Meet my tribe. Meet my babies.

It's raining heavily outside as I type this. Water is pouring down like silver spears, pelting the earth with fury like Daenerys's Unsullied troops. (Apologies if you aren't a Game of Thrones Fan. I highly recommend you watch the series if you haven't.)

My three cats are safe inside. They are semi-outdoor cats and one of my concerns when it pours like this is whether they are safe.  

Leo is on my chair grooming herself, Harvey is walking around trying to figure out what mischief she can get upto next and Kasper is patrolling around trying to smack Harvey. All three cats are girls--but they have boys names because I didn't know they were girls when I was naming them!

Kasper is mute. She can't mew properly. But she is fierce and fast. She is also extremely affectionate once you win her over. When the AC is switched on and she wants to come inside, she knows how to knock on my window till I hear her, and let her in! One of her favourite activities is chasing Harvey around.

 Here's Kasper with my daughter  Purvi. (This  pic was clicked when when she was in India). Kasper is easily Purvi's favourite. Kasper dislikes strangers and will run away if there's any new person in the house.


Leo is a very affectionate ginger cat. Female ginger cats are very rare because of genetics. Only 20% of the Ginger cats are female as they need a specific chromosome in a particular order for their colouring. Leo is easily my favourite. Leo is also very wary of strangers. She however loves to cuddle up to me. When I watch TV, she jumps on to my lap and rests there. There are millions of pictures of Leo and me :)

But I am sharing with you, two of my favourite pics of Leo.

Then there's Harvey who is a calico.   (Calico cats are considered to being luck to their owners) She is an extremely good looking cat and she has a dot on her nose! She was abandoned on my door step when she was a baby. I tried to get her adopted but I wasn't sure she would get a good home, and then we all fell in love with her. She is extremely naughty and one of the things she does is push books off the book shelves and then pretend she hasn't done anything. Harvey is my son's favorite cat. Harvey is very friendly and she will gladly welcome strangers and play with them. She is also unpredictable as she can suddenly scratch you  or bite your toes when she gets annoyed.
(Leo and Kasper won't ever scratch you or bite you)

Here's a pic of Harvey at her favourite spot (Righton top of my book shelf)

Apart from. these three, I also have  rotating visitor cats. I feed them all.  (i love animals and will do anything for them)

I was never a cat-lover. I was always a dog person. My dog (Lostris, named after a Wilbur Smith Character) was my third child. She was inseparable from me. She lived a long and a happy life, and she passed two years back. (I was so heartbroken I couldn't speak for months)


She is mentioned in the acknowledgement pages of many of my books. 

The day she passed (two years ago) a pregnant cat came home.Leo and Kasper are her babies. I truly feel my Lossie had so much love left to give me that she had to reincarnate as two cats. Her love couldn't be contained in just one.  Kasper and Leo come with me everywhere, just like Lossie used to,

The circle of love, like life  goes on.

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ps: If you enjoyed this post you will love my book Love A Little Stronger which are all true incidents from my life.


  1. Such a beautiful cute story of your 3 cats and your Dog too. Just loved the way you described cats and things they do. Lots of love to you and your family members and cats ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Loved the way you described so precisely about cats.. beautiful post.

  3. Lostris reincarnated as two baby cats... love love love that thought!

  4. Very soothing to hear your stories, How beautiful things around us when we give unconditional love.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes indeed--the world becomes beautiful when we love unconditonally

  5. Namaskaram Preetiji,
    Such a cute cute post.I love your birds.Lostris was your constant companion while writing.Your cats are cute but I would prefer to stay away from Harvey.
    I was wondering you could write children's stories too.Where the world would be seen from the perspective of the cats who talk among themselves about how irresponsible and stupid human beings are.It could be a great comic satire.
    Till the next awesome post
    Lots of Love,Respect &Devotion to the awesome Preetiji 🙏🙏💛

    1. I do intend to write an illustrate a children's book at some point of time. But not a satire. A proper, deeply moving children's book.

  6. Hi Preeti. What a 'pur'fect post. I know how much you love animals because I have been reading about them ever since I read your first book in 2011. Animals can be so affectionate - even more than human beings. We tend to care and nurture them like our own family. Whenever I used to log into your LIVE Sessions on IG, people always used to ask where is Lostris and then you would show her sitting on the bed or near your feet. I felt so sad when you had written about her passing away. Take care.


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