How does it feel? 34 Bubblegums and Candies

A lot of people are asking me how it feels right now. Many ask if I am nervous. Some ask if I am excited. Some do not know what to say and refer to me as ‘Ms.Celebrity’ or ‘Ms.Author’ or something to that effect (Somehow it irks me though I know they mean it well) A few ask me in disbelief “YOU wrote a book?” (No, my children wrote it and I took all the credit) and some say “I am jealous of you.”

Many of course say very positive and wonderful things—the best I have heard so far being “I am proud of you.”, “I feel so happy to share your joy.” “I am delighted and wish you all the success you deserve.” And I know they mean it from the heart—so I accept their words gratefully.

Many many months back, when I had just begun writing, Satish and I went to a book store. I saw rows upon row of books by different authors arranged so well, graded into different categories, beckoning you to pick up one and devour it. Having my book there among all these erudite authors seemed a distant dream, a mere wishful thinking, a deep longing and a fantasy that I did not even dare visualise.

I whispered to Satish in small voice “Do you think one day my book will also be in these shelves?”

His reply, in a clear, unfaltering voice was “Of course it will. Where is the doubt?”

Then he added “See—today no one knows you when you walk in. Tomorrow they will all recognize you.”

I just smiled and brushed it aside as fond praise from a loving husband.

It has been an arduous journey since then consisting of slogging, sweating, toiling and burning the midnight oil, spending hours and hours writing, re writing, editing, contacting publishers and what-have-you and what-have-you-not!

The seemingly distant dream came true yesterday. We went to Crossword last evening and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. One part of me felt overjoyed, elated, and euphoric. Another part of me was filled with sadness that my dad could never be a part of this.

The store had a huge standee of my book launch. All over the store were posters of my book. The moment I entered, some people recognized me and some said “Oh—you are Preeti Shenoy? The book is great.”

Satish was so very proud. For about five minutes Satish and I could not speak, and we stood staring at the book shelves which prominently had my book displayed. I could not talk at all. I was a vortex of emotions—I did not know whether to laugh or to cry and I just stood there posing for the pictures which Satish wanted to click.

The children were so proud. All over the store wherever they saw my book they would call out “Mummy—see your book is here.” “Mummy—look here—your book!” They were excited and yes—they did buy a book of mine with their pocket money.(Scroll down and see previous post for full story)

When I came back home, I called up my mom (who lives in Kerala) and described to her in detail, the day’s happenings. She was so happy she cried. She also felt terribly sad that dad wasn’t there to share her joy. (One of the reasons why she wont be coming for my launches is that she just has not gone anywhere without my dad. She said she was very very proud of me and would pray for my success but she would not be able to bear coming to the launch. I understood completely.)

I gave my first media interview a few days back. It felt strange as usually I am the one interviewing people and here I was being interviewed. The article was published in DNA today. The book has got great reviews. Here is the article. (click to enlarge)

I have started getting invitations from Clubs and colleges to give talks about my book. That will happen sometime in the near future.

Yesterday, I was in conversation with the Editor of Times of India Pune plusses. He was very sweet, supportive and extremely encouraging.

“How do you manage everything—home, kids, fitness routine, writing, painting?’ he asked

“I stay up late.” I said .Then I added “I also have two wonderful children, a very supportive husband, and rock-solid friends.”

For me, more than the money (which to be honest is hardly anything) it is reaching out to people which matters. If this book has made you think, made you smile, made you live at least one day fully, then I’d think it has succeeded. This book was born out of deep grief and helplessness. This book is entirely for my dad.

More than the destination, it is the journey which has made it all worth it.


Note: 34 Bubblegums and Candies published by SRISHTI is now available at a book store near you if you happen to live in India.(In case it is not you can place an order and they will get it for you within 10 days). It costs Rs.100/-

If you happen to live abroad and want to order it online, you will have to place an order with any of the online sites (Eg:Rediff or and they will contact the publishers and get it for you.


  1. i wish i could have read the book and said something more but i will have to wait for that...but i do hope i see your book here too...

