Do you wanna partner?!!

One of the fringe benefits of having kids is that they are a great de-stressor (when they aren’t stressing you out that is!)

Yesterday, my two, invented this ridiculous game, which had all of us, rolling on the floor with laughter. The game involved a current bollywood number which is topping the charts. The song is choreographed in such a way, that the dance steps involved itself, makes one smile. It stars one my favourite stars-- Salman Khan (I find him really good at comedy. My husband insists that it is only his well toned body that appeals to me!) It also stars Govinda who is well known, in India, for his comedy sequences.

This is the song that I’m talking about.

The rules of the game were simple. All of us had to dance in turns, to this song individually. (and copy the steps in the song!) Suddenly, any one of the audience, would shout 'freeze' and we had to freeze at once, in that very posture. If you laughed or moved you were out!

None of us lasted more than 10 seconds!!
Getting out was really worth it! And I’m laughing uncontrollably, as I type this. If I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d have clicked pictures. But if you watch the song and imagine me and the kids dancing like this and freezing, I think you’ll agree that the pictures wouldn’t have done justice!


  1. Haha how cute and fun! I love the game and wouldn't mind playing it as well. AWesome! surely one to let loose.

    ***One of the fringe benefits of having kids is that they are a great de-stressor

    I have to agree with that. My own two nieces proves that statement after a hard day at work many a times. Beautiful children.


    Talking abt the post that you linked to ya friend from my blog. Which one is it? It would be great to know.:D Thanks!:D


  2. I'm, exhausted! I was dancing around for ages before I realised I had no one to shout 'freeze'!

    *Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  3. Ha ha ha...good one indeed!!!! i could imagine wt it would have been..BTW i saw that movie at ur city....brought back memories of the gr8 time i had there:-) Nice post!:-)

  4. hey how you doin ps? long time..

    it must be fun dancin with kids! this song rocks for sure..


  5. I think you need to put the webcam evidence on Youtube!hahaha...actually the clip kept stopping on my PC so I didn't need anyone to shout "Freeze"..I shall imagine you all dancng to it now..and I'm going to bed shortly with the refrain "Do you wanna partner?" looping in my head!..Thanks. :-)

  6. Lol!! Reading this post and watching the video mde me look at the dance steps.

    If there's a next time to this game do put up some pics :P

  7. Kids r my therapy too! Even tho I dun hv my own kids yet, I hv plenty of lil ones ard me all the time. Cos I too am such a baby stuck in an adult's body LOL!

    I know this game PS...sounds like u guys had some awesome FUN..ROFL! The video is soooo funny ty! :):)

    btw I dun like Salman Khan's body...he looks a bit like the Michelin man on a strict diet. but I agree..he's a great comedian! :)


  8. well I have been pushing the pause on that video to try to imagine how u guys must hve played wonder u didnt last even 10 seconds...

  9. Sweetsticky:It was your post 'darl irresistable whispers' :P
    Oh yes--kids are great fun.

    Vision:I found it hilarious!!

    Keith:My leasure.You actually danced to THIS song? Would have loved to see that!!

    Akanksha;I too watched the movie at my city! ;-) At inox--where did you go?

  10. Wacko:will see u soon!Me doin' great.

    Niall: :-) I find the song irritatingly catchy!!

    J:On one condition--you join us!!

    Keshi: sallu-bahi is great.Period!! LOL

    Tys:Too funny, right?

  11. Lol.. Dancing and me.. hmmmppff.. kabhi nahi!!

  12. Anonymous8:41 PM

    WoW...I just remember playing these games as kids and I can understand it was damn interesting and once I again I could visit those golden childhood days in our lives and it does bring a smile to my face too. You must have had an wonderful time playing this lovely game with your kids, isn't it!

  13. J: Come on!! Do you wanna partner is definitely NOT dancing!Its just clowning around--and you xcannot refuse that!

    Kalyan:I found it very silly but fun!

  14. Oh! I wish I had been there!! :)

  15. ha ha yeah sounds fun..ya pics wudn't have done justice.. n must say govinda still looks in gud shape..

  16. DM: It would have been great!

    Diya:Tho changu phoddho jallolo assu!!
    Pakshe changu kornu nanchatha!! :-)LOL

  17. Okay, first of all, Salman Khan--Yummy!

    Secondly; I want to know who had to freeze in the hip thrust part of the dance. LOL! Sounds like fun Ps.

    Lastly; I like the new 'notebook' look to your blog.

    Oh, wait-a-minute, one more thing. I have to sign in with my Google account in order to post my comment. Your blog hasn't always done that, right?

  18. Freeze!
    Now dance over to my place. I have awarded you with a little gift!

  19. Lol :). As kids, me and my brother also invented some ridiculous games, but yeah they were fun.

  20. Stacy: Oh yes--salman khan--yummy yummy!! ;-)
    Thanks for the compliments abt the new look.I have disabled annonymous comments--maybe thats why it's asking you to sign in with your google account.
    As regards freezing--my children convinced me tat I am dancing well indeed (flattery can get you anywhere!) and all of us had to do it in turns--so i guess all of us froze in ridiculous postures.

    Gillian: Thank you!Thank U!Coming right over!!

    Misti: :-)

  21. It DOES sound funny! :)

  22. Hard not to dance to this

  23. Hey me too at inox..i remember the date was 21st july(i remember the date coz i went to c the infy campus the same day)

  24. this song is soo much fun! :D
    that game sounds like fun! im gonna try it!
    wid frnds tho :D
    blogrolled you.. :)

  25. I'll meet you at Gillian's! I was laughing reading your post...and listened to that song...rather "catchy" sure gets you moving around! :-) XXXOOOOO

  26. WAY TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi, dear!

    I'm here today to thank you very much for having introduced Niall Young's blog to us the other day. I've been visiting his place as often as I can (sometimes even more often than I actually could, oh well) and I enjoy enormously his art work.

    I totally agree with you about the children being de-stressor... when they're not stressing us out. But I cannot afford to see this video for I've got dial-up.

    And last but not least, I liked very much your post From the Heart below.

    Have a nice and fun weekend :)

  28. good lord, the things kids make their parents do...
    but i am sure it was funny sight...

  29. Akanksha:I dont remember when i went.For all you know it might have been same date.

    Bla:It was!

    Gemma:It is irritatingly catchy!

    Vicci:Nice meeting you.Yep--such a silly song,but catchy.

    Kaylee: :-)

    Jonice:Hope you too have a great weekend.A pity you couldnt watch the song--it is very amusing.

    Hershey: It was!

  30. Heh! This was funny, mummy of two. And yes, it is so true that children are stressbusters. I loved doing the pediatrics posting.

  31. I love your kids. They RAWK. This was a great video. I wish I could understand it.

  32. I cant believe you like Salman khan too, this is spooky :)
    btw I did see "before sunset" on your list, you must be the only other person then me, with whom I saw this movie
    spooky I tell you :)

  33. After watching the video, specially the final seconds, I have to agree with your husband about Salman! LOL


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