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How to write a Book Review: Preeti Shenoy

 When I was in school,  I had an excellent English teacher.  One of the things she made us do  over summer vacations was to write reviews of the books we read. These were graded assignments.  The most important thing she told us was to not write a mini-summary of the book.  'This is a book review; Not a chronicled account of everything that happened, ' she used to keep reminding us. Her tips and suggestions enabled all of us, to write good reviews--whether we like the book or not. Of late, I have been reading a LOT of reviews about my new book When Love Came Calling.   While many of the reviews have positive things to say, I am always aghast when the reviewer gives away an important plot point or a main event in the story, or the worst--reveals what happens in the end. These are all mistakes which can be avoided. Some reviewers give negative reviews because the protagonist did not make the choices, they expected him/her to. They get very involved with the story (which is a gr

10 reasons to read When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy !

  1. It is Young Adult fiction!   2. If you are not a Young adult, it will make you feel young :) 3. You will feel good after reading it! . 4. If you are a teen you will understand your parents better!   5.If you are parent you will understand your teens better.   6. It will take you to different places like UK and Kerala 7.You will fall in love with the characters. 8. It's a great love story (even if you hate love stories)  9. There's action, adventure and drama  10. It will take you back to your college days!  Read it yet? Get the book:     Click this:    

When Love Came Calling. New book by Preeti Shenoy!

 Hi there,   How are you? The last time I wrote here was when I did the blog-marathon for 30 days, spreading positivity.  It had started as #21days of positivity, but continued long after. The situation around us is grim. As I type this, the dreaded covid-19 has taken more than 730K lives all over the world. India now has the third largest number of cases in the world.  I was in Mumbai for the cover launch of my new book when concerns about the pandemic began being raised. I made it back safe home, to Bengaluru. My publisher had to hold on to the books for MONTHS, we we went into lockdown. Like every other industry, publishing industry too is badly hit and so many bookstores at airports have shut down, unable to bear the high rents. Many have lost their jobs. Hence the release of a new book, always bring hope;  For any author it is a big moment when they first hold their book which they have been solitarily working at for years! It always tears me up to see the physical copy. But thi

A list of my favourite books. Happy world book day!!

Hello dear dear person! Happy world book day! Today I went LIVE on Instagram, and you can see the SEVERAL books that I recommended which even adults can read! The entire live session is available on my profile till tomorrow around 12.00 noon, after which it will disappear. So if you want to have  some good children's book recommendations, please go and check it out on my Instagram. (please look up how to view instagram stories and live if you are new to Insta)' Also, today completes 30 days of my blogging for every single day. I started on 24th March, when the lockdown was announced. Today is the last post in this series. Now, I know many of you wait for my posts----but this wasn't easy for me at all. While I have immensely enjoyed it, it also leaves me drained because no matter what I had to come here and blog.  All of you who left me comments--your comments were what kept me going, as it felt like a conversation. So thank you! I will try to blog every n

You may call me M'am :)

At Edinburgh, Scotland. You can see the Edinburgh castle behind me Hi there, How are you today? I think my yesterday's pos t    sent everyone who was calling me M'am, in a tizzy. If you want to call me M'am, please do 😃. I realised after reading all the comments, how uncomfortable I made many  of you.  I think everyone is still stuck on 'age'. (If you have't read yesterday's post, I have linked it; Highlighted word is a link) Most people in India have been taught to respect age. So if someone is older, it feels very disrespectful to call them by their name. I get it. I had lived in India for over 30 years, post which I moved to UK. It was in UK, that I was immersed in a completely alien world.  I was so used to my  children's friends calling me aunty. I still like it when my children's friends call me aunty. In UK, they would address me by name. There were kids who were anywhere  between 5 and 18 ! It was amusing  to be addressed by na

I am not your sister or mother, please! A note to the 'young'

