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My perfect world.

A poem I found a while back describes my perfect world so aptly. My Perfect World by Dave Warren _______________________ Bright shining lights smiling faces laughter music peace and love timeless space deep midnight conversation meaningless chat my friends close by to need and be needed to help and be helped to listen my perfect world exists in me you're welcome to visit to stay pull up a chair and together we can see it through _________________________________ What is your perfect world?

Random tag!

A pretty woman tagged me with this one. I'm supposed to reveal (hold your breath)-- eight random facts about myself (you may breathe now!) It would have been easier if I were tagged to reveal eight body parts.Then I would at least have a valid reason to refuse the tag. You know what I mean! But no--pretty woman called me a 'writers delight'. Now who am I to deny? (Sigh..This is going to be hard because I try to make my posts interesting--and I cannot imagine why anyone, except myself, would find eight random facts about me interesting!) Anyway-- here goes. 1.I am addicted to this and actually enjoy it. 2.I also enjoy this ocassionally.(well, supposed to be 'ocassionally'! Er..writing a new blog post is an 'ocassion' isn't it! LOL) 3. I really enjoy working with children and really listening to what they have to say. ( No I do not 'teach' and hate being called a 'teacher'. I do workshops for kids on thinking skills) 4. I c

Has this ever happened to you?

Number of blogs in the blogosphere : 60 million (and growing each day) Number of blogs being created everyday :80,000 Number of blogs in India : Over one million Average number of people visiting MY blog in a day : 58 Out of these 58, the number located in India: 7 Do you see what I’m getting at ? No? Well—a strange—really strange thing happened yesterday. I had seen an advertisement in the newspaper, an attractively worded advertisement that called for people with a flair for creative writing ,to work as instructional designers ,for a e-learning company. The ‘creative’ part of me was hooked and I decided to apply. Leaving my kids home with a baby-sitter , I ventured forth bravely at 8:30 am, to the other end of the city. The office of my prospective employer looked plush and comfortable. There were six of us—the aspiring ‘creative’ Instructional designers. There was a gruelling test of intelligence and aptitude, and also a test to examine your creativity and writing style. It too

Sign of the times we live in!

"Not tonight dear. I have a modem!!"

Too much of a good time

Sometimes, you discover that there indeed exists such a thing, as having too much of a good time! It’s a bit like eating chocolates and ice cream every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am talking about my holiday. It was great, terrific, wonderful. But at the end of it, I did long for my own bed, my home and my time to myself. It was nice to take a break—but equally terrific to be back. The sea was lovely. Beckoning. Alluring. Mesmerising. Could have stared at it for many more days without getting bored. But I wanted to come back.