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What 2017 brought me.

We are nearly at the end of 2017. Looking at back at the year, several proud moments come to my mind.  One of the most recent ones being interviewed by BBC world, with an astonishing reach of over 400 million people in over 200 countries!  The interview was shot at Birmingham, and of course I wore a saree, even though it was freezing. It was a half an hour sit-down, in depth interview. Rebecca Jones interviewed me. What I found surprising was that the interview was telecast 8 times! My apologies for not informing my blog readers, in advance about the telecast time---but in my defence, I had announced it several times on my Twitter and  on my Facebook and on my Instagram too. On my instagram, I keep posting pics of what I have been up to throughout the day, the books I am currently reading, quotes that I like,  interesting sights I find etc---basically anything that catches my fancy. I quite like Instagram stories . So follow me there, and see my stories for some fun st

Ten things nobody told you about being an author

1. People you don't know will love you such a lot. 2. People you don't know will hate you. 3. You will travel to places you never dreamt you could go. 4.The places you travel to, will include those places inside your head you never want to visit. 5.People will mistakenly think something you write is about them. 6. You will offend people. 7.You will lose friends. 8. You will discover that the friends you lost weren't really friends in the first place. 9.You will  never have bad experiences. They just turn into writing ideas. 10. You will become a curious observer of the human race. (oh wait! You already were!) ______________________________ Buy my latest book: Check out the reviews!

Lots of me! An update of what I have been upto, the last two weeks.

Over the last two weeks, I have spent more time in planes, airports, cars and hotel rooms than I have at home. To say that it has been awfully hectic would understating it. I have been travelling. A LOT. Those of you who follow my Instagram feed , would  know that I had been to Mumbai, Delhi and Jammu over the last two weeks. In Mumbai, I had an interview with Sonali Bendre. She runs a book club called Sonali's Book Club. They pick up a book, read it, and then discuss it. I was overjoyed that she found my book fascinating. We had an in-depth conversation about the book. It was easily one of the best interviews i have had. It was live on Facebook as well as Instagram. In case you missed it, do watch it below: I also had a live interaction with Midday, and FirstPost. That was fun as well. You can watch the Firstpost one below: In Delhi, I had a lovely interaction with InUth. They asked me if I like Durjoy or Ravinder. You can see what i answered in the below

A Hundred Little Flames - Chapter 1

There were two completely unrelated incidents that happened on Sunday , which would change Ayan’s life forever. 1. He attended an office party thrown by his boss in a swanky uptown pub in Pune. 2.More than a thousand miles away, in a small village in Kerala, not identifiable by Google Maps, his grandfather had a fall. On Monday morning, unaware of anything but the clock on his computer ticking, Ayan took a sip of the horrendous office tea with over-boiled tea leaves, too much milk and sugar. He had only forty-five minutes left before the meeting was to begin. Beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead into his eye, and he blinked. His brow furrowed, he sat hunched, with an ache in his neck, his fingers flying across the keyboard. He felt as though somebody was raining blows inside his head. His throat was parched despite the tea, and now his stomach began to feel queasy as well. He regretted having that fourth tequila last night. But Randhir had insisted. You

Review of A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy

Hi there, I have been doing a Facebook and Instagram live for the past 3 days. Each day we discuss an emotion/concept related to the book.  (5 days, 5 emotions, 1 book. #AHundredLittleFlames) Today is day 4, and we will be talking about Friendship. For those of you who want to join in, tune into Instagram or Facebook at 12.00 noon and join me! Meanwhile I am DELIGHTED as I got my very first official review of A Hundred Little Flames. I am embdedding the review here, so you can see it  for yourself. The first review of my new book!! Thank you @adi_bibliophile91 !! Get the book (Link in bio). You can get a signed copy for only four more days. So hurry!! #Repost @adi_bibliophile91 (@get_repost) ・・・ Just like Ayan, the central protagonist of the #book #ahundredlittleflames by #preetishenoy I too learnt a lot about life, kindness, friendships, families and responsibilities from his humble, amiable, understanding and responsible grandfather, Gopal Shankar. A young man

And it all comes crashing down (post 10)

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A Hundred Little Flames. How I signed 3000 copies!

In the past, I have blogged about how I signed 3000 copies of my previous novels, The Secret Wishlist , The One You Cannot Have and also It's All In the Planets . (Click on each one to read about the signing of those books) I have also written about why I sign my books 'With Love, Preeti Shenoy' . (Do read the post) It is that time of the year again, when I sign my pre-orders. I have just got back from Manipal, utterly exhausted with knotted shoulder muscles, numb finger tips and a feeling of wanting to sleep for a hundred years. I am bone-dead tired. I left for Manipal, on 25th which has one of India's finest and most advanced Printing press. To reach Manipal, you have to travel to Mangalore, and then go by road, a journey about an hour and a half. My flight was late, and by the time I reached Manipal it was about 7.30 pm. I checked into the hotel, and knew I had two long days ahead of me. The next morning, we reached the press at 9.00 am. Pic credit Y

You are never safe (post 8)

Nothing is predictable in life. Anything can strike us at any moment. You can take all the insurance in the world, but that will not prevent a tragedy from hitting you. Often it isn't even our fault. Life isn't fair. This is exactly what happens to Ayan, a 26 year old guy, working in a multinational in Pune. Find out his story and read about it in A Hundred Little Flames. Do you think we can do anything to protect ourselves? In what ways can we cushion these things that we have no control of?  Tell me in comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.

