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Little by little

Once upon a time and it seems like a long long time ago, I was a little girl (yes, there was a time when I was little, I only have vague memories of it but I am sure I was and it is not a figment of my imagination) and my parents moved places a lot because of the nature of my dad’s work. Each new place meant leaving your old friends behind and then putting on a big chirpy manner and an even bigger smile even though you were crying and ready to crumble on the inside, so you could make new friends. Everybody likes happy souls—I learnt that early in life. And then you knew that you would move again soon, so you learnt to make friends (with chirpy manner and smile still in place) and have a lot of fun without getting too emotionally involved, as you knew you would soon leave and you didn’t want your heart to break all over again, for it took a long time joining back the pieces and sometimes they never quite fitted back the way they should and sometimes the pieces would be gone forever. I

The Alphabet party

When was the last time you did something completely different from what you usually do? Most scientific studies reiterate how important it is to deviate from routines and do things differently every now and then, in order to stimulate your brain cells and improve creativity. The older we get, the more set in our patterns we become. Routines are hard to break and sometimes we don’t even think about them. I don’t know about the scientific studies, but it’s definitely refreshing to break routines and do a different thing once in a while. We did something really different yesterday. We (The four of us, as a family) played a nice little game that I made up. I called it 'The Alphabet party'. “Girls versus Boys” said my son, and we agreed. So father-son duo was in one team and my daughter and I were in the other. The game was fairly simple. We had to turn the English Alphabets (Capital letters) into a picture and then make a sentence connected to the picture starting with that