Tell me your happy things.

Hello again!

As promised I am back. What day of lockdown is this? I have forgotten. Guessing it is day 25 of lockdown.

I was looking back at all the posts I have written, and reading them. I was just thinking that while I write so much, I hardly get to  know YOU. I am of course familiar with all of you who leave me daily comments.
However, I would love to see a picture of you! So if you have an Instagram account, do give me your handle in my comment box, and in case it's a public account, I will try and leave you a comment on one of your photos. Same for Facebook. If it's not a public account, it's fine. Do not fret about it! We will continue to e-meet here, on my blog :)

Today, I want you guys to write for me.

Like I mentioned, I would love to get to know you better.  I also want to gently nudge you, (and I include myself in  that nudge) to think about your day from the time you woke up till now, and tell me the three happiest moments in your day today. It needn't be anything big. It can be something as simple as a cup of tea, or spotting a birds nest or a flower that bloomed.

I spotted a weaver bird's nest. I also spotted a Drongo!

Let's look at every little joy we can focus on, in these times of suffering and bad news.
Let this  be our safe sanctuary, our little corner of positivity.

So go on, fill up my comment box with your happy moments. I want to hear! If you are reading this in your inbox or on an aggregator site, please head over to my blog. 
Do not email me a reply please--I wont be able to write back. (However I will try and reply to all comments on the blog)

Go on then. Think! And type it out.
I am waiting to hear from you.

Lots of love

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash


  1. Nice post Mam!
    Today lot of pink hibiscus flowers bloomed in my garden and I felt grateful.
    I tried jowar flour thaalipeet first time for breakfast. It turned out tasty.
    I watched 'Cast Away' because you recommended and I loved it Mam. Thank you so much for that. Tom Hanks rocks in that movie. What a brilliant acting!
    I will DM you my photo in Instagram Mam ๐Ÿ˜„.

    1. I replied to you in Insta. Lots of love!

    2. Thank you so much Mam! Love you too ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji,
    My Instagram handle is sourabhseth14
    (linked to my gmail account
    A different perspective in the post and a nice one too.
    3 happy moments today apart from the happiness of reading your blog:

    1) Had a watsapp conference call with two of my childhoid buddies one living in Muscut and the other in Australia.
    2)Learned Uddyana Bandana and Moola Bandana asanas
    3)Learnt about Manjadikuru (red seeds) from your post.Made me wish that I would get it as a gift.(Coz it can't be picked up from the temple just like that)....So waiting.
    Don't be sad Mam It's great to see you smile and be happy.TC

    1. Left you a comment on your Insta! I am not sad! :) Oh, you can pick them off the ground when you find them

  3. I was feeling very low today.Nothing seemed to cheer me up.After wasting a lot of time overthinking and feeling frustrated, I picked up a book (an e-book) called 'Only Time Will Tell' by Jeffry Archer and started reading it.And it literally just lifted my mood up! Really! ( No exaggeration)I am feeling such calm and peaceful now.For this ONE thing I am very grateful. :)

    1. Books are always a great solace! Thank you for leaving me a comment!

  4. My username on Instagram is vijitaverma. The 3 happy moments of today were...1. A beautiful 1 hour spent with my little son in balcony while he was lying on my lap and I was telling him stories of my childhood which he loves to hear again and again.
    .2. My first ever fitness counselling with Neel your fitness trainer and friend Mam. This was an eye opening session for me today...i am feeling so good and motivated now..and confident that i am on right path..
    . And 3. Video call with 2 college friends after many months...
    4. Went for my run ono
    my favourite running track near the canal here after so many days...happy happy me...

    1. Oh yes; Neel told me. Really, it was eye-opener for me too when I first started; We always focus on weight without thinking about other things. So glad you had that consultation. Love to your little son and you!

  5. 1. Saw Daddy's face as soon as I woke up(which usually doesn't happen๐Ÿ˜…)
    2. Mommy made my favourite breakfast(Dosa, aloo plays, coconut chutney๐Ÿ˜‹)
    3. Watched my parents play Chowkabara (something like ludo but on phone). It was adorable ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    4. Played shuttle with my brother (just in front of home)
    5. Had a video call with one of my dearest friends ๐Ÿ‘ญ
    And this is my insta handle(it's private but you can see me on highlights named "Me" ) - s.u.s.h_m.i.t.h.a

    PS - Watched 'Uyare' movie today- it was heart-warming. And more power to you Preeti๐Ÿ’

    1. So sweet!! I want your life..or at least your day! <3 (I lost my father and I miss him so much).

    2. Sorry about that Preeti, I learnt how much you miss him from your books and you mention about your dad even on your talks... Which means he's with you as a beautiful memory ๐Ÿค—

  6. My 3 happy moments of today were:
    1. While doing yoga and meditation in direct sunlight, I had a warm happy feeling and I smiled from ear to ear.
    2. Having my coffee after lunch.
    3. Hearing from a friend who lives in Budapest. I am blessed to have her in my life.