How social media dimishes the depth of our interactions (post 7)

One of my closest friends (we have been friends since we were 10) lost her mother last month. I have mentioned it in my earlier posts. She and I were talking just now, about how death of our loved ones leave an irreplaceable void in our lives. Every memory now on, every thing we do, every success we achieve will always be tinged with sadness, as they aren't there to witness it. People will say things like 'Oh they are there with you, they are watching you from heaven' etc. But it's just not the same. A loss is a loss. One of the things I find these days is that people find it so easy to leave 'sad' emoticons on facebook. Someone announces the death of their parent, and many condolence messages come pouring in. It's easy. Click a button. Write a few words like 'stay strong', 'RIP' ,'Sorry for your loss' etc and it's done. You are off, scrolling to see the next funny video, or reading someone else's status message. In ma

What fun stuff do you do with your friends? (post 6)

 All good friends have a favourite thing they do. It's their thing. Ayan and his friend quote random movie dialogues to each other. One who fails to guess the name of the movie gets beer for the other. What fun stuff do YOU do with your close friends? Tell me in comments, I would love to know. And I'l be back ;-) (which movie?) :) Guess the name of the movie correctly and I will pick one person and send them a handmade card. :)  ___________________________ Get the book: ALL pre-orders from the above link will be signed copies.

How to get signed copies of my new book A Hundred Little Flames (post 5)

This morning I did a Facebook Live, where I had an announcement about A Hundred Little Flames. As you can see from the above video, it was a lot of fun, as so many of you interacted so warmly with me. Thank you for that! If you want signed copies of A Hundred Little Flames , go to and place an order there. You can be sure it will be signed, provided you pre-order it (on Amazon).

Are you guilty of this? #AHundredLittleFlames (post 4)

Hi there, Hope you had a great Diwali! For those who joined me late, I am doing a  hundred little blog posts to celebrate  my new book A Hundred Little Flames. This means a new little blog post every day, till I reach a 100 :) Today is day 4. Sometimes, couples in love forget about everyone around them. They don't care what others think or feel, as they are so engrossed in each other, and their happiness. They also think that theirs is the greatest and the best love-story. They may not mean to do it. But they do so inadvertently. Ayan finds it annoying. Do you know any such couples? Has anyone you know acted that way? Tell me in comments! A new post tomorrow. Love Preeti ________________________ Get the book:

Have you ever said never? #AHundredLittleFlames

Grab the book:

A Hundred Little Flames --2

Ayan has a domineering father. Ayan is a guy who has made some mistakes in the past, like failing to clear his class twelve exams, the first time. He has worked hard since then, but his father cannot see that. His father controls him, and helps him all the time. Ayan hates it. But he is too terrified of his father to speak up. Meet Ayan in A Hundred Little Flames And if you know any parent(s) like Ayan's father, tell me about them in comments. Grab it:

A Hundred Little Flames --1 (a novel by Preeti Shenoy)

Hi there, The cover of my new book A Hundred Little Flames was released in UK, at the Birmingham Literature Festival. The entire event was telecast live on facebook. In case you missed it, you can view it HERE. It has got 148K views so far! To celebrate the book, I had asked on my Facebook Author page if you wanted to see lines from the book. I had said that I would start a new project called A Hundred Little Blog-posts, where I reveal one  line  from the book (or a few lines) every single day, for the next 100 days! The response was an overwhelming YES. So as promised,  here is the first post in the series.    This is how the book begins! :) Like it? Please share it and show me some love. Grab the book : Also tell me in comments if there has been any one single incident which has completely changed your life? (There have been many in my life.) ____________________________________ Till tomorrow, keep smiling. Point your cursor to the

A hundred little flames--new novel from Preeti Shenoy.

Greetings from Birmingham. I type this with a stunning view of the boating canals in Birmingham.  We had the cover launch of my new novel yesterday at Birmingham, as a part of the Birmingham Literature Festival. The event was in association with DesiBlitz, which is an award winning web magazine, in UK  for British Asians. They had carried a lovely interview with me some days back. DO READ it. The entire event of yesterday, was telecast live on Facebook. I have read from my new novel! :)  I have also read from It's All In the Planets . If you watch the whole telecast, you will see how different the writing approach and the writing styles are in the two books. I am grateful that the event was a roaring success and that people turned up in  large numbers. Meanwhile at @LibraryofBham @preetishenoy signs many, many books after her event. #BLF17 — Birmingham Lit Fest (@BhamLitFest) October 7, 2017 If you have missed the live

Preeti Shenoy--New novel releasing soon!