    CONGRATS!!! and best wishes

  2. :-)
    I think a smiley wont do justice to how happy I am...

    Even camera shy Satish is exuberating so much glee there..I think the kids will have so much to talk about in the coming days...

    Hope you have the most memorable Journey!!

  3. Ps,
    This is just the beginning of the celeb-you.

    May you become the most popular author ever. :-) And I mean it!

    See you soon in Bengaluru.

  4. Preethi...all thru life we react like this...
    dont u remember...
    when u were newly married think "I cant believe I'm married"
    when u had a child, u touched him in wonder & thought "I cant believe I'm a mother now"
    and now u r in the stage where u cant believe u r a full fledged author!!!!!!!!!!! Before long u'll get used to this also.
    Go With The Flow.
    Remember, Good Things Happen To Good People!!!!!!!

  5. Jagjit: :-) Danke Schon!

    Suma: You have read most of it! Most are from my blog posts and some new ones.And hey--thanks!

    Mathew: Check your mail (and you know what i mean!);-)Thanks Mathew.

    Nikhil: Wah!Tere muh mein ghee shakkar!!

    Reflections: Well--i never said I cannot believe it!! I worked like a dog--so yes I am enjoying it while it is happening.And hey--thanks so much.

  6. hey preethi, so happy for u.....All the best dear...This is just the beginning of a new journey in life and am sure that ur dad's blessings are always there with u.he is seeing it all from above and showering his blessings....u r indeed lucky to hav such a supportive family too......Please do keep writing and I will read ur book as soon as i get my hands on that book at the nearest chance possible...Well maybe will try to fly down to india fro 3 or 4 days and at that time will try and get it....
    Once again ALL THE BEST DEAR

  7. Congratulations Preeti - so proud of you. I hope we can buy this book via amazon in the future?

    Best Wishes,

  8. I proudly showed my dad the DNA article today and told him that the author is my blogger buddy :)

    It was really good to see all those posters put up in crossword.

    All the Best! C u soon :)

  9. Congrats Preethi! you may not know me, but I do read you regularly. I am very happy to know about your book getting published! Great job! Congrats!

  10. Enigma:Thanks a lot!!

    Pink Dogwood/Bhavna: It works like this--once you place an order at any site--say or Rediff, then they contact the publisher and get it for you.It makes sense only if you 4-5 people are ordering(as you can share the shipping charges)--because the shipping wil be quite high.The book costs Rs.100/- and you may end up paying five times that amount for shipping.The publishers are Srishti publishers.

    Varun: Could your dad relate to the blog-buddy bit?:-) For me its just friends--be it online or offline--and maybe fellow bloggers.And yeah--see u soon!

    Argee:Of course I know you from my comment box.Thanks!Book's now out in Stores--its already published.

  11. This is the 1st time i am reading ur blog ..
    Really nice one and i am gonna pick a copy as and when i find it here ...:)
    read about ur kids in the previous .. i was moved .. lovely bookmarks .. :) they are really sweet and considerate kids ..
    God bless ..

    Btw wont there be a launch in Crosswords, Chennai ???

    Take care..

  12. Hi Preeti, Congrates!!

    am sure everyone will love your book the way they love your blog. Its one of the best blogs I have read when i want little cheerful attitude towards life.

    Have a wonderful journey.

  13. **HUGGGS**
    And yes!!! more than anything, its wonderful to see your book there out in the stands and it sure is a proud moment..
    I'm so happy for you and the family.
    All the best!

  14. Congratulations again!! And All the best for everything. I will be travelling to india soon and sure want to get hold of your book when i am there.

  15. One point I thought might need attention - You mentioned that the publishers are Srishti publishers and The newpaper article you have in this post says Shruti Publishers. Which one is it???

  16. Congrats..!!
    The feeling must be amazing and its clear from the post..

    Need to get one copy for myself..


  17. How wonderful it is!!...You know i share Satish's view in having all along had no doubt that you would succeed!...It is truly a dream come true...but actually, the dream is just begining....

