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Barbies, Math and a very efficient baby sitting service

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

When a man loves a woman

Satish and I are both movie buffs, though our tastes in the department of what constitutes a good movie might vastly vary. Therefore it was a pleasant change when both of us were glued to our seats the other day while watching a movie, fixed like pinions as the film transported us smoothly from one scene to the other and within the first four minutes, we realised that the female protagonist was exactly like me and the male was exactly like him—heck, even the lines they spoke and the way she sits in his lap and the slightly crazy things she does, balanced by his very grounded-to-earth attitude was almost the exact depiction of us as a couple, and we were hooked from the word go and so we went. We laughed, we cried ,we rejoiced ,giggled, chuckled, felt enraged, nodded in agreement (I with the woman and he with the man) and laughed some more as we watched in delight and shocked surprise, the very lines we say to each other being uttered by Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan. (I never knew we w

Keep smiling and bloom!

Sometime back when we first moved to UK and into this home where we’re now staying I was happy as well as sad, elated as well as a little depressed, joyous as well as sorrowful. It was truly a bag of mixed feelings as the move was definitely for the better, but I hated leaving everything familiar behind and starting life in a foreign land. We have been married fourteen years now and have moved several times to different cities but it was always within India. So wherever we went, my collection of plants and whatever pet(s) I happened to have at that time also moved. The best memory was my forty little guppy babies and the mother and father fishes arriving safely from Pondicherry at Bangalore, in a huge red bucket along with the rest of our stuff. Wherever we went our potted plants went too. I had a lovely collection of about 35 pots that had travelled with me all over India. I am fond of plants and especially my indoor plants which I love to have in the living room. But when we mov

The best gift. A new project.

What is THE best gift you have ever given somebody? What did it involve? To me, the ‘best gift’ isn’t really expensive or flamboyant or splashy. It is the ‘best’ because of the thoughtfulness behind it, the time spent in choosing it and the trouble that the person took to make it special. The pen-sets and hastily picked up thermos flasks or clocks, just does not do it for me—and somehow I can always tell! (I am sure you can too!) One of the best gifts I have received which I truly cherish is two original paintings made by a brilliant Artist— Niall Young- - whom I am also very proud to call a good friend of mine. (I have blogged about him many times. Just search for his name in the box on the right if you want to read the posts) One of his paintings hangs above my desk where I work, so that first thing I see when I look up is that picture. One of my favourite artists Van Gogh once said “ Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul . " Since

A single flower can be my garden

A long time back a friend of mine sent me a picture of a flower and wrote “A single flower can be my garden and a single friend my world.” It struck me as intense and deep. Twenty years later I still have not forgotten those words although I have no idea where that photo or the friend is. Everywhere I turn these days, flowers are in bloom. They enthrall me, mesmerise me and compell me to stop and click a picture. Usually by then, my family has walked ahead and I hurry to catch up with them, satisfied that I have captured their beauty in a snap shot. A little while ago I told a good friend of mine “I have no idea why, but flowers make me insanely happy.” Flowers have inspired thousands of Artists and thousands of poets before me. They have made fascinating subjects for photographers. I am no different. If you want to read a flower poem I wrote click here. Here are some more flower pictures that I clicked—something I just had to do. I know you will enjoy them as much as

Is it a man's world?

This post is very different from my usual posts. This is a post not really meant of those less than 18 years of age. I know many children, especially my friends’ children read my blog (my own two do not, but I’d have absolutely no issues even if they did and I would deal with it) and therefore the warning as I am not sure what their parents might feel. So, if you are below 18, please stop reading now and leave. Also if you’re easily offended by strong language please leave. Sometimes there is no other way to say it. I might moderate comments for this post (something I never do) as I don’t want to entertain frivolous discussions on this topic. Having forewarned and having put the disclaimer in place, here goes: It is a Man’s world. Unfortunate, but true. If you’re a woman, especially an emancipated modern, free thinking woman, you may scream and rave and rant and deny. You may say that women are equal, there is nothing that a woman is not capable of doing better than a man. I

Will you make a good parent?

Many mothers (and a few fathers too) wrote to me after my last post (which got an overwhelming response) asking me to write more posts on parenting. So this is a post for all who asked and all who never asked but always wanted to know. :-) Parenting is a tricky business. More so, as there are really no rules, no guides, no absolutes in terms of right and wrong. Most of us seem to use what our parents did with us, as a ‘good guide’. “Our parents did this—and we turned out okay—so how can it be that wrong?” This seems to the Mantra many follow. But the thing is times are different. The exposure that the children these days have is humongous compared to what we grew up with. Our parents didn’t have to face the Media and Internet invasion like we and our children do. So we need to balance ‘old fashioned diktats’ and adapt them to suit modern needs. (If you are a parent reading this and you do not have a Facebook or Orkut id, please open one quickly! At least you’ll know what it is a