34 Bubblegums and Candies--a mama moment

The last few days have been a blur. They have been fading into each other like the tracks that a DJ mixes at a dance floor. You don’t know exactly where one ends and the other begins—it is one continuous stream. Non-stop.

To say that I have been busy will not even begin to describe it. To say that there are a million things that go into making a book is one hundred and ten percent true, I am discovering at a break neck speed. It feels like a massive asteroid has dropped down into my living room, throwing everything around it into chaos—The asteroid is slowly melting, but till it does, we have to navigate our way around it, and make sense of the situation.

THE BOOK has completely taken over my life—and these days everything at our home revolves around the two book launches and coordinating so many things regarding it.

Usually if any of you have left me a comment, I visit you back. But please bear with me, I have not been able to do that. It will be this way for some more days, I guess. Many of you have given me awards and I feel honoured—Thank you. Many of you have tagged me—but I haven’t been able to do those tags as the sheer task of catching up with the mails flooding my Inbox itself is mammoth, at the moment.

My children keep me sane. If it was not for them, I don’t think I could have coped with this much pressure.

Elizabeth Stone said "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

She was right. My two hearts, aged ten and seven moved me to tears last evening.

“Mama,” said my son , "We are saving up our pocket money to buy your book."

“That won’t be needed, I will surely give you a copy of my book.” I smiled. “Or I will give you the money so you can both buy a copy each.” I added

“ No, mama” said my daughter “You don’t understand. We want to go to Crossword and buy your book with our money.”

Their pocket money is just Rs.10/- a week. My book costs Rs.100/-. They had been saving for weeks now. They had forgone their usual treat which they buy themselves (The junk food like Chips, Ice creams and Chocolates) and had decided to spend it on my book. There was a lump in my throat when I realized how much it meant to them.

They then said that they would both be doing some important work to help me with my book launch. They had decided to make book markers to give away at the launch. They asked me if the book markers they make will be good enough and whether I would really give them away at the launch.

“Will it be nice, Mama? We will colour it really well.” They said.

I hugged them tight and told them that it would be more valuable than the printed book marks that the store gives out, because so much of their effort would go into it.

They started making them, and have made about 12 so far. Each one has been painstakingly decorated and colored. They both want each single piece to be ‘just right.’

The launch is on October 4th at Pune, and there are 16 days left now. My son calculated how many they would be able to make.

Then my son got a bit worried.

“Mama, I hope the people who come for your launch will not think that you made us do all this and that you are a cruel mother.” He said.

I was astonished at his incisive thinking.

“No, don’t worry.” I assured him “The people who know me will never think that. And we will not be giving the book markers to random strangers.”

Both then got engrossed in their new project of making book marks to give away at their mother’s book launch.

Long after I put them to bed, I went and had a look at what they had made. I could not prevent blinking away my tears when saw I them.

“Thanks for buying my Mom’s book.” It said. My son had printed out the words—cut them, pasted it, and then decorated it. My daughter had made a different design for each one.

To be honest, I treasured it so much that I felt like keeping them all—but it would be so unfair to the children, and they would probably conclude that it was not good enough to give away.

So I decided that they would be given only to those who really want them.

If you are coming for the book launch (Oct 4th at Pune and October 10th at Bangalore) and if you would like to have a book mark made by them, please tell me in my comment box and I’ll tell my children to personalize it with your name. (They would feel very important doing it) Also tell me in what name you want it.

The Asteroid continues to beckon and it has begun melting at a rapid pace. So I must go now, back to being tossed about.

This too shall pass and normalcy will return. See you soon!!


  1. Those tears have a way of collecting itself just so that the lump tells it to go away...
    Your kids are so precious. And what they have decided is a treasure. I'm sure even I would have wanted to keep them all....but a lil bit of the momma in me would want to give it out just so that can see the kid smile with glee.....
    And can I have mine ?
    I want one of them...please!!!!

  2. I want the first one. Can you reserve that for me please.

    The name is Satish Shenoy. And I think they are wonderfully done.

  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Congrats again on the book.

    Adorable kids you have. I'm saving my pocket money too, to buy your book.

  4. Satish: Of course!

    Binerry: thought you were working. Do you really have to save?!! :-O

    Prats: Shall I tell them to write 'Prats' or your full name? (They both know you as prats!) :-)

  5. that was very thoughtful of ur two sweet l'll hearts..
    you know, at times, i think I may dont want to become a father ever in life - but when i read accounts like this, i realize what I will miss - the two cute l'll hearts of you managed to moisten my eyes :-D

    Can I have a bookmark please? I would love to have one of them.... and yeah, I DO plan to attend the Bangalore book launch...