  18. Congrats, Preeti. Hope this is just the beginning of more such exciting moments.

  19. When dreams come true, it is magical. Enjoy these well deserved moments! Congratulations!!

  20. Wow, it's so amazing and exciting! I'm very happy for you. I want to buy a copy too, I still have to figure out how. I've never known anyone so famous before! :)

  21. Yes. To some extent he did :-)

  22. its so magical isnt it when ur long term dreams come true... I am not writer just a scribbler but my hubby has a dream to write book one day ur post just made me imagine how it will be to stand at his side when he launches a book

  23. Hey Preethi, congratulations. Will pick up your book asap :)

  24. Indeed, it is produest moment. Reaping time. Just revel in it.

    Cheers :-)

  25. Hi Preeti,

    Its never going to be enough and easy paying tributes to your efforts in the making of this triumphant entry to a life as a writer.

    But nevertheless as an ideal tribute to you I would love to write a book on this marathon effort of yours giving it the deserved title "THE MAKING OF AN ICON". Your have all the ingredients which would make anybody look upon you to show way and learn how to live ones life. And that is the way Icons are meant to be.

    Am too glad to be even able to communicate with you, in whatever small way it may be.

  26. Fantastic! Congratulations once again :)

  27. congrats

    will definitely buy it:)

  28. :) I am waiting for 10th to get my hands on the book and meet you...

    and yeah, I am proud of you :)

  29. Even I am feeling so excited and was showing all my colleagues this article and the book. So I can imagine how you will be feeling.. Unfortunately I'm not in India during the Bangalore book launch. Will miss meeting you .. :(

  30. Hi Preeti,

    Hearty Congratulations....Way to go. Good Luck for your future Books.

    I'm sure this'd be a big hit.


  31. So Happy for u Preeti... Really am :)!

    Many Congrats agn!

    i ll visit the online site and try buy the book!

    BTW i donno what would be the appropriate if i've said anything foolish to xpress my joy for u..sorry abt that!

  32. "More than the destination, it is the journey which has made it all worth it."

    Especially for the co-passengers, right :)

    Can't wait to get a hold of it. I only want a signed copy and can't get it in Rediff, so will wait and do papparazzi to get it :)

  33. Revathi: As long as you have enjoyed the ride ;-)

    Pavi: Oh no!!U havent said anything 'foolish' Please forgive me if I sounded arrogant! Not my intwtion at all--just that sometimes it gets to me when people trivialise it.(I know u dont do it)And hey--thanks!

    Raghu:Thank u so much.(first time leaving a comment?)

    Dhanya: Ooh!!Was hoping to meet all my online friends.Never mind--take lots of good pictures!

    xh: it will be available even before 10th--and hey--thanks!

  34. Broca,Chitra: thanks!

    Hari" OMG!! I am totally flustered--i honestly do not deserve that much adulation! *blush blush*

    Karthik:Thank you!

    SMM:Thank you!

    Monika:Yes--it indeed feels great.All the best to your husband.

    Varun:He must be a 'cool dad' then!;-)

    Sue: i am not so famous!! India is a nation of 1.1 billion. i doubt if even 2000 people know me! :-) :-)

    Joy:Thank you!

  35. Bindu:Thank you!

    Niall:I know my friend.Your words had a great impact on me.I have mentioned it in the last section of the book.

    Vinz:Thank you!

    Life begins: Srishti--I had noticed the typo--now have added a note post your comment.Thanks!

    Prats:Thanks so much!

    Teju:Thnk you so much!Yes--the book is very much in blog style.

    Meenu:Thank u!!Yes most probably there will a author read meet in Chennai--dates not yet finalised.

  36. What an emotional ride it must be, Preeti! Gosh! I hardly know you, and even I am mighty proud :)

    Loved Satish's picture the best of the lot!


  37. Congratulations again... looking forward to getting the book at some point of time. - colours

  38. Hey PS wow Im sooooo happy for ya hun! CONGRATTZ n ALL THE BEST for the future too HUGS!

    Ur looking lovely in the radiant and beautiful!

    Wonderful journey here and now I can say I know a famous author ;-)

    Keep spreading love n light!


