Ten things nobody told you about being an author

1. People you don't know will love you such a lot.

2. People you don't know will hate you.

3. You will travel to places you never dreamt you could go.

4.The places you travel to, will include those places inside your head you never want to visit.

5.People will mistakenly think something you write is about them.

6. You will offend people.

7.You will lose friends.

8. You will discover that the friends you lost weren't really friends in the first place.

9.You will  never have bad experiences. They just turn into writing ideas.

10. You will become a curious observer of the human race. (oh wait! You already were!)

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  1. This is interesting! The last one - yes, that's true. :)

  2. Hi. This is kunda frI'm Zambia Africa. I saw your interview on BBC two days ago and I fell in love. Really can't wait to read your books.

    1. Thank you Kunda! I do hope you enjoy my books <3


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