  6. xh: I look forward to seeing you!And what name do you want me to ask them to put on the bookmark--your blog name or real name? And oh yes-moments like these make you feel that being a parent is any day better than winning a million bucks in a lottery!

  7. Yeah having a kid sort of take u back to the grassroots. And having the 2nd one reinforces it:-D.
    Seriously I dont blame u 1 bit for wanting to hoard all those bookmarks.
    Once again best wishes for ur book launch & sincerely hoping everything goes according to plan:-)).

  8. Wow...amazing kids :)..so thoughtful.

    I would love to get the bookmark :)

    Please..one for me :) (can I have two..one from each of them...so greedy of me)...will be coming to the Bangalore book launch.

  9. wow, am speechless to say the least. i know i havent done this much for my parents ever. i surely have a lot to learn from atul and purvi.


  10. amazing..:-)
    I love the kids even more now..oh i wished i could be there and get one bookmark myself..:-(

    It might have been such an emotional ride for you and these little things kid do can make a huge impact on our drab lives..once again wishing you all the best..and the kids might be praying deep in their hearts that Mamma's book will rock!!

  11. That is sooo swweeet :) I definitely want one. I am coming for the Bangalore launch on 10 Oct. My name is Shwetha.

  12. So sweet !!!

    Please please please reserve one for me.

  13. u hav such adorable kids.u must be sooo proud of them. may be u cud frame one of the bookmarks made by each of them n preserve it. i m sure they wud be only happy abt tat!

    my mom always says, when kids do something that reflects their character(gud or bad), kids that they are, their deeds are mostly reflections of their parents, their teachings and the values imparted by them. u have brought them up really well. so hats off to u too! :)

  14. very cute idea
    becos they r making ur bookmarks....u can give them discount in the price of ur book
    for which they are saving up money...really they are working hard .
    what do u think?

  15. Hi Preeti,
    You are lucky to have such affectionate children!!! PLEASE reserve one for me too.. I will come on october 10th in bangalore..

  16. Wow... wanted to say about the children. But no words now. You are blessed dear!
    I wish you had a book launch in Trivandrum! Good luck anyway :-)

  17. oh! even I couldn't control my tears seeing that. You got really cute kids :)


  18. nice gesture...

    those will remain to your heart forever i guess..!! your kids are adorable..

    waiting for the book launch..i will be there for the book launch...


  19. Heyy Preeti, I definitely want one. Can you please reserve it for me?
    I wont be there at the book launch but i shall take it from you and the kids whenever i meet you guys.
    They are such wonderful kids.
    Stay blessed!

  20. They are not just two hearts walking around outside they are two little precious gems.

    I would love to have one of those bookmarks.

    Especially the one on which they have written 'Thanks for buying my Mom’s book'

  21. Ohh thats os os sweet of them.....lucky that u hav 2 such precious bundles of joy...

    i would love to have one..i want one badly...but wat to do, me out of india and cant attend both the launches :(

    All the best dear...come wat may i am buying ur book anyway...heheh

  22. They can call me anything they like...as long as they sign their names below..

  23. my real name... :) thanks a lot for reserving one of them for me...

  24. Wow...reading this post itself got a lump in my throat. I can imagine how you would have felt!!I am so touched by their gesture and love for you! Your kids are so wonderful and sweet PS!!:)

    Those bookmarks are really lovely..I would definitely treasure them..can I have one Plzz?!!! Would love to have both their names signed on it :)

    I am really hoping to meet them as well at the book launch..are they accompanying u to bangalore?? if not, plzzzzzz bring them along!!

  25. Hmmm...it's one of those misty eye posts again :')

    I can't be there for any of the book launches except if you will be having one in Bombay in December. In any case, whenever the launch in Bombay happens, I'll have one of my friend pick a copy for me and so yes, I want to have a bookmark too...PLEASE :)

    You already know my name now but I'll still like 'Stillthinking' on it (these are my blogging memories), but I guess it's too long so I'll just have the ones that they have made, coz they are cute just the way they are :)

  26. :)...so kind hearted!>:)..
    will try to come...not sure!...and wish u good luck!!!

  27. I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared! Now i realize, an asteroid crashing is certainly very time consuming!

