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I will be back!

Hello there! Excited, excited as I am going on a vacation. I leave tonight.I am going here and will also be meeting him ! I get back on October 4th.I leave you with a crystal ball that will answer your questions!(if you don't like the answer it gives, just keep trying till it gives you one you like!) :-) Good luck! And see you when I get back! Ps

Another tag.

This time, Vidya tagged me. And I told her I would do it later. (usually I keep up my word!) So here it is... 1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it . To be honest I have many scars. Collecting them seems to have become a hobby! Here is my last one.(picture was taken when it was still raw. Now it is a fading scar) Can you guess how I got it? Am sure you will NEVER guess! *Sorry* Have removed picture as it no longer exists. 2. What does your phone look like? List your reasons to buy it? This is my phone.I didn’t buy it.It was gifted to me on valentines day, three (or was it four--don't remember!) years ago.I continue using it as I have dropped it at least 50 times and it still functions ! 3. What is on the walls of your bedroom? A painting I did and gifted to Satish on one of our anniversaries.This is the one. 4. What is your current desktop picture? This one. I simply love it. 5. Do you believe in gay marriage? Yes. 6. What do you want more than anything right no

The Gift.(Writers Island 1)

Writers Island is a wonderful site that I discovered from Blue’s blog . Every Tuesday they give a prompt. You have to write a story, poem essay or anything you feel apt, on the topic.The topic this time is “The gift”. This is my entry. And hey—it is a true story! ************************************************************ Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

A timeless love story

This is a painting I made in February 1996. It hangs on the wall, in my mother’s cottage, in Kerala. It shows Lord Krishna and Radha. Theirs is an immortal love story that that has inspired painters, musicians, poets and artists for centuries. There are thousands of songs and paintings ,dating back to the 16th century,describing and expressing this love affair .It has an element of adultery too--but oh, the passion! The story is indeed timeless and continues to inspire and fascinate people, even in this age. I was no different. I remember that day, when I made this painting. I was just 24 then and barely 10 months, into my marriage. I hadn’t had my children. I had accompanied Satish, on one of his official trips, to this beautiful place called Hyderabad . He had taken permission from his company, for me to accompany him. We were staying in a luxurious and posh place. He left for work early that morning. I was free, to do what I pleased-- to explore the city on my own or just laze arou

Blessings big and small--happy ganesh chathurti

Today is Vinayak chaturthi—an important Hindu festival. To put it simply, it means it is the birthday of Lord Ganesh. In the state where I stay, it is celebrated on a very grand scale. There are beautiful idols everywhere. The whole city reverberates with beats of the drum. People dance in front of elaborately decorated ‘pandals’.There is no equivalent of a pandal in English language—One has to see it to understand what it is. At best, it can be described as decorated raised wooden structure, on which Ganesha is housed, in all his splendour –majestic and towering with offerings of incense, flowers and fruits surrounding him like a sea.There are pandals in every nook and cranny in my city right now.The mood is festive. Today, I read in the newspapers that even in Paris, Ganesh festival was celebrated. Click here to know more. On a slightly different note---when it rains it pours! So many people are being really kind to me—and I’m feeling happy about it. One should always be thankful for

Do you wanna partner?!!

One of the fringe benefits of having kids is that they are a great de-stressor (when they aren’t stressing you out that is!) Yesterday, my two, invented this ridiculous game, which had all of us, rolling on the floor with laughter. The game involved a current bollywood number which is topping the charts. The song is choreographed in such a way, that the dance steps involved itself, makes one smile. It stars one my favourite stars-- Salman Khan (I find him really good at comedy. My husband insists that it is only his well toned body that appeals to me!) It also stars Govinda who is well known, in India, for his comedy sequences. This is the song that I’m talking about. The rules of the game were simple. All of us had to dance in turns, to this song individually . ( and copy the steps in the song!) Suddenly, any one of the audience, would shout 'freeze' and we had to freeze at once, in that very posture. If you laughed or moved you were out! None of us lasted more than 10

From the heart

Hi there, How are you all doing? I got back yesterday (see previous post) and this is a picture I clicked in kerala at my mom's house.Somehow it seemed apt for what I'm going to tell you. This is a note from the heart. A heartfelt, deep and a sincere thanks to all those who cared enough to leave comments on whatever I wrote. A big thank you, to all those who wrote such encouraging words. A big thank you to all of you, who continue to read what I have to say. You have no idea how much your words have helped me .When I first started this blog (click here to read my first post) I had no idea what to expect. Many people , whom I thought were good friends, suddenly became very busy when I called to tell about my loss. Maybe they had no idea what to say. Till then, I had always been the laughter generator, the life of the party, the clown, the bubbly, enthusiastic, jovial, ever smiling, ever ready fun person. Suddenly I wanted to share something a bit more deep. I was hurting, I wan

A journey.

Kerala , known the world over as God’s own country, true to its well earned sobriquet, is a magical place. I must have been there more than a hundred times --(as my dad and mom both grew up in this place) as a child and as an adult. (Had written a post about it once. Click here to read it and click on 'kerala' for official website) My mom, still lives there, in a very picturesque cottage, surrounded by a lovely garden that she tends to, herself. It is picture perfect, serene, peaceful and an oasis for city wracked nerves. Here are some pictures. (yes--that's my mom,kids and me in the pics) This is however, the first time, that I will be going there alone. All by myself. No parents, no sibling, no husband, no kids. It is a journey I have to make. And I want to make. I’m going there to meet my mom and spend a few days with her. I don’t want her to be alone on September 7th.It was last year on this day that my dad died . It has been exactly a year since I went back to Keral