    1. What a lovely day you had! God Bless!

  7. My instagram id- ritz__2308 (2 underscores)
    facebook- Ritika Jakhotiya

    My 3 happy moments of today (actually yesterday as date as changed after 12am๐Ÿ˜…) are-
    1. Chatting and video calling my boyfriend over call as we live in different homes and cant meet
    2. Talking to my bestfriend over call
    3. Watching my favourite actor Ayushmann's films

    1. Did check out your insta. Cute pic! (could. only see the tomboy DP) Glad you had these happy moments!

  8. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Hi Mam, I am happy to read your posts every day. My happy things today are: 1. My first counseling with psychiatrist went good, it was for anxiety disorder (happened from the time schooling from home and work from home started)
    2. I took my 6 months old son for a walk to get fresh air ( yes. In Australia we are allowed to walk with safe distance). And he couldn't stop smiling by seeing the sky. I don't know why.
    3. I played dhayam with my husband and mother-in-law ( She is very supportive and this is the only entertainment for her when at home. She watches no TV. And she makes yummy snacks if we make time to play with her. Today rava kesari ๐Ÿ™‚)

    I feel blessed now while writing this. Thank you mam. Keep blogging. I don't use Facebook or Instagram.

    1. Looks like you had a fulfilling day! Glad you took the first step towards mental wellness. Lots of love to you, your MIL , little baby son and Husband.

  9. Hello...:) my Happy things (as of yesterday) are
    1) cooking pesarattu(dosa from greengram) and ginger chutney for us(me and husband) and he loved it. He always says, “there is some magic in your hand.” Am satisfied if someone relish my food!
    2)He isn’t a exercising guy much! So since a week we both are working out together suryanamaskaras after lengthy warm up counts! He managed to do without sulking and did it just for my word and insisting for health sake. I felt happy for his step forward by listening to me. 3) I spoke to my mother for long time yesterday! She is so cool and we had a lot of laughter in between and it is such a unexplainable satisfaction(especially after marriage) talking to Amma!( She asks me “how did that Dal come out, what specials for husband? When will you come do for us?”):D
    4) night husband puts on Avengers end game movie( he is a die hard fan of Iron man- Tony Stark) and I am not at all into Marvel Cinematic World hero’s! Just know their names. I interestingly watched it joining him. He explains me every bit of it with such a huge enthusiasm as why is this like this, what made them go into time machine, explains the characters Thor,
    Captain Marvel(he says she is damn powerful ) and fight for getting back their lives and he said he cried in the theatre like many (would ) when Iron man is dying! It was totally superb feeling watching such movies with him. He makes it more interesting. I feel happy at his company.
    5) And pets make me happy. Dogs especially. Dogs are LOVE! LOVE! We too had a dog:(

    My insta handle is priyanka.2491 which is private. :-|. I could Dm,if that’s okay..?

    1. Thank you for a beautiful detailed comment. How lovely to be able to have magic in your hands. And haha--i smiled reading about Iron man. So cute!! Of course DM! <3

  10. Three Happy Moments of my Day:
    1. Prayer for 30 Minutes in the morning .
    2. Had Tea during Evening .
    3. I wrote 10 quotes.

    1. Lovely! What quotes? Like quotes you like from people ?

    2. I have written my own quotes... Not copying from something Ma'am.

  11. 1. I have decided to wake up early & I woke up.
    2. I got a lovely message from my man.
    3. I have written journal ๐Ÿ˜

  12. Happy morning mam,
    My facebook id
    Three happy moments
    1. I have started to do some workout at home and completing the task gives happiness. Satisfaction indeed.
    2. I got blessings from a wellwisher on my recent promotion at work.
    3. Since it's lockdown am running short of books to read and have got some ebooks from a friend. Currently am reading " How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company" by Varun Agarwal. What gives more happiness than reading. And reading ebooks is a different experience.

    Have a great day. Happy weekend.
    With love

    1. Awesome that you have started workouts at home. I did check out your fb and sent you a message too! That is a really entertaining book indeed.

  13. 1.Walked more than 12k steps.
    2. Made a handmade pin up board
    3.Talked to my high school bestie over phone for about 2 hours. I was feeling exhausted after talking somuch but it was also a happy feeling to talk after many years and to know that we can go back in time and nothing has changed.