    I am not sure whether I would be able to make it, so asking Atul and Purvi to make it and then not being there to take it would be worse.

    So I shall no ask for it, though I will certainly pick up the book :)

    Good luck !

  28. That was really sweet!

    Very thoughtful act from the lil angels! :)

  29. they sure are adorable.

  30. Hunter: yes--I do feel blessed

    Aathira:Am right here--clening up the melting Asteroid. Thanks. :-)

    Broca:Thank you!

    Stillthinking: Mailed you!(rather--have replied to your mail):P

    Pratima:Will ask them to make one in your name.Not sure if i'll be able to bring them to Bangalore.

  31. Thats so sweet..... Its so fun & involving reading small snippets about the whole thing that bringing your book out....Just can't wait to see the final product on the shelves of Crosswords!!!

    I want one... Will be there at the Pune book launch...

  32. Gazal : :-)

    xh: yes sir!

    Prats:Atul says he does not want to sign his name--he tried and then he said it did not look good and he white inked it.He wanted me to tell you!

    Enigma: Maybe sometime we'll meet!

    Varun:Sure thing..Making a list now of people who want the bookmarks.

    Chitra:I am sure our paths will cross.My very best to your family too.

    Vinz:Where?Bangalore or Pune?

    Aargee: Darlings!

  33. Super sweet kids.
    God, I was such a useless kid to my parents!

    One for me please -(Nikhil) is enough.

    See you at the launch, Ps.


  34. Cris: Thanks.Well--trivandrum does not have a Crossword store..And they are promoting my book.

    Umamaheshawaran:Will do! And thanks!!

    Uma Kumar:They would hate any kind of discount as it defeats their purpose--and what they have done is truly priceless--something that even a million rupees cannot buy--dont you think? (and by the way--the bookstores are selling the book, not me! So I dont decide the discounts at all!!)

    av:yes--I am indeed proud of them.And thanks for your compliments about parenting skills.

  35. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Oh lovely, its such a sweet story. Kids are so precious arent they. Give them a whopping discount for the book, tell them its fair trade for the bookmarks

  36. Rohit: yes surely!

    Inolongeram: Noted and done!

    Mathew:Thanks SO MUCH--and will mail you :-)

    Wacko: don''t know--think about it or ask your parents--you might have done something that moves them.To be honest, atul and Purvi dont even think they are doing a big thing for me--they dont even realise how moved I felt.(or maybe they do.Children are very perceptive)

    Prakhar: Both are refusing to put their names and say who made what--they say it is a joint effort and it will stay that way!Will surely keep a bookmark for you.


  37. Anonymous5:11 PM

    i want one of 'em.. gosh!! u almost made me cry :) (btw, i guess am too emotional thess days and ur kids are too sweet...)
    i'll open ma piggy bank before i come to crossword, blore on 10th (I do have one :) )
    can i bring 'em both 2 piggie banks like the one i keep?

  38. Prats from pune: (Now there are two prats reading my blog--one from Bangalore and one from pune--hence specifying. What name do you want on the bookmark? Will surely keep one for you.

    Nikhil: Will surely do so.All the very best for tomorrow.

    Phoenixritu:They would hate any kind of discount.And the stores give the discount not me!

  39. Anonymous5:12 PM

    once agains CONGRATS on the books and also for having two lovely children like 'em :)
    give 'em ma love :)

  40. Tessie: So sweet of you! i dont know if they will be coming to the Bangalore launch. They will be at the Pune launch for sure! Purvi has a 'hello kitty' to put her money in and Atul has a wallet where he keeps his money! :-)

  41. Anonymous5:16 PM

    oh!! tht's sad :)
    but i'll surely find something tht u can take back for 'em :)

  42. Such are the moments when life's purpose seems fulfilled.. (mabbe i'm exaggeratin)..but I just feel when u have kids who turn out so fine n loving n humane..one would want nothing more in life..well almost.
    Lovely kids!A pat on their back n a peck on their cheeks.

    There are so many times i wish i was in Blr...n now ur book launch n these bookmarks are added to the list. Sorry, I'm not going to be there...A friend mite make it, can i have him pick it up for me or is that too much to ask for?

