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How does it feel? 34 Bubblegums and Candies

A lot of people are asking me how it feels right now. Many ask if I am nervous. Some ask if I am excited. Some do not know what to say and refer to me as ‘Ms.Celebrity’ or ‘Ms.Author’ or something to that effect (Somehow it irks me though I know they mean it well) A few ask me in disbelief “YOU wrote a book?” (No, my children wrote it and I took all the credit) and some say “I am jealous of you.” Many of course say very positive and wonderful things—the best I have heard so far being “I am proud of you.”, “I feel so happy to share your joy.” “I am delighted and wish you all the success you deserve.” And I know they mean it from the heart—so I accept their words gratefully. Many many months back, when I had just begun writing, Satish and I went to a book store. I saw rows upon row of books by different authors arranged so well, graded into different categories, beckoning you to pick up one and devour it. Having my book there among all these erudite authors seemed a distant

34 Bubblegums and Candies--a mama moment

The last few days have been a blur. They have been fading into each other like the tracks that a DJ mixes at a dance floor. You don’t know exactly where one ends and the other begins—it is one continuous stream. Non-stop. To say that I have been busy will not even begin to describe it. To say that there are a million things that go into making a book is one hundred and ten percent true, I am discovering at a break neck speed. It feels like a massive asteroid has dropped down into my living room, throwing everything around it into chaos—The asteroid is slowly melting, but till it does, we have to navigate our way around it, and make sense of the situation. THE BOOK has completely taken over my life—and these days everything at our home revolves around the two book launches and coordinating so many things regarding it. Usually if any of you have left me a comment, I visit you back. But please bear with me, I have not been able to do that. It will be this way for some

While waiting at the airport

Airports are a great place to observe a lot of things. I have just spent ten hours waiting in three airports— Bangalore International Airport , Pune airport and Nedumbassery International Airport Kochi . There are no direct flights from Pune to Kochi—and the various permutation and combination that involved the least fare and the least amount of waiting time between flights still left me with a good ten hours, to do whatever I pleased within the confines of the airport walls . And yes--I feel quite at home at Airports, much like Tom Hanks in ‘The terminal’ . :-) One of the jobs I have held is, as a ground crew in an airport in Mumbai with a well known airline, many years back. So I could very well relate to the ground crew in all the airports, the pressures they work under, the problems they face and above all, the way they have to be super polite to the passengers (Or guests if you happen to travel on kingfisher!) no matter even if they have had two depressing, maniaca

34 Bubblegums and Candies. Behind the scene.

Sometimes when you want to convey something that is very important to you, you just don’t know where to begin. You start and the words tumble out like toys in an overstuffed box that has been emptied, and you sort out the pieces and take what you were looking for. That’s exactly how I feel right now. My first book (yes, I am going to be a published author!) will be out soon. It is in press right now. The book will be available at all major bookstores in India , (all the Crosswords and the Landmarks) and also on the Internet on Rediff and most likely Amazon as well, by 25 th of this month. The book is based entirely on my blog posts. There are many posts which have been adapted, and many new ones as well. It has been a long journey of two years. I started the blog to overcome my absolute shock, deep grief and my broken heart, when I lost the person who meant the world to me. (Click here to read all about it.) I never thought that my writings would touch so many people and help t