Hi there! How are you doing? Hope your day was good and peaceful today. Sometime back I had read a brilliant article  P lease don't call me Aunty by Shobha  Tharoor Srinivasan which I share from time to time on my social media. Do read it. (highlighted is the link) I quote her opening lines W hen you meet an adult woman, who is perhaps your mother’s age, what do you call her? Mrs.? Ms.? If she is between 10 and 20 years older than you, do you address her by her first name or last name? Or, do you pause to ask how  she  would like to be addressed? If you’re an Indian American, you’ll probably just call her “aunty.” “Aunty” and “Uncle” have become easy fallbacks when addressing people including distant associates, neighbors, acquaintances, and even total strangers who are older than oneself. I’ve watched the attractive shopkeeper in our neighborhood Indian store cringe and straighten her kurti when a jean-clad matron has the gall to address her as “aunty.” And I

Four must read books for 4/20

Hi there, How are you doing today? Today apart from being 20/4/20 , also happens to be Hitler's birthday. Holocaust is something that disturbs me a great deal, to the extent that if I think about it, I have physical symptoms like breathlessness and a churning in the gut. It affects me deeply.  I have no words for the most despicable, heinous and shameful incident history ever witnessed. The visit  in January by the suriviors to  Auschwitz-Birkenau moved me to tears. (coloured words are links..Please click  on it  if you wish to know more) Apart from Diary of Anne Frank (which most people know of) , here are four books I highly recommend that have Holocaust as their theme. I am not reviewing them nor am I elaborating about what they are about, as there are tonnes of reviews already of these books, and you can look them up with a simple google search. I am just giving you the names. 1. Man's search for meaning by Viktore Frankl: This is a life changing book which

Birthdays--a poem

Birthdays are special for some For others it is just another day If you like the  birthday person, Then it is an opportunity to say All the things you usually don’t For we have been conditioned so We don’t express our emotions always But on birthdays you can let that go Tell the person you are there for them Only if you mean it though! Send wishes that are genuine Don’t hold back, let the words flow For life is so unpredictable All your plans it could block So celebrate every occasion Create memories you can lock For memories are treasures And lest you forget To make each day count Using every chance you get. © 2020 Preeti Shenoy   kindly do not reproduce without permission. Happy Lockdown birthday Neel!   It sure is a unique memory. Edited to add:  This poem can be for anyone who has a birthday during this lockdown. It can also be for anyone who has a birthday. Period. *************************************

Tell me your happy things.

Hello again! As promised I am back. What day of lockdown is this? I have forgotten. Guessing it is day 25 of lockdown. I was looking back at all the posts I have written, and reading them. I was just thinking that while I write so much, I hardly get to  know YOU . I am of course familiar with all of you who leave me daily comments. However, I would love to see a picture of you! So if you have an Instagram account, do give me your handle in my comment box, and in case it's a public account, I will try and leave you a comment on one of your photos. Same for Facebook. If it's not a public account, it's fine. Do not fret about it! We will continue to e-meet here, on my blog :) Today, I want you guys to write for me. Like I mentioned, I would love to get to know you better.  I also want to gently nudge you, (and I include myself in  that nudge) to think about your day from the time you woke up till now, and tell me the three happiest moments in your day today. It ne

My Top 5 Podcasts.

Hello  Lovely person! Since yesterday's post was a big hit (judging by the number of comments I got but perhaps that was because I said I am watching you with that crazy Goblin/elf pic!) I thought I would continue the series and share with you my five top podcasts . I listen to a lot of podcasts when I walk my dog. I find them engrossing, fun and  I don't feel the time pass. I love listening to podcasts. Here are five podcasts I love: 1. Modern Love : I love this one; All episodes are less than 20 minutes. They are deep, moving, thought provoking, heart warming and well written essays. 2. Invisibilia : Here's what it is about 3.  Kind World : All episodes are under 10 minutes. Love this one too. 4.  On being : Krista Tippet : These are long  ones, and need very deep thinking. 5. New Yorker Fiction: Deborah Treisman Apart from the above five which are my current favourites, in the past I have also listened to Serial.

My top 5 movies and TV shows.