  14. Love your blogs and your books, insta handle is raosumana03! Reading makes me happy and i finally managed to read in peace Dan Brown - Origin, very grateful for that! Want to start growing veggies on my terrace. Bit low since I run a Travel and Holidays Company and in these times looks like a bleak future ahead.

    1. I left you a comment on your insta!

  15. Good morning. I usually read your blog the next day. Today is my appa’s death anniversary. 17 years have passed and still not able to get out of the feeling that appa is not there. Still miss him a lot.
    Three happy things
    1. Completed my crochet cacti, made 5 varieties for our showcase.
    Plucked greens and flowers from my terrace garden.
    Completed reading 2nd part of Ponniyin Selvan, historical novel in Tami
    Have a great day and stay safe.

    1. The void never goes away. :( I lost my dad too.

  16. Good morning Preeti. It makes me feel so good to read this post in the morning. My Instagram ID is pnk678, but it is a private account. If I make it a public one, I get constant request from strangers. One of the reasons I log into Insta these days is to see your Status Updates which include your amazing portraits. I just love them! It is 11:30 AM, and here are a few of the happy things which happened to me so far:

    1. I woke up a little earlier as usual.
    2. These days cleaning the house makes me feel very relaxed. I hardly used to find the time to do it so often pre Lockdown. Now I feel like cleaning all the time!
    3. On my WhatsApp Status, I had posted a general message telling everyone that I am thinking of them during this unpredictable time. I received a few replies and some of them were from people who hardly text me.
    4. My mom and I love to eat pudding. So she made Pineapple Flavored Pudding and I made Chocolate Pudding. The aromas are circulating at home and it smells so good.

    Fortunately, being with my family, spending time and enjoying these little pleasures of life is what keeps me going during this Lockdown period.

    I pray for the welfare of all around the world and hope this Pandemic will be erradicated.

    Take care and have a good day!

    1. Oh yes--the aroma of freshly made desserts!! :)

  17. Dear Preeti,

    Sorry, for the late comment. I usually read your blogs in my inbox amidst my "work from home" and hence have to keep myself from the temptation of commenting by consoling myself that I can always comment later. But, unfortunately I always miss to find the time for commenting, later in my day.

    Since, yesterday was Saturday I had the day off and so I slept late. I cherish this luxury which I am blessed with only during the weekends and so that was my first happy moment.

    I am a huge fan of "The Mentalist" series and yesterday I got the luxury to watch more than 5 episodes and that was my second happiness.

    My Pappa gave me three plants to keep inside in my room (Pappa tends a large garden) and tending to those was my third happiness. In the evening, (sorry there were more than just 3 :) ) I got some time to watch the cloudy sky while the dusk was settling in and I captured a picture of that in my memory. That was another happy moment.

    Looking back, yesterday was a great day and if we seek then we can find happiness every day in the moments that go unnoticed. Thank you for this exercise Preeti. I am reminding myself that I should do this more :)

    As for my insta and fb accounts, both are private. But, you have replied to me once in Insta. So, I am hoping that you might remember me someday when you pass through that comment :)

    Stay positive, stay happy!

    1. How wonderful that you have more than three. Plants are such a delight!! I get more than a 100 messages a day on insta! So sadly I don't remember..but happy to connect!
      I haven't seen Mentalist. Will check it out.

    2. My fb and insta handle is vidyakvictor. Please drop me a message too. Would love it. :)

  18. Hello Preeti mam,
    actually I see your blog every alternate days & today i read your this post & post of podcasts....I don't know much about podcasts except for the one my NLP coach makes & gives us...
    Today my start day was not much ok & also yesterday... after this extension am finding hard to stay calm....but today i wanted to uplift my mood somehow or the other & hence opened your blog...

    So reading & commenting is my first happy moment today
    then i happened to attend a webinar on emotions which again helped to uplift my mood a little
    then now am watching a tamil movie "Enthiran" with my kids...

    Hoping to have more happy moments

    My insta id is chitrav2208 & fb name is Chitra Viswanath

    1. I checked out your insta and you have a beautiful terrace garden! I left a comment too. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

    2. Hi Preeti,
      Ya, I checked your comment on my insta... thanks.... I felt too blessed that having a comment from a celebrity & that too from a person I cherish.... you made my day....Thanks

  19. Hai Preeti Jee......,
    I feel very happy to read you daily. I found a Butterfly this morning. I felt very happy. Then I prepared lunch for my family as usual. Everybody praised me .....
    Then I got to read your mail..... That's amazing..... Thank you.
    With Love,

    1. Thank you for the comment Sneha. What colour was the butterfly?

  20. Hi Preeti, the three happiest moments today were 1. Eating my mom's stuffed capsicum( I got a serious foodgasm), 2. Receiving a forwarded message of some of the live concerts of famous bands on YouTube and 3. Finding a YouTube video for my dad who had seen something on TV and wanted to know if we could film stuff from the TV. It gave me great pleasure to fish out a similar video from YouTube for him:)

    P.S. I'm on instagram as and on Facebook as

    It would be great if you could stop by virtually!

