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Three happy things that happened to me on day 6 of #lockdownindia

Hello there,

 How are you holding up on Day 6 of #Lockdownindia ? Chances are the lockdown will get extended. Let's be prepared for the long haul, and let's not fixate on April 15th (when it is supposed to end). Because this way we won't be disappointed and are prepared! My father used to say 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best', a line I have used in my book Wake Up, Life is Calling.

I did a plank challenge today which I found to be very easy and fun! Here's the video.
I had so much fun that I shot it thrice :)
Do give it a try and do it to the music!

I also read a LOT today, and did an elaborate and exhausting home workout.

Here are three unusual things that happened to me today:

1. I found two beautiful feathers

2. I made two  rainbows while watering my plants. :)

3. When the coffee spilled from my cup, it formed a heart shape!

Some of my readers messaged me saying these are blessings from the Universe. I indeed believe so.

I am a Tarot card read…

Kickstart your reading habit with short stories!

Hello there,

If you are counting days like me, you know this is day 5 of #lockdownindia. This is the time when we start getting restless, especially it being the weekend. Most of us associate weeekends with 'going out' and 'having fun' and let's admit it, it sucks to not hav a choice!

As much as we try to focus on the positives, sometimes it just feels good to say  F*%&nG He%% and let some steam out :)

I let out steam  either through exercise or through art.

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This is a lot harder than it looks ! At the end of all this, you can emerge fitter, stronger, happier or you can moan , groan and feel miserable. The choice is something you make. . . . . . #homeworkout #trx #lockdownindia #stayhomestaysafe #staypositive #fitnessmotivation #lifeiswhatyoumakeit A post shared by Preeti Shenoy (@preeti.shenoy) on Mar 26, 2020 at 1:44am PDT

It helps me cope with this insanity and focus on getting fitter.

Many of you  have been asking me about Kindle…

What I did on day 4 of #lockdownIndia . Hang in there, people!

Hi there,

Those of you who  have  joined in, after watching my live or seeingmy post on Instagram, welcome!

In of my books, I had written 'We don't realise the value of something, till we have lost it.' How prophetic those words have turned out to be when viewed against this #lockdownindia that we're all stuck in.

I don't know about you, but I tune out of all the 'gloom and doom' and panic messages floating around on WhatsApp groups. It seems as though some people feel better after they blurt out their fears and 'warn others'. I immerse myself in my book, in my art and my workouts.

Today was a deep cleaning day for me. Oh, the satisfaction of a bright, spotless, sparkling clean house! No wonder Marie Kondo continues to be a multi million copy bestseller.
When it comes to cleaning, I am also not too frightened of doing all the heavy housework, which many Indians dread. For many in India, if the househelp or the maid does not turn up it is a disaster…

Don't fret. Get fit!

Hey there,

Today is day 3 of #Lockdownindia. I feel fortunate to be living in a place where I am surrounded with nature, greenery and I am blessed  to have lots of garden space. Every morning when I wake up, I feel so grateful for my life . Check out my Instagram stories where I post these videos of my surroundings.  For those of you new to Instagram click on the pink circle around my profile picture to view the stories. (The stories stay for 24 hours after which they disappear)

 This morning  when I was walking my dog (yes, walking dogs is allowed during lockdown. The Government has clarified this) I saw an incredible sight.  I stood open mouthed, gaped and a shiver went down my spine. I had my dog's leash in one hand and the poopscoop in my other hand, and hence I couldn't whip out my phone to click a picture. Also I was too shaken, too awestruck  that it was only when the moment passed that I felt I missed a chance.  What I saw was this: an eagle swooped down before my ver…

3 ways to take your mind off Corona !

Hi there,

Here I am, back again on day 2 of #21daysof positivity.

How are you holding up?

Yesterday,  I asked on my instagram, how you guys are feeling and coping. I observed a curious thing : everyone who is reading, said they are feeling positive and relaxed. Everyone who is not reading seemed to be feeling stressed.

I think those who have accepted the lockdown, are looking for ways to make this time useful. They are picking up neglected  hobbies, feeling happier.

Extreoverts are having it harder. They are missing meeting their friends, going out, going to restaurants etc.  If you are feeling boxed in, indoors here are my top three suggestions to take your mind off corona.

1. Reach out to a positive friend or a family member  via a video call: Make a pact that you will NOT talk about Corona. Discuss a TV show you like, or a movie---or anything! Just don't talk about Corona.Don't complain about maids not being there!  I think as you read  this, you probably  know just the …

Here's what I did on day 1 of #LockdownIndia. Stay Cheerful!

Hello there!

As promised, here's my day 1 post of #21daysofpositivity that I started yesterday, after  PM Modi announced #LockdownIndia.

Everywhere we go--online, because we can't go anywhere offline (heh heh)--we are bombarded with death tolls, and exponential numbers (the very word now sends shudders down everyone's spines!).

To preserve sanity, I have decided not to hear or speak any negativity. I find people calling other people morons very moronic :) These are difficult times. To each their own. I find people mocking other people pathetic. Their energetic vibrations  are so low that the only way they feel better about themselves is to pull others down. This happens a lot on Twitter, and I am quick on the block button. There's no point arguing with someone who will never see it the way you do. It is best to protect your energies.

This morning, I introduced Satish (my husband) to TikTok. We had fun scrolling through the utter nonsensical videos together, and laughi…

New post everyday, starting tomorrow. 21 days of positivity.

Hi all,

Our PM Modi has just announced a 21 day strict lockdown for the entire nation. He has been very vocal about it and made it clear in no uncertain  terms, why it is needed, quoting statistics. I applaud this, because a country like ours needs it.
We aren't Singapore.
We are a much bigger Nation, with a massive population; Our situation is different. Hence this move was very much needed, so that people do not step out and understand the importance of social distancing. I was shocked to see large crowds beating drums during the janatha curfew.

In times like these it is extremely important to stay positive. Feelings of isolation, fear and panic can set in very fast. I am getting flooded with messages on my Instagram, where people are telling me they are having a hard time staying positive.

Hence I have decided to start #21daysof positivity on my blog, starting tomorrow. Those of you who have been my long term readers know  what a warm, welcoming place this is. Please feel fre…