Preeti Shenoy--Cover release Countdown There's some exciting news for you :) My new novel is releasing in November. The pre-order link will be up on October 7th. The cover  (and the title ) will be unveiled for the very first time in Birmingham UK. I am a keynote speaker at the Birmingham Literature Festival. Desi Blitz which is Britain's  award winning, leading  Asian web-magazine, has been co-ordinating the whole event, and have been corresponding with me over the last many months to make this happen. I am very very excited about it. I will be travelling to UK in October. I used to live in UK, and one of my novels features Norwich, the place where I used to live. (Yes, I will be travelling to Norwich too, later, after the cover release). You can watch the unveiling of the cover --LIVE by following my Facebook author page. (Hover over 'like' and enable 'see first' to not miss any notification) You can also follow the page as ther

Become a book fairy! Brighten someone's day :)

Hi there! Am off to become a book fairy :) Wondering what a book fairy is? Read this article (written by yours truly)  which explains it. (click on image to enlarge) You can also read the above article here. I shall come back and update this post. Till then stay tuned :) Updated: Here are the three books I left around for people to find: We absolutely love authors as #bookfairies ! @preetishenoy drops her first book at Float, Marathahalli in #Bengaluru !💚 #ibelieveinbookfairies — Book Fairies India (@bookfairies_ind) September 10, 2017 And here's the second one: . @preetishenoy 's second drop today was this beautiful copy of 'One Moment, One Morning' at Nature's Basket Store. #ibelieveinbookfairies — Book Fairies India (@bookfairies_ind) September 10, 2017 And the third one is my own which I left in a flight :) Ever wondered 'Why We Love The Way We Do?' The aut

Goodbye--till we meet again (post 31)

 For the last 31 days, I have been putting up a new post every single day! PHEW!! I have received many mails from all of you, and some of you have been supporting me solidly by leaving a comment, on each post of mine. Deepti Tanna, Sanjay Dua and Prathima Joishy are some of the names I am now so familiar with, in my comment box. 🙏🙏🙏 A big thank you 🙏🙏🙏 Today is also the last day of my vacation, and I return back to Bengaluru tomorrow. I can't wait to be reunited with my darling Lostris. Waiting eagerly to meet her. Today we went to Sialkuchi, a weaver's village, and I bought tonnes of Assamese Sarees. There are different kinds of silks like Muga silk, Eri Silk and Tasar. The cotton  handloom sarees --I just fell in love with them. They are unlike sarees I have seen anywhere else. In future I will be wearing them , and shall post pictures on my Instagram page. Follow me there, if you want to see me showing off my Assamese saree collection.😜 I also shopped a lot.

A special day (post 30)

Today is Satish's birthday. We visited the Kamakhya temple, and Balaji temple and offered prayers of immense gratitude for all that is going right in our lives. I think it is extremely important to. At Kamakhya temple, Guwahati.India is so incredibly rich in culture, it will take many lifetimes to discover all of it. #travel #india A post shared by Preeti Shenoy (@preeti.shenoy) on Aug 30, 2017 at 8:41am PDT Till tomorrow! _____________________ ps: Get my books:

Greetings from Guwahati (post 29)

Today we drove from Cherapunjee to Guwahati. On the way we stopped at Shillong peak, which is inside an Air Force camp. You have to give your original identity documents to be allowed to go inside. Inside, it is a beautiful campus, and I passed Kendtiya Vidyalaya Shillong, and it brought back fond memories as I have done all my school years in various  KVs all over India. The uniform has changed now, from what it used to be..But Kendriya Vidayalas are truly amazing schools. We checked into our hotal at Guwahati and explored Pan bazaar and Fancy Market. I discovered a book shop and wandered in. It turned out to be one of Guwahati's oldest book shops. The owner Mrs.Kumar was delighted to see me. She brought out all my books, and I signed them. It was wonderful chatting with her. There is something amazing about connecting with people you have never met,but who shower you with so much love, because they have read your books. Guwahati is very humid and very  hot, and you can see

Greetings from Cherrapunji --A heart shaped rock and other true stories (post 28)

We began our day with a trek down the mountains, through the pine forests. We didn't have a guide. Satish and I decided to explore the path on our own. It was slippery in many places, and we had to be certain of our footing, else we would have tumbled down. Tall coniferous trees formed dense canopies, through which sunlight couldn't trickle down. Ferns, spider-webs, mushrooms and pine-cones dotted the path. It was dark, damp, green and oh so pure. We walked down slowly, and a magnificent sight greeted us. I am sharing a picture I clicked. We climbed back, contented happy souls. We found a vantage point from where we had a view of this very lake that we had trekked down to. I stood there and made a painting.   After breakfast, we left for Cherrapunjee. Just before we reached Cherrapunjee, we took a diversion went to The Garden of Caves in Laitmawsiang. The sight is mesmerising, stunning, fascinating. It is a must-do if you ever visit North-East. The main attrac