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A step in the right direction

A good friend of mine has this quote as his status message on gmail: "Sometimes a step in the right direction may begin with a thousand steps in the wrong."  This picture I clicked, when I went on a walk. It reminded me of the quote. No matter what the past, you can always begin anew. All it takes is a step in the right direction. _____________________________________________________________________________ Get my latest book The One You Cannot Have Crossword: Touchcrossword Flipkart: Landmark: Infibeam: Uread: (Uread ships internationally too) Amazon:

5 questions to take you closer to your goals.

Sometimes our families limit us without intending to do so. We grow up with beliefs so strongly embedded that it might be hard to even visualize a different perspective. If it's a family with more than one child, invariably parents end up comparing the two, despite best of intentions, not to. Even in a family with a single child, one may end up 'conforming to a pre-determined role'. (The responsible one, the dare-devil, the singer, the comedian etc). One child may get labelled 'Performer' and other may get labelled 'Under-achiever'. These labels may not be direct, but as children, we pick up so many unsaid things through so many actions of our parents. The labels may be just  inside our heads, but they stick on, long into adulthood. The 'under-achiever'  may be really smart. He/she may top the school academically, might have many laurels, and yet deep down may feel inadequate because of early comparisons made at home. We carry our belief

Cosmopolitan India. March issue. @cosmoindia #cosmoindia

 Hi folks, Here's a bit of nice news from my side: Got featured in the March issue of Cosmopolitan India! :)  The story is on 'Top 8 jobs you want'. They had conducted an online poll and being an author was right among the top most coveted jobs. Cosmo flew me down to Delhi for the shoot. It was a fabulous experience and lots of fun. They did make me feel like a supermodel with the best make-up artists and the best photographers as well as the very talented Cosmo stylists. The features editor was warm and friendly. For the whole story, do go and pick up the Cosmo  March issue which is now on the stands. The interview that appears in Cosmo is edited a bit. Here is what i would have liked to add: Q: Why is being an author your dream job? Several reasons I am my own boss and I report to no-one. I can take as long as I want or as little time as I want to complete a novel. I have total creative freedom—I can play God. I get invite

Wordless Wednesday No.41. Sunrise

Here is my post for Wordless Wednesday. Clicked this morning from my terrace. Bangalore, India. _________________________________________________________________________ ps: My latest book has been getting  some fabulous reviews. Buy it from Amazon just Rs.99/- for a limited period!

Why it is good to move.

All my life, I have moved and lived in various places. My dad had a transferable job and after I got married, so did my husband. I have lived in about 11 cities and two countries now. Apart from English, I speak 5 Indian languages (out of which I can read and write four). I never learnt any of these languages in school (other than Hindi, which was a second language). I just picked them up by constantly listening to them. I also got the alphabet books of these languages and asked a lot of questions (as a child) to anyone who was willing to answer. I remember reading all the film posters (as they would typically have large letters) in regional languages and feeling very proud as it was something I had taught myself. I think living in different places teaches you a lot. You learn about various customs, culture, cuisine and a whole lot of other things unique to that region. You learn to make friends. You learn to blend in and yet retain your own identity. You learn to get along. Y

New(s) at my end

For all of you who have written to me asking  me why I haven't updated my blog and asking if I am fine (Thanks folks! You are so sweet to me!) here it  is. The reason for this slightly-longer-than usual silence is that there has been a lot of stuff happening at my end. The first being that I moved homes. (I am so totally in love with my new home  and was busy settling down, getting the Internet, phone lines etc. Done and dusted now) The other news from my side is that I now write a column for Financial Chronicle. My column is called Sex and the City , and it is on Saturdays. The first one was out on 1st March and generated a lot of buzz. You can read it online by clicking here. The next one will be out 8th March. Of course I intend blogging as usual. My blog and I cannot be separated for long. So will see you around. :) ____________________________________________________________________ Buy The One You Cannot Have for just Rs.99/- in a limited period offer at A