Hello hello hello! How was your day today?  You know what I like when I come to my page to blog? Reading all your comments. I usually blog, around this time--at the end of the day, when all my chores are done and I am done for the day. It is a delight then to go through all your comments. And all of you reading and leaving without writing back to me--I am watching you :) I really like the interactions here, and I do reach each and every comment, and also reply. For today's post, I thought I would do my top 5 movies , and TV shows. My all time favourite movies 1. The Shawshank Redemption : It's been my favourite for many years, and it still remains there. 2. Life is Beautiful :An Italian film directed by Robert Benigni 3. Brokeback Mountain : The passion, the beautiful settings , the brilliant actors make this a must watch. 4.  Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: Beautiful movie! 5. Pursuit of Happyness: (spelled with a y) ,The Bucket List, Bridg

What would you do if someone stole from YOU?

Hello wonderful person! If you have been reading my blog, you can be nothing but wonderful! How are you on Day 22 of Lockdown? Today, my fitness coach (and friend)  Neel,  messaged me. He keeps posting fitness challenges as well as daily workout (There's a lot of stuff  for beginners) too  on his page.  A couple of days back put a challenge on his page which was an original challenge by him. Someone completed the challenge and then posted it as their own, with no credit to  Neel. It has happened to me many times. My content has been stolen, quotes from my books are taken and people put it up as their own quotes. Same happens with photos I click. Sometimes pictures of me, are used without my permission. One time, someone stole a pic of my garden and used it in their ad! (Can you believe the cheek?)  Another time they stole a picture of my mother and me, and used it in an article. You bet I raised hell and got them to take it down! Using something without attribution to

Hello. Tell me how you are!

Hello there! How was your day today? Today completes 21 days of lockdown. But now that it has been extended, I am extending the #21days of positivity too, as requested by many many of you. Thank you for the thundering 'ayes' to my question of whether I should continue. For today's post, I thought we would talk about the #Lockdown itself , and do a recap of  the impact it has had on all our lives. How have these 21 days been for you? For me, these 21 days have been rather pleasant and peaceful, although crazily busy. As regards the housework, Satish and I do it all ourselves. Our children are both studying outside India (yes, they are safe). Since it is just two of us, it is not hard to manage at all. He and I both cook, wash, clean, water the plants etc. I have my art to do (I make a portrait daily), I have my daily workout plus a lot of other tasks.I run on a tight schedule and before I realise it, yet another day has passed. I live in a very  small

Careful with your words. They are POWERFUL.

Hi there bright soul! Thank you so much for all the beautiful, overwhelming and encouraging comments you left on my blogpost of yesterday, asking me to continue the #21daysof positivity. I had also asked on my Instagram whether I should continue  and a whopping 95% said yes. So alright--I will! (I am imagining your applause and taking a bow) I have a confession to make--on some days, I am so tired that I am dozing off while writing the posts. But then I wake myself up, because I know you would be waiting. If my writing can make a difference in even one person's life, I am not going to let you down. I am fiercely committed that way, once I give my word. I always keep it up, no matter how hard it is. Today something nice happened. Out of thousands of artists who are taking part in Sktchy's #30faces30days challenge, the portrait I made got picked to be displayed on the home page. That's a huge honour. Here's what I made today: Those amongst us who ar

Exercise for beginners

Hello Gorgeous Person, I had a very intense workout today--HIIT. (High Intensity Intreval training) If you have never heard of a Burpee, I highly recommend you try it! I must have done about 30 Burpees today as a  small part of my training plan for today. If you want a good routine for fat loss, do follow this excellent  page   for home workout plans and challenges. When it comes to exercise, I wonder why some of us are motivated and some of us are not. In my case, I grew up with parents who were big on Fitness. My dad used to walk 7-10 kilometres daily. My mother still has her exercise routine. It was always healthy eating, and no one in our family was overweight. Both my parents managed to keep everything (BP, Sugar levels etc) under control. In a country like India, where majority of people above a certain age think that taking pills for health related issues is the norm, my parents are exceptions. When I was in high school I competed at track events and won severa