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Wordless Wednesday No.34. True Love :)

My post for Wordless Wednesday ___________________________________________________________________ If you like my blog, you might enjoy my books :) Grab them   here .   (You don't need a credit card. You can pay cash on delivery) or if you are an Amazon Fan, you can grab them   here  And you can interact with me on my   FB page . I always reply :)


De-cluttering is so important. We all tend to become overloaded, overstuffed and over-burdened with a lot of things both tangible and intangible Every now and then we need to stop, pause, take control of what we are really carrying and what we ought to let go. I work best in clean, de-cluttered, organised spaces. I hate clutter. I do not like 'too much stuff'. (The only exception to this being books--but they too have to be neatly stored and organised). Today I decided to de-clutter one of the cupboards in my kitchen which had been screaming for attention but which I had been ignoring due to the whirlwind book tours. (For  pictures from the Chennai launch--I was the lady in red that evening :)--click here ) I came across this brilliant article on decluttering the kitchen: I followed all that the article said and my de-cluttering project was a super success. Here is what it looked like befo

5 effective ways to deal with Criticism and put-downs

And so we all come across them--the drains (people who leave you feeling drained) , the prickers incorporated , the damp squibs who can never be happy for you and the ones possessed by the green-eyed monster who scrutinize you from head to toe and actually find something to say to put you down. (Oh yes--there are many like that!) How do you deal with such people? What can you do to not let their attitude or what they say affect you? While you do not have much control over what others will say and do, you definitely can control how you respond. Here  are five things that you can do: First : Identify where the criticism is coming from. Why is this person putting you down ? Is there substance in what this person is saying? Is it jealousy? Most of us tend to be harsh on ourselves. Don't be! Give yourself some credit! Second : Recognise that put-downs can be a good thing too. We all feel happy when there is only praise. However, criticism can also make us pause and think. It

How it all feels.

When I get back from my events it always takes me about two whole days, at the very least, to recover. And that is just physically. So you can imagine the level of adrenaline that my blood must be carrying right now. In fact, I think if the medical professionals try to draw out blood, there wont be any--they will just get some  Epinephrine . My events went off very well. I had two in Kochi, Kerala. The first was a book- interaction at DC Books and I was overwhelmed by the turnout, the love and respect showered on me and how very pretty the setting was. They had indeed put in a lot of effort. The second was an event at the Ritu Kumar store which was a joint launch of my new book and Ritu Kumar's new line SS-13. That went off well too. Click here (DC books)   and here(Ritu Kumar store) to see photos from both events. For me, the most difficult thing about traveling for my events is leaving my family behind. I also now have to co-ordinate my travel plans with Satish's travel

Older brothers and inner peace :)

In our family, it is at meal times that a lot of conversations take place. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes profound and sometimes there is silence. We always express gratitude for the food that we are eating and count out blessings before we eat.  To have dinner together, every night is a ritual we have followed, as far back as I can remember. On weekends, we have every meal together. It is a rule. Eating in front of television isn't allowed in our home.We sit down at the dining table, and no phones, books or any other distractions are allowed. We have our set places too. Both Satish and I think this is so important to do as a family. Yesterday night,  at the dining table, my daughter looked glum. 'What happened?' I asked her, knowing her penchant for drama and mentally preparing myself to shrug off whatever she would narrate, being so certain, due to the years of parenting that it would be something inconsequential, in the larger scheme of things. But she sur

The Taj lit fest. A great experience.

How do you even begin to describe an experience that still lingers in the mind, it's after-effects enveloping you like a warm hug from an old friend, the larger than life feeling of awe that it stirred in you and most of all how humbled you felt to be a part of it all? I attended the Taj Lit fest from 1st February to 3rd February at Agra. For me it was an amalgamation of so many things really--a chance to meet  the authors I have always admired, a chance to interact with my readers, but above all to be in the midst of so many brilliant minds. The setting itself was fantastic and very nicely done. The organisers had taken care of even the smallest details and everything went like clock-work. They handled the glitches well, even though it was the first time they were organizing such a fest. The  people at Goodword Media were so sweet, cheerful and smilingly complied to almost all requests. My session was with the very renowned Prahalad Kakkar.  Earlier in the day, he had

Wishlist Wednesdays-- Results and special mentions

Hi all! Here are the results and special mentions of all the Wishlist Wednesdays, as promised. It was extremely hard to pick just one post as 'winner'! To my mind, all were winners. I did read all the posts (some links were irrelevant links!), and Westland in association with me, have chosen the following. Wishlist Wednesday No.5 which had the prompt-- I wish I had one more chance to The post which gets the book is: There were many awesome entries and  the following ones get a special mention: Wishlist Wednesday No.6 whic