylinders and beds, heartbreaking appeals from doctors and ordinary citizens, pleas for help in getting admitted to a hospital, pleas for injections and oxygen--we cannot be immune to it. There's not a single person I know who hasn't faced some kind of a loss because of the Pandemic. Everyone is stressed. And when you are stressed it affects your immune system. You are likely to succumb to illnesses.  Stress is something which we have to minimize at all costs, especially in these times. But how do we do it?  Like everyone else, I too was affected.  For a while, my stress levels were high. I  felt totally down as well as angry and helpless. But I am in a much better frame of min

New! Telegram channel. Join for a dose of Inspiration and positivity

   Hi there, How have you been?  How is the summer heat  at your part of the world? I got the first dose of Covid vaccine on 1st April. I was fine that day. But the next day,  it knocked me out completely . I was so exhausted I slept the whole day. Fatigue hit me hard. I didn't have fever or any other symptoms though. Many of my friends  too reported feeling the same. It took me 3-4 days to recover.  I am glad to be back on my feet now. A thought struck me--if the vaccine itself causes so much discomfort, how terrible it must be for the ones who actually got Covid. I say a prayer for all the ones suffering. We are at a phase where it might be 2020 all over again. Maharashtra is mulling a lockdown as I type this. Bangalore might follow suit if the cases don't subside. There's already a night curfew in place. I don't get why people don't follow precautions, and why people still want to have large gatherings for celebrations. The need of the hour is staying safe. We ne

AutHER awards Most Popular Fiction: When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy

    Hello again! I had posted a few days back, asking for your vote and support for the Most Popular Fiction at AutHER awards. I have some news. I did win the award for  When Love Came Calling. The event was held at Taj Palace in Delhi, and it was a grand ceremony. All social distancing norms were in place and since it was held outdoors, on the  sprawling lawns, there was plenty of space. We all wore our masks, and we removed them only on stage. Every person present there spoke about how fantastic it was to see each other in person, rather than on a screen, which has now become the norm! Here is a photo from the event. There were giant screens on either side of the stage, that beamed what was happening on stage, larger than life.       Many of the dignitaries before me, spoke about the pressing need for a women’s fiction award. I had initially planned to speak on the same, but when I saw that multiple people had already done so, I decided to speak about my personal experiences

Please vote for 'Most Popular fiction' at autHER awards!

    Hi all, Today I have a request for you. AutHER awards by Times Group is the only award in India that recognises exemplary writing by women. When it comes to writing, there truly isn't any difference between a book written by a woman and a book written by a man.  I don't think gender plays any role in writing. However it is much harder for women to get recognition. If you check out the bestseller lists in India, it is always dominated by men, yours truly being the sole exception. Most women authors hate the word 'promotion' and they don't talk about their books. Male authors push their books, and don't hesitate to make a big noise about whatever they are doing. Mostly, this is societal conditioning . Talking about your own book is seen as 'bragging'. (Surprisingly when men do it, this is not viewed that way!)   In our country, it is also much harder for a woman to make a mark with her writing. Writing is often not viewed as a 'real job'. If th

Two important things every woman must do!

   Hello there!  Since I have promised to post here regularly, here I am with another post. I hope to post here at least twice a week. [Or maybe thrice if you leave me loads of nice and engaging comments 😛 ]   March 8th is international women's day. The day always begins with a slew of Whatsapp forwards wishing me a 'Happy Women's Day'. While the wishes might be genuine [even if it's forwarded with the click of a button without even bothering to write my name or ask how I am 😉]  I do feel women in our country have a raw deal. Most of us have been programmed by patriarchal upbringing that we don't even notice it when women aren't treated right. We accept that this is how things are. A few days back, a young girl jumped to her death in Kolkata, allegedly because of Dowry harassment. If you haven't read it, do read  about it here.        I had tweeted about it: For this to stop parents of girls should REFUSE to pay dowry. Don't place so much emph

Hello! Updates from me!

    Hello dear dear reader! How are you? Hope all is well (and it is something to be grateful for  these days if the honest answer is yes, all is well) It's been really long since I posted here. I did post for 30 consecutive days during the first lockdown. Then I extended it, as the lock-down got extended.  But the last post here was in September. The reason for not posting were many. I faced some deep personal losses (I am still recovering). I moved homes. I had a million things to take care of on the personal front. And amidst all of this, I also wrote a book on positivity! I signed a two book deal with Harper Collins. (Click on the link to know more). It became increasingly difficult to do unpaid work (like writing in this blog. To write here, I have to take out extra time, after completing the work that I get paid for.)  Many of you wrote to me saying you miss my blog, and that you have been loyal readers for over 14 years! (yes, I started this blog in 2006 and have kept it