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What happened when an annonymous person sent me flowers.

This morning when I returned from my walk, a pleasant surprise awaited me. It was a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers, the very same ones you see in the picture above. 'Who has sent these?' I asked my husband. He shrugged, ' It was there when I came back after walking the dog,' he said. I looked for a card, and there was none. It was an anonymous mystery sender. 'I am sure you sent it, as a surprise! And you are pretending that you haven't,' I told my husband. 'No, I actually wanted to get you flowers, but I didn't get around to it. I didn't send it. Must be one of your friends,' he said. I was puzzled. It had to be someone who knew my residential address, and  I wondered who it could be. 'Perhaps it was wrongly delivered, and it was meant for someone else,' I said. 'No chance. How can anyone wrongly deliver these flowers? It's someone who has sent it for you,' said  my husband. I asked one of my closest fri

Love a Little stronger. Preeti Shenoy's next book releases on April 27th!

Hey! This is the cover of my next book! It will be releasing on April 27th of this month. The cover was unveiled today in a live session on facebook For those of you who have read 34 bubblegums and candies, this is a new version of that book. The most popular stories from that are there is this. But there are also a lot of new stories. It has five sections-- each section has stories about a certain theme. These are all TRUE stories from my life. It's a book very close to my heart! Here's what the back blurb says: You can pre-order the book here:   Tell me in comments, what you think about this!    Super excited about it and waiting to hear from you.            Love       Preeti