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Hello lovely people,

How are you today? We complete two whole weeks of #lockdown today.  That's a LOT of time! Yesterday, I had given you by favourite TV shows. Most  of you haven't watched most of them.
I too used to never watch TV shows till a few years back, when I began. While I am a huge advocate of reading books, I think you cannot ignore the fact that good movies and TV shows expand our  cultural horizons such a lot as the experience is very visceral.

I used to see people watching Game of Thrones, and never understood what was so great till I began watching myself. Then I turned into a huge fan. Same for Breaking Bad and Narcos. If I were to pick my top three TV shows, these three would be it. All three have content suitable only for adults (just in case you have kids around you while watching it).

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I make a portrait every day. (We get a muse in our inbox daily) I am a part of #30faces30days challenge. Here's what I …

Can you guess these TV shows?

Hello lovely person,

Today is day 13 of #lockdown. Today was a rest day for me, from my  intense home workouts. (

Usually I share something deep, though provoking and motivational on this page. So today I thought I would share something fun. Let's play a game :)

Here are a few TV shows that are my absolute favourites. I have watched all seasons for the following TV shows.
 I am sharing a gif from  each of the shows. Tell me in comments if you can guess the TV show from the GIFS.







I think unless you have watched the show, this is going to be hard for you!

But have a go at it anyway!  (Don't cheat by looking it up :) )
I highly recommend these shows.
I shall update this post in 24 hours time, with the answers.

If you have seen any of these shows, let me know :) Also tell me your favourite shows.
If you are reading this in your inbox, kindly head over to my blog  and  tell me in the comment box.

That's all for today.
See you tomorrow.
Lots of love

How to meditate--a guide for beginners.

Hi there beautiful soul,

Today, day 12 of #lockdown my day began by joining in theGlobal mediation , which was an urgent call for healers. Click on the highlighted words and do read up about how 1 million people came together globally, today. The time in the Indian time zone was 8.15 am in the morning. I have a meditation room in my home, and I also have a  bamboo waterfall in the corner which my son and I built. The room is done up entirely in white. There is a singing bowl I got from Mc.Leod Ganj, a couple of plants, white tapestry with the Tree of life, a pale cream shag rug, large cushions. The view from the windows is deep green foliage. It is my oasis of calmness, and I meditate regularly. ( I also work out regularly but I will save that for another post).
 The room also has a meditation journal (made of handmade paper)  and after each session, I record my insights. If you have never tried meditation before, I urge you to try it. If you are an absolute beginner, here is a step …

My gift to you: A recipe, an art work and 5 things to do!

Hello again!

Day 11 of #LockdownIndia. Today I made something delicious. It's what you see above: Channa baskets. I have also shared the  recipe on my Instagram, as a video. Head overHERE and you can find it. Do try making it.

I also made art today. Here's what I made.

In  addition to  the above I also shared 5 things you can do today.

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Here are five fun things to do today! Of course these are apart from the staple things like #homefitness #reading and #Netflix . . . See my stories for more fun stuff! Subscribe to my blog for #21daysofpositivity . Link in bio. . . Leave me a comment if you want more such posts ! 👇🏽❤️ Share this list with someone who needs to see it or tag them in your comment ! 💕 Spread the positive vibes ! . . . #lockdownlife #lockdownindia #stayhomestaysafe #funactivitiesforlockdown #lockdownfun #staypositive #lifeiswhatyoumakeit A post shared by Preeti Shenoy (@preeti.shenoy) on Apr 3, 2020 at 10:31pm PDT

You know, there's…

Tell me 5 good things about YOU. (in my comment box please)

Hi there,

Hope you are holding up well on day 10 of #LockdownIndia !
Weekend is here--although every day now resembles the other. There's no concept of "weekday" anymore. Those of you who are working from hope--I hope you get a respite from the usual work pressure and  added stress of work-from-home.

I had a fabuloushome workout todayI think it is possible to have a proper workout at home, and be fit even though we don't have access to the gym.

I think it is very important to celebrate our smallest successes. Be it a simple task like sweeping and mopping the house, or resisting the temptation to take an afternoon snooze or cleaning up your bathroom really well. We need to remember to applaud ourselves for even the smallest tasks we managed to achieve, simply because these are very stressful times. Our idea of 'normal' has been completely distorted, and we're bombarded with news of deaths and suffering.

I find that journalling helps me. I have been writ…

Hello. Are you doing okay? Let me know.

Hi beautiful person,

How are you doing today on day 9 of #LockdownIndia? 

I was just thinking about human adaptability. We're all hard-wired to adapt to situations. It is thousands of years of evolution, coded into our genes. I think all of us have kind of resigned to the lockdown now, and have settled into a pattern. At least  I have.

If you have got into a slightly sad frame of mind, do pull yourself up, before you slip further down. it is a slippery slope, with a quick fall. Try and do something new every day.

Today I shared a video of how to grow mint plants from the pudina that you buy from the vegetable vendor. You can view itby clicking HERE.

Apart from this, I had an intensely good homeworkout.
I cannot emphasise enough, the need for fitness in times like these. When you are physically fit, you feel good mentally too.

I have to go now as I want to do my portrait for today.

Tell me how your day went, what you did and most importantly how you are feeling. Also please share …

Failure is a test of how badly you want something

Hello there wonderful person,

How was your day 8 of lockdown?

Mine was a very productive day.

I made the above art  which is a part of an art challenge, Sktchy's #30faces30days, which is an international commmunity of artists. We get a muse in our inbox every day, and all of us draw the same muse. I decided to add the words to mine. I used an ordinary ink pen to make this one. I have posted the process of making it in my Instagram stories, which you can check out if you like.

I completed  reading a book (Murakami's Dance Dance Dance); I have posted a review on my instagram in my stories, and also added it to the 'highlights'  Books 1 and  Books 2, where you can see my reviews of over 60 books.

I also did an intense work out. Check out myfriend's page for daily home workouts for losing  weight and belly fat which you can do without any equipment. (Especially check today's post)

If you have ever failed, then you know the sharp sting of failure. The feeling of…