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A journey of fifteen years--what we learnt.

Fifteen years is a long time in the lifespan of an individual, by any measure. After all, even a life sentence lasts only 14 years. So today, I cannot help feeling a sense of achievement, a sense of wonder,  a sense of quiet accomplishment and a deep joy on completing 15 years of marriage. Yes! Today is my 15 th wedding anniversary. A big thank you to those of you who called me and wished me. It was really sweet of you. I felt moved.  Somehow, the effort that goes into making that International phone call always moves me. I am delighted when I get any call from India. To be honest, very few bother calling and any phone calls from India are treated with same reverence as a call from the Prime Ministers office. Not that the Prime minister’s office calls me either. :-) If I claimed that all the fifteen years were ‘picture perfect’ I would be lying. There were a lot of ‘pictures’ yes, but they were far from perfect! I was 23 when I met Satish, fell  totally,madly and completel

Fights in a friendship

We all know that friendship is one of the biggest blessings on earth. Countless philosophers right from Cicero to Aristotle to Ralph Waldo Emerson have elucidated so much on this subject. Yet we do not need to read all of them to know that fulfilling friendships are indeed great for one's mental and physical well-being, as a number of scientific studies have proven. How do we choose our friends? Why do we become such good friends with some people? And finally how do friendships break? The answers to the first two questions might be obvious upon a little reflection but the answer to the third question may not be so obvious. The reasons may be myriad and it might be complex. Friendships, like all relationships, need work to go into them, for them to flourish, grow and be enriching. Sometimes this work may come from just one person and that person might get tired of doing all the work. Sometimes the circumstances may change, the situations may change. Sometimes the people themse

Two links

This is not really a 'post' and so comments are disabled. Arjit Srivastva wrote to me some time back asking if he could Interview me. He published it yesterday. The questions he asked were so different from what I am usually asked :-) I enjoyed it and I think you will too. Here is the link (and you can comment here :) ) Rohit Srivastwa (no connection to Arjit) created a Facebook Fanpage yesterday morning. He said "I am doing this because I am indeed a BIG fan of yours and I think you are an amazing human being." Here is the link: Thank you Rohit! All updates about my second book and other writings would appear on this page now on, as the Ning site which many of you are members of, will not be functional after a while. Also it would be easier for most people to login from Facebook as most of us now

York Minster

Am on a vacation in York, Yorkshire,U.K. (yes, the hotel has wi fi :) ) This picture was clicked yesterday in front of York Minster. (cick to enlarge) I absolutely treasure this picture--easy to see why :) More about York when I get back home. Have a nice day!

A day on a boat in Norfolk Broads

"Miles and miles of gentle waterways glistening in the sunlight with peaceful Norfolk countryside as far as the eye can see," is how the brochures describe it. What they do not tell you is how truly uplifting for the soul it is, how ethereal the whole experience is and how you feel like you have just discovered a slice of heaven and how it fills you with an unexplained longing to make the experience linger and how you feel so totally at peace with the world while you're at it. The Norfolk Broads are UK's largest nationally protected wetland.There are 125 miles of gentle, navigable and picturesque waterways with pleny of place to moor, jump off the boat and explore quaint little villages or  market towns or just while away an afternoon at a pub, with a bottle of wine (or a drink), some soulful music and good company. We did just a bit of everything.My brother and his family visited me from India. We did a Norfolk Broads boat trip together. You have an option of doing

In gratitude

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”                     — Albert Schweitzer This post is for all those people in my life who have lit my flame. (You know who you are) I do feel blessed to know you and  wish for you the brightest of things life has to offer. I also thank you for being in my life. (Touchwood)