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Is it okay to wear this?

A little while ago when I was browsing on Facebook, a post titled 'Girl you wear shorts? :-O ' caught my attention. The emoticon at the end of the title struck me as particularly thought provoking. After I read the piece I couldn't resist writing a comment.  (click on the above link to read the piece as well as my comment). It took me back to a time when I was 23. I had just met Satish. We were to get married soon. Among the many things that I asked him, I remember this the most. "There is something I want to ask you." "Do ask," he said. (He would tell me many years later that, by the seriousness  of my tone and demeanor , he presumed I was going to confess that I already had a boyfriend)  "Is it okay if I wear shorts?" Reading the post took me back to that time---the time where I was conditioned to think that what I wore had to be *approved* by the guy I was getting married to. It wasn't about my choice--it was about whether

TOUCH Thursday No.4 (and results!)

Hi there, So here are the results of TOUCH  (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday Number 3. If you are new to this blog, check out THIS post which tells you all about Touch Thursdays. The winning entry which gets the TOUCH mug is written by Megha Sinha Hearty congrats Megha! please send me your email id and Westland will get in touch with you. The other entry which got a special mention (as it came very close to winning)  is written by Geevika Bhatia. All the others scored more or less the same marks. One of the things that the judges (from Westland) observed is that nobody had anything new to say other than trust and unconditional love.(which is what are the foundations of any loving relationship--so I guess all of you were bang on there). One of the things I observed this time, was that very few men took part. :) I wonder why :)

Wordless Wednesday 39. That which bring me joy.

Often there are no dramatic moments in life. It is the mundane, the little things, the routines that go on to comprise a patchwork, which knits itself into a day that passed. A date on the calendar. I like to notice little things that make each day special. I write about them (in a private journal) and sometimes I write posts like these--to share things that are made me happy.  When the weather is gloomy outside, the best way to spend the day is being curled up on the couch :) On a gloomy day, red can work wonders :) And yes--these are growing in my garden. Gives me so much joy. And finally a walk with my 3rd baby. We walk about 3.5 kms every day. She stops to explore the little things.  I notice so much when i take her for a walk--things that I would have otherwise missed. I am not sure who enjoys it more--she or me. And even though this was a Wordless Wednesday pos t , I had to write a few things. Sometimes, pictures just don't suffice. ___

A matter of interest.

The last two days, I was single parenting as Satish was travelling on work. Handling a hundred things, I realised that i had forgotten to withdraw money from the ATM and I was now out of cash. Not only that, I had selected a 'Pay cash on delivery option' for an online purchase, which would be delivered in the next half an hour. I told my daugther that I had to rush to the ATM and was grumbling that I was short of time and really tired. "Don't worry Mama, I will lend you money and it will save you a trip to the ATM," she said. I had forgotten about her 'secret stash'--the money she has been saving from birthday presents and tooth fairies. "Oh, thank you. Can you lend me Rs.500/-? I shall give it back to you soon,' I replied, relieved and happy at her offer. "You will have to pay interest." comes her reply. "No way, You don't pay interest for such a short period of time. I will return back the money, this evening.&q

Touch Thursday No.3 (and results!)

And here it is..TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday Number 3. If you are new and want to know what TOUCH Thursdays are, read this post which has all the details. First the winner of Touch Thursday Number 2.. The winner is Sumanth Naik. Here is the winning entry: Sumanth gets the TOUCH mug which can be personalised with your picture. Please send me your e-mail and  Westland will get in touch with you. Special mentions (the people who came very close to winning) Aayush Goyal (he heft his entry as a comment on the post )   Ruminating Optimist : Kavya Mysore : Thank you all for taking part. I really enjoyed reading ALL the entries. (I even left a comment on a few) Here is the writing Prompt for TOUCH Thursday Number 3.

Aman's Facebook Profile! TOUCH

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TOUCH Thursday No.2 (and also results of TOUCH Thursday No.1 !)

Thursday again! Yes-- I know, you have been waiting for the winners of TOUCH Thursday No.1. A big thank you to all who took part. I read each single one, and each one was forwarded to Westland. The ones that did not carry the banner were also forwarded but not considered. The results have just come in.. And the winner of TOUCH Thursday No.1 is SEEMA !!  Here is her entry: Seema--Please send me your email id and Westland will get in touch with you and send you the TOUCH Thursday mug (which can be personalized with your picture). The following people get a special mention: Aayush Goyal.    (he had left his entry as a comment on my previous post as he does not have a blog) Kajol Bramhadande :  ( She has  left her entry  as a comment on my previous post) Preeti Venugopal : A big BIG thanks to all who took part! I enjoyed reading your t

TOUCH. (The One You Cannot Have) Meet Aman and Shruti.

  "How Can women do this? be in love with one guy and marry someone else?" Meet Aman. He is in Norwich UK, but is all set to come back to India now. Little does he know what lies in store for him. "Everybody says that things change after marriage. But they lie. Marriage does not take away your memories. Marriage does not change your past." Meet Shruti. For four years she was in a *perfect relationship* with Aman. Then she married Rishabh. Why did she do it? Is she happy now?  Find out soon!  Also watch this space to meet the other characters in the book. The book will be out in November and pre-order links will be up soon. And yes, a limited number of  pre-ordered copies will be signed by me. __________________________________________________________________________ Buy my books in India,   here .  (You can pay cash on delivery. You don't need a credit card)      Buy my books on Amazon, (outside India)    here - See more at: http

TOUCH (The One You Cannot Have) Thursday No.1

As promised in my last post , here it is,  *drum rolls and bugles please* :)  TOUCH ( T he O ne Yo U C annot H ave) Thursdays  in association with my publishers Westland Limited. In case you are new and don't know what I am talking about, starting today, for the next 6 weeks, every Thursday, I will be putting up an interesting, quirky and a fun writing prompt. What do you have to do to take part? You just have to answer the prompts on your blogs, and leave a link (linking the specific post), in the widget at the end of this post. (Do not link your whole blog, link only the relevant post. Any irrelevant links will be promptly deleted).  If you do not have a blog, but still want to take part, please leave the answer as a comment in my comment box Westland will pick one entry every week, and will send them an AWESOME personalised 'The One You Cannot Have' mug, like the one you see here ! (The reverse side can be personalised with any picture you want!)