  43. I so wish I could attend.. it'd be very special for me- the launch.. and the bookmark..

  44. :)

    you mean woman!! making us all weep at work and colleagues passing by wondering "Oh! i was right! she is mad!"

    thats so so sweet! :) good bless PS and amen!

    i dunno if am gonna be there for sure! will you be there till little later, so that i can hope to make it post work?! then i defi want one!! :)



  45. Wish I could attend and get one for myself! ..That was one of the sweetest posts I've ever read :)

    Atu & Pui - if u guys would consider giving out something for the person who buys the first copy in Cochin city, then I'LL BE THE WINNER.
    *enters the ring - growls - and declares beforehand,like Triple H in WWE*

  46. PS.. I had tears in my eyes reading this.. I was just thinking I would want to keep all of them when I read you writing just that!! Both your kids are so precious! Hugs to them from me!! I wish I could have one.. and I do wish I could make it to your book launch! But no such luck :(

  47. Thats so wonderful and they look really wonderful. I'd love one with the book too...name's Meera but I won't be able to make it for the launch ...am in Gurgaon. No problems though :)
    It's a lovely thought

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Such lovely kids, one of the best most touching posts you have put up on this blog! I wish now I was at the launch and could get one for myself...
    I dont blame you for wanting to keep all of them!!

    -the other shru

  50. Awww. gosh, i really don't know what else to say. such a touchin post :))

  51. That was so touching, love really is unexplainable. I would love to have one made by Purvi and Atul when you do your book launch in Delhi. All the best, and keep marching ahead :)

  52. This post got my eyes all moist and I also have a little lump in my throat. I wish I could be there for the book launch.

    Can I buy a copy from your website with that precious bookmark tucked inside?


  53. Your post moved me to tears. I cannot even imagine how touched you must be. I am truly so happy for you. I used to live in Pune once upon a time. I wish I was there now. Would surely have come.

  54. really sweet of both of them....wud love to get one of those

  55. In Pune..

    by wht time it will aprrox.?


  56. Those bookmarks are really sweet. You have lovely children!

  57. I want the very same one...with the whitener and all....please tell him, I'll love anything they make.

  58. This is the first thing I read today morning at work - and it made by day :) XOXO to your kids. Be Blessed!!!!

  59. You have two adorable gems.. Even I would love to have one from them... But not sure if I will be traveling that time :( If I'm in b'lore I'll definitely make it..

  60. Preeti...that brought a lump to my throat too...it was so adorable and so selfless...you must be an amazing mother...

    I am right now in Chennai but I am coming down 10th weekend to Bangalore. Will meet you there..Can I have a bookmark please? Name: Harish

  61. Preeti...that brought a lump to my throat too...it was so adorable and so selfless...you must be an amazing mother...

    I am right now in Chennai but I am coming down 10th weekend to Bangalore. Will meet you there..Can I have a bookmark please? Name: Harish

  62. I can totally understand that they would want to save up and buy the book...you have brought your children up to understand that anything worth anything has sacrifice and work in it's making..very important qualities that will stand them in good stead for their futures...and I think they have seen the level of commitment and hard work you have put into your book.

    It is so moving to read about their bookmarks..what an absolutely wonderful idea!

  63. Oh too bad I won't be in Pune for that! What a special addition to your book.
    You must be so proud. You have such great children.
    xoxo Good luck and stay sane!

  64. hi di..
    I was just imagining the rush u are going thru when I opened the blog.
    how sweet of the kids/angels!
    FIngers crossed that all goes as well as planned and more!!
    All the best for the book lauch!
    and I am so gonna miss not being there!!
    But I am suerly going to cross-words to buy your book when I go to blore a week later probably!.
    oh,I so so so want the book mark! :(
    But i guess I should be happy I can read the book so soon after release!
    cheers! and take care..

  65. i'm speechless...a truly special moment for you, preeti...and i went awww...awww all through...

    from one mom to another, a pat on the back for raising such gems

    and tell them, the bookmarks look perfect,


  66. Awwww that is adorable Preeti!!! I hope your book launch goes off well!! All the best!!

    Any chance Puvi and Atul would deign to send those bookmarks over the internet!! I would love to get one!! :)

  67. Wow - was amazing to read what you had to write. You guys are something, really.

    Take it easy for a while.

  68. Hi PS,

    This is really really sweet of them. I dont know what to say. I'm speechless.
    Actually I was in oscillation whether to come to Bangalore meet or not. But, now I decided. I'm coming just to get the book mark. Can I get one??

  69. akki really touching..i could int stop my tears reading this..and i know hw great u will be feeling to experience that moments..i think u already got an award for ur work which is priceless..ur really lucky to have atul and purvi ...i really love to meet them once and give a big hug[:)]u can be a very proud mom...