  39. Aneri Maasi: thank you so much!

    Paru: thanks :)

    Keshi: :-) Thanks!

  40. Hearty congratulations to you from across the pond, Preeti.


  41. Thank you Scotty!! :)

  42. You sure deserve it PS! Wish you all the best for this and all your future books!!! :)

  43. This weekend, I'm off to buy the book! You rock girl!!

  44. Yippee...CONGRATS!! :D

    ***some say “I am jealous of you.”***

    well that was me :D...but dint meant ne harm :)...wishing u all the success!

    I thought the book will be launched when u will be visiting m confused whether to buy now or wait till 10th??

  45. Prakhar: Well many more said that--so it wasnt just you :) And yes I do know it was well meant! U can buy earlier if you don't want to wait!Typically books are on shelves for at least a week before the launch as at least a few people would ahve read it.

    NM:Thank U!!

    Wannabe:Thanks so much!!!

  46. Preeti,

    Congratulations. Just remember that blessings of your Dad are always with you. You have made everyone near and dear proud.

    Take care

  47. My my my.. I visit this space after a while and look what's happened.

    Congratulations. This sure is a feat.

    Here's to a lot more coming your way.


  48. Wow what a feeling it must sure you are delirious :)

    Dunno have asked this it available on amazon be bought in the US?

    Congrats...and now maybe you have another book you can write...about writing the first book :)

  49. Congratulations a Gazillion times over!!!

    Yay...i met an author in Person!!

  50. Congratulations a Gazillion times over!!!

    Yay...i met an author in Person!!

  51. Ideally, I take recommendations seriously, but for this book I didn't need one :D

    Have a fabulous launch dear and I'll just have to wait a little longer to get the book :(

  52. Still thinking: Check your mail :-)

    K10:Thank you!!Please come for my launch on 4th!Give me your mail id--will send u a formal invite.

    Ceedy: my publisher tells me that once someone places an order, they get it for them. Guess you'll have to place an order with Amazon or

    J:Thank you--and I demand to be included in your list of blog readers.

    Jack:Deep inside I know its all my dad's blessings but his physical presence would have been great.

  53. Hi Preeti..

    I am so goddam proud of you ! :)


  54. Veena:Thanks so much!! I know you are.

  55. Congrats Preeti!
    You deserve every single happiness associated with this book coming out.
    I cant wait to get my hands on it to read!!!

    -the other shru

  56. Dear Preeti,
    I am so proud to have met someone like you online....And I mean it!!!
    I am very excited about what bubblegums and candies the book contains....

    All d very best for all your future endeavours....

  57. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Congratulations. Now I can tell all my friends I know an author!

  58. Pranay:Thanks so much!Yes I know you mean it.Wish you could have made it for the launch--then we could have met 'in real' :)

    Keith:thanks friend!

  59. Congratulationsss again P. dis is just the beginning. :) u know well wats my dream for u! Im sure u will be ther one day, Im soooo very Happy for u!! I wish u all the best for dis n many many more books to come. :)
    See u soon.. God Bless U!!

  60. wow! are we all proud of you or what! i still have not been able to get my hands on the book, so sorry! but i am working on it! :) you should now looks at a nationwide launch too!

  61. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I am going to get a copy...

    congratulations :)

  62. congrats :))

    IS it already released in Bangalore Crossword or other bookstalls also??? i'm eagerly awaiting..

  63. you deserve all the compliments...

    waiting for the book release in bangalore...

    wish you all the luck

  64. you deserve all the compliments...

    waiting for the book release in bangalore...

    wish you all the luck

  65. Preeti, Heartiest Congratulations! May you always be blessed!
    I can't wait to read the book :)

  66. Hello Preeti,You can mail me at
    I am excited about the launch!

  67. Ketan: Just did :)

    Shachi: Thanks so much! Where are you based?

    Gazal: Thanks so much.I'm waiting to meet all the people in the blogosphere too.Really looking forward to that.

    Manasa: i think its out in Delhi and also in Bangalore.(I'd suggst you call them and ask--a not sure)

    Chandni:Thank you!

