A single flower can be my garden

A long time back a friend of mine sent me a picture of a flower and wrote “A single flower can be my garden and a single friend my world.” It struck me as intense and deep. Twenty years later I still have not forgotten those words although I have no idea where that photo or the friend is.

Everywhere I turn these days, flowers are in bloom. They enthrall me, mesmerise me and compell me to stop and click a picture. Usually by then, my family has walked ahead and I hurry to catch up with them, satisfied that I have captured their beauty in a snap shot.

A little while ago I told a good friend of mine “I have no idea why, but flowers make me insanely happy.”

Flowers have inspired thousands of Artists and thousands of poets before me. They have made fascinating subjects for photographers. I am no different. If you want to read a flower poem I wrote click here.

Here are some more flower pictures that I clicked—something I just had to do.

I know you will enjoy them as much as I have.(Click on each one to enlarge)

Because as someone once said "Where flowers bloom, hope does too."


  1. Wow..
    I am the first one to comment or is the commetn being moderated??

  2. Ok,I think I am the first one,*yippeee.. **Same pinch..
    Even I love clicking pictures of flowers..anywhere,anytime.
    I remember making the photographer click "flower arrangement" pictures specifically for me during my wedding[:P]and regarding yesterday s post, I wrote a post,but realised it wasent being moderated.So i took it off..Sorry about that.
    Have a beautiful day like a smiling flower Di!!

  3. for all of them who felt, its a man's world, here comes a soothing post.
    "Where flowers bloom, hope does too."
    so lets hope...
    awesome clicks preeti

  4. Cute snaps :)))

    I got a chance to read your book 34 bubblegums and candies and surely it was a radiator :) Thanks for the wonderful collections in the book :)))

  5. Lovely, Preeti...apt mood lifter.

    and madame, tag done

  6. Oh yes flowers are indeed special that why we love them so much. The surest way to mans heart is food and for the women its flowers!

    Paulo has said it right in brida - "People give flowers as presents because flowers contain the true meaning of Love. Anyone who tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at a flower in a field, you will keep it forever, because the flower is part of the evening, and the sunset and the smell of damp earth and the clouds on the horizon."

  7. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers,clicked by --------- PS!!

  8. That quote, "Where flowers bloom, hope does too," is by Lady Bid Johnson, and is a quote on my website. Love this post!

  9. I'm sitting here in the boring room :)

    I check the video bar even before reading your post these days....

    Beautiful pictures! You are in the right place at the right time :)

    We would not get to see so many varieties of flowers just about anywhere in India

  10. lovely pics I have a post in my draft with pics of flowers from my garden will post it soon

  11. Lovely! In Gurgaon, all we can see from our skyscraper balconies are more skyscrapers! Concrete and more of it. :(

  12. very true... I really agree with the quote your friend sent :)
    Flowers make me very happy... as long as they're not in my hair :)

  13. i love flowers too...and they make me insanely happy too:)...they can simply brighten up the worst days for me:)..

  14. I loved the pic of bunch of flowers taken in the Balcony ..well all the pix are really good..

  15. Ohhhh I love flowers! There's nothing that makes me more happier than when I receive flowers. I know it might sound crazy but I ain't a fan of gifts but I truly love flowers - it makes me feel the person who's got me some genuinely likes me.

    Flowers make me smile and they make me feel serene too :)

    Have a good day Preeti and thanks for the lovely flowery morning :)

  16. Beautiful Pictures...I like flowers, when they are on plants (without being plucked). Thanks for choosing to picturize with the plant....And thanks for sharing....

  17. Amazing pictures!! There is SO much beauty around. All it takes is a discerning eye :)

  18. First picture is awesome.

    The words from your friend is so wonderful

  19. flowers rarely fail to bring up a smile on the face :)

    I uploaded some more flower clicks in my orkut album - you may like them...

  20. Flowers make me insanely happy. Love them. Nice pics. My 1st visit and I really like the way you write. Lots of posts to catch up.. ;) And hey, congrats on the book. Would love to read it, will make sure I get hold of a copy when I get home next.

  21. now here's a post that made me stop and smile :)

    nice pics... pics of flowers like those of babies always make people smile!

  22. Hi Preeti,
    Lovely poem & loved the red poppies pic too...its beautiful & full of vibrancy :)

  23. hey Preeti..anothr simple yet amaxing wrk fm ur side...beauty n meaning of flowers personifies.Kudos to u..!!
    keep up d good wrk..Lovely FLOWERY Friend.........
    tk cr..
    Nidhi M

  24. Yes I like flowers too :) And I am going for a 10 day trek to Valley of Flowers national park (in Uttaranchal Garhwal) and adjoining areas, later this month. Camera, lights, action :)
    Agree with Meira on skyscrapers in Gurgaon. And lots of dust too :)
    For more info on the trek visit www.yhaiup.blogspot.com
    I believe there are still some vacancies though not on all dates.