  70. hey.u are mutually blessed..the kids for havin u as der mom and u for havin those two cuties..Wow!!am truly amazed so much so that it really brought me tears in my eyes..

    Rock on ps..

    Awesome posting.. :)

  71. One for me too !!! :)

  72. Lovely work by your kids. Your kids are gems just as you are :)

  73. Your kids are gems indeed! :D Really nice to see their love and care for their mother.

    And I'll buy your book too, for sure!

  74. I WANT ONE!! That was such a touching story - I definitely want a book mark and I'm saving up for a few copies too - I want to give them as a present to people I feel who should be reading this and who need a bit of candy in their life! Thanks! See you on the 4th! anuja

  75. Preeti,

    You made me have a lump in my throat at this age. May God bless them with all the happiness. You are a very very lucky girl to have such affectionate and supporting children and to top it a loving husband too. May you all reamin like this always. I will not be there at both the launces but would definitely love to have a book handed over by sweet children of yours.

    All the best for the shows.

    Take care

  76. Preeti,

    You made me have a lump in my throat at this age. May God bless them with all the happiness. You are a very very lucky girl to have such affectionate and supporting children and to top it a loving husband too. May you all reamin like this always. I will not be there at both the launces but would definitely love to have a book handed over by sweet children of yours.

    All the best for the shows.

    Take care

  77. ...and they say children are a reflection of their parents. I know a winner when i see one and this time it is you, Preeti.

    Best wishes for your loving family,


  78. Everytime I read your blog. It takes me to a magical world...Not in an impossible fantasy sort of way but a very possible, in this world sort of way but just as magical.
    I hope you dont get tired of hearing such things from me coz I am sure I ain't gonna stop anytime soon....:D
    Its impossible to comprehend how such young kida could think so much but then again, in some way, the credit goes to you.
    I wish you all the luck for your launches..

  79. Pranay:What a wonderful,lovely thing to say! You are good for my soul! Thank you!

    Manasi:Thank you so much.

    Jack:Thank you so much.I feel honoured that someone senior like you has said it and I value your words.Jack, i have given up a corporate career to become a stay-at-home mom.I have sacrificed lot just so that I'd be there all the time for the children and for satish. So moments like this truly make it priceless for me.

    Anuja: After what we spoke yesterday, see you BEFORE 4th!;-)

    Hari: :-) Nice to hear that :-) Thanks.

    Manasa:I can be a witch and a bitch at times but my kids are indeed gems.

  80. Anant: As i type this, they are personalising it for you.They know you from the article I wrote :-)

    Multi Menon :Thank you for those kind words of encouragement!!

    Praveen:I am indeed proud of them.We will meet sometime when I come to ernakulam temple.

  81. Karthik : I am so moved!!You are coming to Bangalore all the way from Chennai for the launch? Thank you SO VERY MUCH. Will really look forward to seeing you--and yes as I type this, this the children are personalising it with your name.

    Vik: Thanks.."Take it easy"?!!when an asteroid land you cannot take it easy.The asteroid is too big you see!;-)

    Sunshine:Thanks a lot!well--over the net--hmmm..one can right click on the photo and save i guess! :-)

  82. Suma: I felt the same 'aawwww' when I read your post where your older one had refused a Playstation! So a pat right back from one mom to another! And hey--thanks!!

    Swathy: i can do one thing--I can tell Crossword Bangalore to keep it for you. You can go later and pick it up. the kids are making it, right now.

    Gillian: thank you!! Yes--it is indeed momets like this which make it priceless!

    Niall: You are one person who motivates me, understands me, supports me.I have mentioned it in my book too--the role you had to play and how much you helped.(In the last chapter as well as in acknowledgements)Needless to say I will be sending you a copy of my book.Thanks Niall for being there in my worst times.You know what I mean.

    Harish: Thank you so much for coming all the way from Chennai.And thanks for those kind words too.Both are personalising one each for you.

    Dhanya:Thank you! If you can make it, it'll be great to meet.

    Shachi:Glad it made your day!

  83. Prats (Blr):They have kept the one with whitener for you.

    Bindu:Thank you!!

    Vinz: 5:45 pm.

    Binds: Do say what name.

    Solitaire: If you ha come would have loved to meet you.

