Travel Tuesday! My top destinations in India as well as internationally.

Hello there!

How have you been doing? It's Tuesday again and we're almost half way through the blog marathon. I can't believe how fast time flies.

One of my great passions in life (apart from art, writing and fitness) is travel. So I thought I'd start a Travel Tuesday where I answer questions about my travels.  Anyone who wants to ask me any question about my travels--please do so in my comment box, and I shall answer it on my Travel Tuesdays.

For the first travel Tuesday--here are five questions (and my answer


1. What's your favourite place so far?

It is very hard for me to choose. In India, I absolutely love  everything about Kerala (It's where my mother lives too. ) No matter how many times I visit I never get tired of Kerala. Many of my books are set in Kerala too. The other place I fell in love with was  Varanasi. Varanasi is not a place--it is an emotion.

Here I am on the early morning sunrise boat ride in Varanasi.

    I also loved Meghalaya. There was so much beauty and the skies were nothing like I'd seen before. 
    Outside India, I loved Maldives, Bhutan, Switzerland and Edinburgh. In the pic below you can see Edinburgh castle behind me.


2. What place is on top of your bucket list?
I guess I would like to travel to Spain, Japan and Brazil.


3.What can't you travel without?
Books to read and my sketchbook and paints. All are a *must* . (Apart from the practical things like passport and enough money)

4. Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

If the person has the same travel goals as me, then I'd like a companion. But if we have different travel goals, then by myself. Either way, I love to travel.

5. If you could swim with the dolphins or go shark diving which would you prefer?
Of course the dolphins. I am not exactly comfortable with diving. I don't enjoy the sensation of being under water, with the diving suit.

Did you enjoy this travel post? Let me know in comments.

Also which is your home town? What are the three places you would take me to if I came to visit you in your hometown? Please tell me  below πŸ‘‡πŸ½ and I might add it to my travel destinations!

More tomorrow.
Sleep well!


  1. I don't travel much but I enjoy reading travel posts (and watching travel videos, especially countryside of foreign countries). The way you (and many people) talk about Banaras... I really want to visit. :)

    1. I too hadn't visited Varanasi till i was 48. I couldn't believe it when I experienced the place. It deeply changed something within me. Not too many places have such a profound effect.

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji,

    How have you been? Its another refreshing post from your end.Your travel pictures are always spectacular. 'A hundred little flames" described Kerala in picturesque detail.Especially I would want to visit the resort.Meghalaya is my favorite place too and Varanasi is also on top of my list to visit.

    Mam,what kind of traveller are you do you religiously adhere to the itenary or do you believe in your instincts of wanderlust and discover new places?

    1. I mostly plan my travel. I like to know in advance where I am headed, where I would be staying. I meticulously research beforehand for weeks and then make a booking. Especially in European cities location is everything, and I liek to stay in the centre of old towns. (In edinburgh i stayed close to the castle, in Zurich I stayed right in the middle of the old town). In varanasi I stayed on the ghats, both times I visited.

  3. You would be warmly welcomed πŸ™ by me in my hometown Kolkata. There a loads of places to visit which would spark joy in your heart.I would love to take you to a visit to -
    1)Jorasanko Thakur Bari -Tha ancestral home of Rabindranath Tagore.
    2)Marble Palace Mansion-Built in 1835 it houses very rare paintings and has a zoo with rare and exotic species of birds and animals.
    3)New Town Eco Park -Spread over 480 acres it is the largest park in the country with water bodies,island,theme garden,recreational and ecological zones.

    Preetiji,kuch din to bitaiye Kolkata mein (do spend some time in Kolkata)so that I can have the fortune of being your host and guide.

    1. My husband studied in Kolkata as well as worked there. I have been to Kolkata a few times as well. But I have not visited all the three places you listed above! I visited the South park street cemetery, Victoria memorial and a few others. I stayed in old kolkata, as someone from my family got married there. Many thanks for the offer of being my host and guide. I might take you up on it!

  4. Thank you so much for your continued effort of putting up a new post each day and bringing a smile πŸ˜ƒ on our faces.And yes I keep revisiting all your books,blogs,articles and interviews so it is always a pleasure to reread them.

    Lots of Love,Respect and Complete Devotion to the most Amazing person and Author πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’›πŸ‘

    1. Many thanks--and I do enjoy reading your comments as well.

  5. Dear Priyanaka
    Thank you so much for the recommendations. I have in fact visited Ajanata and Ellora and even blogged about it. I think I missed visiting the dam though. Next time for sure!

  6. Such a lovely beautiful this is Preeti Didi your travel post. My mother hometown is Rajahmundry where i was born and godavari river is main thing along with yummy snacks and some temples on the river. I have temples in travel list apart from Kerala is one thing and Kolkata too. It's long list if i have to tell because in India only we have many . Be happy Preeti Didi. 😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Question: Do you like to seat whole day on seaside/beachπŸ– or wonder the city?

    My hometown Porbandar.
    Like this Tuesday blog, will follow this blog to visit different locations while seating at room. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    Few days ago i bought a book " Love A Little Stronger ".i didn't even know you before, but when i started reading the book i can say you are such a kind person. I am enjoying each and every pages of the book and definitely I'll read more n more of your books & blogs. Thanks :)

  8. Hi Preeti. One of the reasons I like reading your blogs is because when you write about travel, I feel as if I have traveled to those places virtually. The way you describe the places with breathtaking photos makes anyone feel as if they are right there to soak up the goodness of the particular city. I used to travel a lot as a child and as I grew up, it decreased. One thing I started enjoying over the past couple of years is solo traveling. Never knew how comforting it would be to be a solo travel. Looking forward to more and more opportunities.

    My hometown is the coastal city of Mangaluru. If you came for a visit, I would take you to the beautiful and sandy beaches so you can take a walk along the endless coast. When you feel like taking a break, you can sit with your sketchbook and create beautiful sketches to remember for a lifetime. Secondly, I would take you to some of the famous temples which will leave you with a sense of peace and satisfaction. Finally, with a long list of restaurants to choose from, I would take you to the popular seafood restaurants so you can enjoy the taste of Mangaluru. To end the meal, I would take you to the famous Ice Cream Parlour named Pabbas where you can relish the famous items such as Gadbad, Tiramisu and much more!

  9. I am sure you have been to more places in my home town than I have :) Cochin, Kerala. Fortkochi, malayatoor, illithode would be the places I recommend.


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