  25. Guys vote for Preeti here on this iniblogger contes. Voting closes in 6 hours

  26. This is, of course, bloom time in the UK. Flowers everywhere to make you smile. If you go to Kew Gardens, you can even see the Ingrid Bergamn rose :)

  27. How true... flowers have a wonderful habit of making me feel calm and relaxed..their fragrance, beauty just makes my mind sooo calm and composed that i feel quite energetic... If you are one of those early morning walkers to parks(I used to be some 6 yrs back!! now i spend around 17hrs of my day in front of my comp..) the dew on the flower petals and leaves, the rich aroma that lingers around early in the morning is something mind blowingly refreshing...those first rays of sunlight when kisses the dews and petals, the scene is so full of beauty tht it makes your day a wonderful one..
    I still remember when i used to go to a nearby park at 5:30 in the morning with my cousins during holiday for a bit of jogging..the smell of dew on grass and the wet feel of it was something i always cherished..
    I still wish i could go for a walk early morning..but i will have some work or the other to do which pulls me towards my comp..

  28. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Thats beautiful post...yes flowers give one hope :)
    so very true :)

    beautiful pics!

  29. hi didi
    very nice
    esp the last line"Where flowers bloom, hope does too"
    indeed it does.flowers bring in colors into the mind and thus the life of everyone who takes out the time to notice them.
    and well all Birds like flowers its well known

  30. Lovely pics PS :) Flowers really do make such a world of difference. That's why I always keep a single flower in a flower pot on our dining table :)

    However, somehow I can't seem to grow flowers :( Any plants that I get wither after a point of time.

  31. so tru. and yes this post is soothing..

  32. Palsworld: Wonder why that is. Maybe you are over watering or forgetting to water or not giving enough plant food after the nutrients in the soil have been sucked out?

    Krish:Thank U!

    Indyeahforever: Thanks! and welcome to my blog :)

    Shantharam: 17 hours in front of pc!:-O

    Ramesh: Will try to go to Kew and capture Ingrid :)

    Ajay: Your trek sounds like a dream trek! I am certain I'd have enjoyed it immensely. Do share pics :) Very nice of you to share the link. Thanks for the appeal too :)

    Nidhi: Heh heh--thanks! Who is the flowery friend? :P ;-)

    Kanupriya: thank u!!

  33. Guru: I think there are many people who are unmoved by babies and flowers. I wonder if their hearts are made of stone or are they so insensitive?

    Ashwadhy:Thank you. Working on my second one now :) And yes--welcome to my blog :)

    xh: Are you referring to your wife? :P ;-) Hee hee--just kidding.Will check. Your flower shots are always brilliant.

    Maddy: First picture is from ym garden. I grew them from seeds. So you can imagine how satisfied I must be feeling.

    Stillness speaks: Thank you!

    Savitha: Thanks for reading and appreciating :)

  34. Still thinking: Funnily in India, i used to hate it if anyone gave me any flowers other than roses :) But here I love them all. The variety you get here is very different from ones you get in India.

    Prabodh: That was taken with my phone. I am so pleased with the camera in my new phone :)

    Santasizing: i agree :)

    Meira: U can grow them in troughs if you have the time :) Once you set it up it just takes a few seconds to water it daily. Other alternative is you can keep money plants in a jar filled with water on your desk at work place in the corner. Gazing at green is refreshing and it lifts your mood.Even some fleshy non thorny varieties of cactii are very lovely to look at (I do like thorny ones too but many dont)

    Monika: will look forward to that.

    Royal design flowers: Thanks for the info on quote! And wlecome to my blog!!

    Athivas: Yes :) *takes a bow* :)

    Srivats: I am a BIG fan of Coelho. No wonder I love the quote you gave from him. Coelho is one of the most sensitive, down to earth, humble and talented people to have walked this Earth. And the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach but a litle lower :P :) (sorry--could not resist that) :D

    Suma: I read your comment as 'mood filter' instead of mood lifter. it took me two seconds to figure out :) Will see the tag.

    G3:Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Sunny raju:Thank U!!

    Swathy: Why did u take it off because it wasnt moderated?!! :) I'd have liked to hear what u wanted to say..But anyway--its ok :) and same pinch :)

  35. Very true..The flowers here,especially the wild ones, make you look awestruck..:)Will send some of my 'flower collection' to your mail..ok?


  36. Varun- Glad you notice the videos :)

    Iya: happy you found it so.

    Getha: Wish you could send the flowers :) :)

  37. Yeah thats ma work...but the boss doesnt knw..he will never approve of it.. he he...

  38. i m not usually much of a nature-person, but those do look damn pretty!

  39. Anonymous2:20 AM

    I can look at flowers for hours together and get lost in their colours and fragrance. And the line your friend came up with - it is so true. :-) As you promised, this post does indeed soothe. Thank you!

  40. thoughtful train: Happy to soothe :)

    Its me: thanks!

    AV :happy that even a non-nature person could appreciate.

    Shantharam: Does boss prefer u keeping saner hours?If so why do u kill yourself like this?