    Bhavana /Pink dogwood: Would have loved to send you--but the logistics involved may not make it possibel as I am not involved with the Sales at all.These sites pick it up from publisher, and then despatch to whoever places an order. What I can do I get the kids to make one in your name--and if you have a friend either in Pune or bangalore (or Mumbai or Chennai at a later date) I can give it to them.How does that sound?

    Misti: thank you! Delhi might happen or may not. Let me get the other cities done first!!Thanks for the wishes.

  84. Busy writer: Yes--i was moved to tears.

    Other Shru: I can't tell you how I felt! Did my best to convey--felt like shouting it out to the whole world!Felt so proud!!

    Meira: :-) I have a friend in Gurgaon to whom i'll be mailing a book mark. If you really badly desperately want it, i can mail yours too along with it.

    Preethi: I was so very moved by their actions.Where do you live?(I Know its somewhere in the US)And this is the same preethi who is nantu's mom right?

    Balu:Lets see--there may be something in kerala.will keep you informed.

    Mama-Mia:Smiled when i read your comment! I'll be staying that night in bangalore..and in any case i can leave one at the store--will keep you posted.

    Shruti: Well maybe in Mumbai!!Most probably there will be one there.

    Pavi: Not at all! Will ask them to make one for you. Just found you on orkut, BTW :-)

    Tessie: Thats really really sweet of you. i told them and thir eyes were as big as saucers!! :-):-)

  85. It's just amazing what your kids are doing.. no doubt about it. I'll be there for the Pune release if I have to kill someone for it ( which I probably might :D)

  86. Best of luck for the asteroid launch :-)

  87. save a bookmark for me...i will get ur book either from here or have madhu get it for me from bangalore...tell them to personalize it to uncle tys and would love it if they sign on it...

    all the best with the launch

  88. PS : Don't woory about it - There is always someone going to india from here - I will ask one of my friends to pick up a copy for me.

    Best Wishes

  89. Trust children to do this kind of things! The bookmarks look beautiful! I'd love one but no idea how I can get to any of the book launches. :(

  90. Oh no! I cannot come to Pune or Bangalore... is there any chance of a book launch in Europe? - colours.

  91. Hello preeti
    am new to this blog of urs. Heard abt this book and about u from some fellow bloggers. Was really touched to read about your children's painstaking work on the bookmarks. u r indeed a very lucky mother. am planning to come for the bangalore launch of your book. I would like to have one of those bookmarks(only if it doesn't add extra work to those poor kids) in my name 'praveen'. It wud indeed be a gr8 souvenior to keep.

    btw, was going through your previous posts. its really interesting.have blogrolled u, hope u dont mind:)

    Thanks so much Di!and thanks little angels!!The book mark shall always remain in the book!!
    Crosswords!!!here I COME!!!!

  93. Swathy: You are welcome! :)

    Praveen: Yes--i do feel blessed--but hey a lot of efforts went into bringing them up too ;-) And thank-you for blogrolling.I'm sure writing your name is not such a big extar work for them--and they would love to do it.So will see you at the Bangalore book launch.

    Roshan:Please please spare your poor patients. I cannot liv with that much guilt :-) It will be great to see you.
    Bhavna/Pink dogwood: sure!

    Tys: Yes, i will. Will tell them to put it into the Bangalore envelope.(They are sorting it out city wise)

    Arjun: Asteroid thanks ;-)

    Wannabe writer:There will most probably be a read meet at Chennai and Mumbai as well, apart from Blr and Pune--So if you have friends at any of these places I can give it to them.

    Paru: Maybe UK :) Lets see!

  94. Dats truly touching P. I will surely see u at B'lore. hope u get me atul's n Purvi's'autogrpahed' markers for me too. Cant wait to read ur book. Wishing u all the best for dis n many more books to come!!

  95. I came by a fren's recommendation (who's been tellin me to go for my own book since quite a long time), and boy this is all so ecstatic n beautiful at the same time !

    I will be there at the launch in Blore, I've decided already (I'll need the address, timings n all) - just hafta see you n get that book, with ofcourse the adorable bookmarks your darlings have made you.

    I'll mail you.

  96. Cinderella: Thanks! Do let me know in what name you want it..I just read out your comment to my kids and they asked with a knowing wink, if you are the real cinderalla and whether you have magic powers! :-)

    Pai:Surely will ask them--and thanks a LOT for the big part you played in encouraging me to write.

