30 life lessons I learn from my 30 day blog marathon


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 Hello all!

I have mixed feelings today. I feel a bit relieved that this blog marathon is coming to an end. It was *very hard* for me to keep producing content, day after day with no remuneration whatsoever,  especially when I had other paid work. The other thing being that I had to take out time from my day to be here, no matter what I had going on in my personal life. That was excruciatingly hard. I do feel happy that I achieved it,
I also feel a bit sad that it is over--somehow, in these 30 days, I feel I have made a real connection with the people who took out time to comment here regularly, on almost all posts. That did encourage me a LOT, and as much as you were looking forward to my posts, I was looking forward to reading your comments. They were a real joy and a delight for me, and frankly kept me going.

I would like to thank Sourabh who commented on ALL of my posts. I would also like to thank Tarang Sinha, who was super supportive. Do check out her blog HERE

Pavan, Priyanka, Priyajit and my blogger friends country dew and4. Bev too commented. If I have missed out any more, I'm sorry. But please know that your words meant a lot. I did reply to all comments too.

Here are 30 lessons I learnt from 30 days of my blog marathon.

1. If you love something (or soemone) you will always find the time for it (or them).

2. Some people will be there for you always, and some won't bother. That's okay. Be grateful for the ones who are there.

3. You can keep going long after you think you can't.

4. Every day is a gift, and we have to look for what was best in that day, and focus on it.

5. Connecting with others helps.

6. Forgive someone who has wronged you in the past. They are not the same people they were back then.

7.Feed your mind with interesting things. Only then can you nurture your creativity.

8. Do what you have to do.

9. Keep going even when you can't see any reward. The Universe is doing its work.

10. Believe that good things are coming.

11.If you have committed to something, force yourself to do it, even when you don't feel like it.

12. Let go.

13.Being regular is more important that being perfect.

14. Practise a skill daily, even if it is for a little time. It all adds up.

15. Discipline is old fashioned but it isthe most powerful tool you cam empower yourself with.

16. Share.

17. Keep some things to yourself! You don't have to share it all :)

18. Kindness over everything else.

19. People are different. Accept them.

20. Don't tolerate being disrespected. Walk away.

21. Not everyone will be nice to you. It shows who they are--it is not a reflection on you.

22. Choose your tribe carefully.

23. Make time to read things that interest you. Reading nurtures your soul.

24. You can smile even if you are hurting inside. A smile spreads cheer and surprisingly you will feel better.

25. Pick up the phone and make that phone-call to a person you want to be in touch with.

26. Making friends with an animal is rewarding.  How amazing it is to be able to understand another species!

27. It is best to be silent and walk away when someone argues foolishly. They will never see your point of view

28. Having tea/coffee or whatever your comfort drink is, helps while working!

29. Reward yourself for a task well done.

30. A sense of accomplishment for a challenege completed is a reward in itself. Monetary rewards aren't always the best!

I hope you have been enjoying the blog marathon posts. If you like my posts, you will probably enjoy my books as well.

Do check out my latest book A Place Called Home.



That's all for now. I hope to blog every now and then.

Take care.


  1. Hello Ma'am....I will really miss your daily blog sooooooooooo much, I am a working mother and having a kid whose age is 1 & half year, due to pregnancy I gained so much weight that is 65 Kg & and I really wanted to reduce my weight but as my daily routine is very much busy, so I was not able to make time for exercise & there was lack of inspiration also.
    Through your daily blogs, got so much positivity and like your marathon, I also started daily walking as I took 30 days Challange by myself like yours for blog and still continuing it.
    I am very thankful to you for this from bottom of my heart.
    Also Thank you for mentioning my name in your post, this means a lot to me.
    It's truly commendable that in spite of busy schedule you find time for your readers.
    It shows your respect towards your work. Love you(I only say these words, when I mean it).

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji,

    This is an epic ending.A blockbuster post valuable and rich in content .

    Preetiji Thank you Thank you so so much.I am so so happy and so grateful to you for mentioning my name.

    It was such a beautiful and memorable experience of reading all your blog posts which always teach me something new,brings a smile on my face each day .

  3. Mam just a few words for you as my humble dedication to you.

    I wish for spring to spring up in your life making it bloom in a million colours.
    The courtyard of your mind a lilac pink.

    The inner sanctum of the heart with beautiful rainbow flowers mesmerizing to see without a blink.

    Life rolls on like a rugged terrain with crests and troughs and more losses than gains.

    Spring comes like a welcome break breaking monotony and the blues.
    It's a festival of million colours and dreams of every hue.

    So close your eyes for moments two and imagine the spring come close to you.

    Whenever you write anything from an article to a book it is spring time for me.

    Thank you so much Preetiji.
    Hope you have millions of moments of joy.

    Lots of Love,Deepest Respect and Complete Inspired Devotion 💛🙏👍🙏

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  5. Wow this was so inspiring and motivating for me especially Preeti Didi thanks a million for this especially. Thank you for your post and 30 points it is filled with many things. Sending you lots of blessings love happiness Didi and your family members along with cuties too .👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕

  6. Three cheers for completing the marathon. It was full of fun and insight. And thank you so much for the mention; it's very kind of you.

    The points mentioned here are really thoughtful. Silence and solitude bring solace to me. And now I have no energy to argue. I wish I was a disciplined person (in terms of writing and daily life).

    See you soon. Best wishes. :)

  7. Thank you ma'am for the entire endeavour ! Hope to see more blogs of yours 🙏🙏


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