  41. I'm kinda used to this mode..5 am i get up and right infront of my PC!! he he..planning to go for a walk every morning and gym in the evening to cut down the time i spend infront of PC and also trying to read books...Currently reading Who will Cry when you die..Really cool book...am trying to change the 17 hrs to something much less destructive for me ;)

  42. Wow Preeti, I loved them all.... I have the yellow and blue ones here at home. Every morning I wake up and look at them and yes they make me happy! It is a wonderful feeling!

  43. do you do that too? i mean read words as something else and do a double take..its happening to me a lot and generally of the 'wink wink' variety! :)

  44. Suma: Devre!! ethu yennu?! Yaake?! Don't tell me its coz we're approaching Naughty-Forties! Dont need one more Knotty i an already complicate life! ;) :)

    Shantharam: Ok

    Gayu: Do tell me something more abt yourself..U dont have a blog (I tried visiting!). Mail me if you don't want to write here. I see you so regularly in my comment box--so asking!

  45. //And the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach but a litle lower :P :) (sorry--could not resist that) :D

    No way and I speak for all the men :) Its defenitely food, otherwise he can go around for all his life!

  46. Earth laughs in flowers!!
    It's a sweet lil post Preeti :)

  47. very nice post...i love flowers..even in my hair at times....:)..well taken pics..:)

  48. Deepti:Thank u. I hate flowers in my hair :P


    Raaga: sorry--i dont know how I missed replying to your comment earlier. yes--I too dont like flowers in my hair. i prefer them on the plants. The only one flower i can just about tolerate in my hair is 'gundu malli' :)

  49. I have been reading ur posts in the last 2 weeks and I find them too good :)

    Yeh Flowers are always beautiful to watch, gives a freshness to me. As you said, except for jathi and malli, I cant accept any other in my hair. Infact sometime I feel Rose loses its beauty once put in the hair :P

  50. niths: Very true!! Even i HATE roses in hair :) They look so gorgeuos on the plants.

  51. pretty flowers :)

    ive always wanted to have a floral garden of my own, but my mom says im nt responsible enuf :( :( :X

  52. Anonymous2:19 AM

    So true! I was in Malmedy last weekend and the whole place was full of fragrant flowers... It was so beautiful it made me feel happy.

  53. Flowers and women share a beautiful bond Preetiji..
    Women find them more beautiful than men..We find them beautiful on our women

  54. Di, I had written the comment being too emotionally influenced!
    Later calmed myself donw[counted upt a 100] and then something went wrong with the net connection .hence partially what I had written down was gone..:(.I guess for good!!
    But the flowers cheered me up!! :)
    and "we are back in the game"!!

  55. Preeti,
    Flowers always portray a moment to cheer and to feel that life is not that bad, after all.. Loved the picture of those blue flowers(what is thy name?)

  56. It might be a man's world, but I would be lying if I say that flowers have the same effect on us. Women are lucky that way :).

    Of course, I do like flowers and would have certainly admired the scenes you have photographed quite well :).

  57. Anonymous2:19 AM

    I LOVE flowers!!
    they make me feel so upbeat. especially yellow n pink roses.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. thanks for acknowledging me in the comments section in your previous post. I will visit the blog more often and comment too :). Incidentally my better half loves these flowers. Will get her some soon.

  60. Satish: Kaun hai yeh better half? :P :) Whom are u seeing behind my back :-)

    Had I known that putting a video for you of your fav song would get me flowers I'd have put one every single day :D

    Thanks :)

    partywithneha: :) I like all kinds of flowers. (mostly)

    Brown phantom: :) Read your comment twice to understan what you were really saying :P Spoken like a true manager :)

    Nandgoapn: They're the ones in a vase on my table right now. They're corn flowers. Do a google image search. They're lovely.

    Swathy: Glad the flowers pacified you :)

    Vinay: Pls pls ji mat bulayiye :) What kind of flowers do u like on your woman? :P :)

    Sruoloc: malmedy--first time I'm hearing that place. Sounds good :)

    Shimmer: Grow one and prove to her that u can! :)

  61. cute snaps..and cuter wordings...my fav one goes like this.."they say dont count your blessings and ask how many friends you've. isnt that ironic? " :)

  62. Beautiful flowers. Nature has its own magic. A troubled mind can be put at ease in minutes by nature. It has that soothing effect.

  63. Very pretty, I especially liked the one of pink flowers in the balcony.

  64. i liked the first shot..well done

  65. Ani aset: Thank u.

    The thinker:That one is my fav too! :)

    Anusha: I second that! :)

    Gils: I think one should count one's blessings and not number of friends, but how true a friend is.

  66. Anonymous2:23 AM

    "A single flower can be my garden and a single friend my world."

    That's beautiful! Just today I was talking to a friend and we were discussing how quality friends are important and quantity just puts pressure and expectations.

    Beautiful flowers!

  67. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Came here blog hopping and figured out you are a writer. I read the preface for your book and got interested and instantly ordered it on Flipkart too.. WIll read it and let you know what I think of it! :)
    These flowers are beautiful, so is the quote! :)

  68. Oh yes flowers are indeed special for me too.

  69. Beautiful pictures of those pretty flowers... I recently planted flowers in my garden...


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