  97. I COULD ask someone to pick it up from Chennai.. when would the launch happen in Chennai?

  98. Preeti.. Congratulations! Your book is bound to be a winner.. just like your blog. :-) Regds, Punam

  99. Thnx so much! Really appreciate it. n a Very spl note of thanks to the li'l ones....
    Harish will pick up my bookmarks from u in Blr....

  100. "thanks for buying my mom's book"-that was the sweetest thing abt this blog...it said a lot about your son, how sensitive he is, he knows how important this is for you...kids sure have a way of expressing things! my nine year old daughter tanisha is pretty much the same too...infact I am going to make her read this post. well since I am neither in pune nor b'lore, I can't ask for these bookmarks..but I can see there are plenty of takers already!!!

  101. @ps: I want the name Prateek. 10 dyas to go.....

    i start the count down 10

    - Prats from Pune

  102. Prats from pune: yes--will tell them.The countdown has indeed started--but the books will be available even before the launch--I think by 27th.

    Namita:Best wishes to tanisha--and really happy to know that.Sensitivity in children should be nurtured and protected--don't you think? (The world will become so much a better place if each child is sensitive)And hey--there will be author-read meets in other cities too.

    Pavi:They had made one for you--but had not written your name--will tell them to do that.

    Punam:Thanks so much!

  103. A celebrity saying thanks for visiting them...wow !!!

    Hope everything is going fine with book launch. Looking forward to meet u all in B'lore meet.

    Cheers :-)

  104. :)

    oh yes PS! do leme know! i would hate NOT meeting you! Friday's are just maddeningly bad days at work othawise i would have happily skipped work and hopped over! :)

    so dont forget to leme know! OK?!

    hugs and merde!!

    (in french they dont say all the best when they really mean it! they say Merde which means shit! some superstition!)



  105. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hey! Just read up about your book.... I'm going to get me a copy!!!! I'll try and make it to the launch, hoping to grab the FIRST copy :-)
    Congratulations, and all the best!!!

  106. OH GOD!!
    I feel so sentomental after reading this..:(
    Beautiful blog!!

  107. Crystal:thanks.

    Raouf: yes--it was indeed.

    Amit Sarkar:Thanks!! Its already out in stores in Pune.

    Mama-mia:Let you know what?!!

    Karthik" i really look forward to meeting you too--although when we meet you probable have to tell me that its the same karthik with the little boy's photo!(as there are many karthiks i know--and I dont even know what you look like!)

  108. Congratulations Preeti!!!

    I have been reading your blog, but have never commented b4.

    I'll be there at the Pune launch. Please reserve a bookmark for me.

  109. Trupti: yes--will add your name.Thanks :-)

  110. Hi Preeti aunty!
    Pls tell Atul an Purvi that the book marks are great, anyone who owns one should understand the importance of it. Also add that his mommy could never be cruel!! :) We can't wait to get a copy here, but the Mumbai Crossword outlets are not stocked yet. I'm so happy for you, Atul, Purvi, and of course Satish uncle too. Lots of luck and good wishes!

  111. Hi PS,
    Can I have one for me? I was talking to my husband the other day after reading the whole of your blog (came to office on weekend to work, but eneded up reading your all posts in your blog that day!, finally a day well spent!) about how thoughtful your kids are..
    Best wishes for both the events!

  112. Me: :-) Thanks so much. Do tell me your name and whether you are in pune or Bangalore--The kids are making them as I type this. Don't know why i did not see your comment earlier.Please let me know the name in which you want it at the earliest.

    Deepti: Hugs!! Am personally giving a copy to your mom. Your dad helped so much too as did your mom!yeah--will tell atul and purvi.

  113. As I was reading the post, I felt tears ready to roll down and a lump somewhere in the throat.You are indeed lucky and so are the kids! Will buy a copy in Delhi but I don't know if I can get hold of the invaluable bookmark. All the best for the days to come and and also managing the heavenly body called asteroid.

  114. May every mother have kids like yours :-)

  115. awwww! it ws one lovely touchin post... totally adorable... pityin myself for i missed on their bookmarks... but i wil surely try to grab ur book 4m the store.... hope its stil available...

    belated wishes!!!

  116. Hi Preeti

    I became a mom some ten-months ago. Did not know then it was so special and rewarding... These 10 months have been so satisfying, with every development making me laugh, cry and smile! (sometimes all the emotions together).

    Reading ur blog post made me cry... ur kids saving up to buy ur book was so touching and the effort of making book marks was something that a person can never forget...

    Thanks for sharing.... love, d


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