    Vinni: :-) Well--it will be available nationwide.

    Pai:Yep--see you soooon!! I look forward to seeing you again.

  68. Hey we bought your books yesterday. Finished reading it too yesterday itself. Had read most of them but not all.

    We want books mark plzzzzzz but your not coming to Delhi :(

  69. SMM: Thanks for buying :-) Yes--its based on my blog posts like I have been telling. Delhi is not ruled out entirely. But not on the agenda right now.

  70. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Ambled into Crossword today, saw your book on the shelves, picked a copy..... and put it right back!!!!!

    If I can make it to the book launch on 4th, I figure I might as well have my copy autographed by the author!!! :-)

  71. Amit: :-) Well I'd have gladly signed it for you had you brought it to the launch. See you tomorrow!

  72. Congratulations and best wishes for tomorrow and the 10th

  73. yep - wifey (SMM) and me have got onto your fan bandwagon :-)
    She bought it for the reading.. me for the bookmarks!!!

  74. California, US! I'll try placing an order online tonite on Rediff....I will be in India in Dec/Jan but dont want to wait until then :)
    It feels different (in a good way) - to read a book written by someone who I've interacted with - I also read some of your older blog posts and loved it. Keep up the good work! ****hugs****

  75. Arjun: have mailed her.:-) Am sure she has told you :)


    Shachi:Just happened to be on my blog and up pops your message.I think is planning to stock it for those in the US.

  76. and shachi:Thanks!I appreciate your kind words!

  77. Hi Preeti..Congrats on the book,shall buy it ASAP-if you are coming to Chennai for the launch-very well,I can get my copy autographed by you.I've been reading your blog for quite some time now,but I was a lurker all the while...but this one time,I wanted to be a part of your joy and hence took the plunge.All the very best for the book launch..I feel very proud for having known you,at least through the blogs.

  78. I'd been meaning to comment on this post after grabbing my copy .. but seems then i'd have to wait for few more days until it hits Cochin and by then i'd be missing out all the happenings in this space!

    Like as always, you've written this one straight from the heart and it transpires to the reader .. but u know what, even if u had just left this post blank retaining that pic of Satish, even that would have more than served the purpose!! :-)

  79. Congratulations!!! You are a star! May you have a lot of success in the coming years!

    PS: Can you write a post on how you went about the whole process? Maybe some of us dreamers here can benefit from it and be in your shoes someday.

  80. >>I whispered to Satish in small voice “Do you think one day my book will also be in these shelves?”

    His reply, in a clear, unfaltering voice was “Of course it will. Where is the doubt?”<<

    This was touching...
    I will see if I can grab the book. Congratulations PS its great to have a dream like that come true. I can imagine :-)

  81. Cris:Yes--it is indeed a dream come true.

    Solitaire:There is a whole chapter at the end in thsi book, which explains 'how this bok came to be'.

    Balu: Yeah--he was so proud!

    Divya:Thanks so much.I did happen to see your food blog and found it interesting.Chennai will happen but not in october. Book will be in stores soon.

  82. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    (82 comments already, I felt a little behind but nevermind)

    I can't possibly imagine how you must be feeling but I am glad that I can finally use this expression not to speak of sadness but of great great JOY :)

    And your Father IS a part of this!

  83. i got all weepy reading this post!! i could actually feel all the positive vibes and emotions! :)

    heres to brilliant success of this book!



  84. I read about your book and blog in today's times of India and made a mental note of visiting your blog when I get online. I am still not done with going through the length and breadth of your blog but whatever I read made me feel very good. You sound like a person next door even though you have touched dizzying heights and that is what is so endearing about you. You may not revert back to this comment and I might sound like one more face in the crowd, but I want to wish you all the success in your literary career. May you get the Booker prize one day :-) God bless!

  85. Stillness speaks: thank you for those really kind words! You means Saturday's times of India right? for me, each person who takes the time to comment on my blog is important--and I do try and revert to each and every comment! Cheers and thanks again!

    Mama-mia;Thank you!

    Devil Mood: i gree with you now.He truly is.


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