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Book Launch--It's All In The Planets. Bangalore, Come and meet me :)

In my last post, I told you about the book signings and you also met Aniket and Trish. I said I would introduce you to Nidhi--well, here she is! There's so much happening around the book, that I sometimes find it hard to keep my blog readers updated, as the easier options are Facebook , Twitter and Snapchat. (In case you you want to see what I am upto during the day, you can follow me on snap. I post very regularly there, My snap id Preeti.Shenoy) Despite all the above, like an old lover, I find myself returning again and again to the blog. It's where my heart is, it is where my core is. This is where I began my journey 10 years ago!(Yes, you read that right. It is  soon going to be TEN years since I started blogging and that is a very long time. I plan to do something very special on my 10th year blog anniversary which is coming up on October 22nd. So stay tuned ! ) My book launch started at Ahemdabad. It went SPLENDIDLY.  The audience was a very informed cro

Meet Aniket and Trish from #ItsAllInThePlanets

Many of you who follow my Facebook page or Instagram, would know that I signed more than 3000 copies in Delhi, at the Thomson Press. It was such an eye opener. The Press is THE largest in India and it is definitely a 'must-see' if you can manage a visit. Have never seen anything like that. Here is what I posted on my Insta gram. EXHAUSTED after signing 3000 copies in a single day. Have been signing for more than 9 hours now. Hands are numb. Shoulders aching. But oh the satisfaction!! You pre-ordered, I signed. From my hands to yours. Coming soon #ItsAllInThePlanets Click on the link in the bio to grab your copy. A photo posted by Preeti Shenoy (@preeti.shenoy) on Sep 2, 2016 at 11:09pm PDT We quickly ran out of signed copies, and I again travelled to Chennai where I signed more than 1200! Here are photos from that (again from my Instagram feed) So the copies I signed were quickly gone!! I was in #Chennai yesterday #signing even more! :) Signed

New Book Releases today. It's All In the Planets

'There's a new book by Preeti Shenoy,' 'Oh is it? What's it called?' 'It's All In The Planets.' 'It's not yet there in stores?' 'It is now. I have all her books. and this one I am waiting to read.' This is an actual conversation I overheard this morning, between two women waiting in the bus-stop, while I was walking my dog. I smiled to myself and walked on. Then  I met someone , a girl who was walking to work, who recognised me. 'Are you Preeti Shenoy?' 'Yes' 'M'am--I can't believe it is you.' 'Okay--it is me.' Then I get home. We are having idlis for breakfast, and I am making the chutney, while the spouse is checking some messages on his phone. Me: 'Hey, the book releases today.' A pause. Complete silence. And then 'Is the chutney done yet?' C'est la vie. __________________________________________________ ps: Here is the book cover--my EIGHTH