    1. I did check out your Insta and left a comment too! How wonderful when we are able to help our parents with technology. Stay blessed!

  21. Hi Preethi,

    Thanks for the encouraging post. Yeah ,it made me think good and happy things. Of the many I am telling the top 3 :)
    1. Got up to steaming cup of coffee served by hubby dear.
    2. Saw series with my teenage daughter and was so .much fun . Discussing how each character behave and good and bad of each of them. More than that couldn't believe how teenager are so cool but still have so vast thinking. BTW loved my daughter all over again and again.
    3. As I was doing dishes listened to soft telugu melodies. Work didn't seems so bad. Also , realised that I am not going to panic next time my maid doesn't turn up.

    All beautiful thoughts. Thanks for awakening them. May be when you list down you feel happy again.


    1. What series did you watch with your daughter? Oh yes--even I think we can manage without maids! I learnt this in UK when we had to do all the work. Now its no big deal.

    2. I watched modern family.

  22. Havinga problem submitting the reply. Pls excuse if its repetitive.
    wonderful post preethi:-)
    not in social media except whatsapp:)
    1. my father in law made ginger tea without me asking:)
    2. i started to meditate today using Meditation for beginners link from your earlier post. Thanks a ton, sis :-)
    3. My daughter asked me if i like many choices or few choices to pick from. She is eleven years old and I am so glad she is growing up fast. Have begun to enjoy great cameraderie with her :-)

    1. So glad you are connecting so well with your daughter! My daughter will turn 19 next month and we are really close, so I can understand. How nice of your FIL! Stay blessed!

  23. Hiii mam๐Ÿ˜Š
    First happy thing today is
    Here in Tirunelveli today had been raining in the sunny noon at 1 pm. I was happy to experience both sun and rain at a moment i also wonder like a child how it could happen at once
    Second happy thing is today i did what my mom keep on asking for months i just procrastinate like hamlet when i finish it off today i see the relief in her face which makes me happy
    finally i sketch after a long time which makes me happy actually i must share credits with you after seeing your daily portraits the artist in me came out
    Thank you mam๐Ÿ˜Š

  24. really amazing you are to make my day happy nd on regular basis for guiding even in lockdown. I was following you for 2 yrs at least nd still now u r mentor even in depression tht help me to overcome specially in lockdown.After reading all your book pave a way t undrstnd life what it is!!

    three moments tht make my day today are as follow..
    1. Sketching of the girl send by my sweet friend in morning. Such a amazing nd mesmerized really,,it is!!
    2. after a week talking to my Mom (becoz I'm am at home even in lockdown) that made my day beautiful nd
    3.from today I started a book reading 'Inglorious Empire' epub format to know the impact of British colonialism.

    As per your instruction here is my handle insta id @i_deepakumar

    Keep writing ma'am ๐Ÿ™

    One of readers of your books nd blog

    thanking you!!

  25. My Happy things:
    1) I made bread pakodas for my parents
    2) I texted my fav actor after watching his movie n he replied me back!!
    3) played cards with my family n I won!! insta handle is private, but hey u know me na Ma' r my favv

  26. My Happy things:
    1) I made bread pakodas for my parents
    2) I texted my fav actor after watching his movie n he replied me back!!
    3) played cards with my family n I won!! insta handle is private, but hey u know me na Ma' r my favv

  27. My Happy things:
    1) I made bread pakodas for my parents
    2) I texted my fav actor after watching his movie n he replied me back!!
    3) played cards with my family n I won!! insta handle is private, but hey u know me na Ma' r my favv

  28. Hey Preeti.. I am reading this post a bit late will summarise the best three happy moments of this weekend...I have had a busy weekend getting my kid, my dad and my mom ready for an online fancy dress competition.. seeing the three of them all decked up and happily smiling and posing for pics would be the three happy moments :-)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    This is the link to my profile.
    And my user name is
    I will be very very Happy if you visit my profile๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

  31. Hi Preeti,

    Its bit late to comment over this post but i could'nt resist. I am so glad that you asked.
    my instagram handle is nehabhoyar_
    my top 3 highlights of the day are:
    1) Spent time with my pet Google (he is a beagle). Taught him some new tricks. He is our sunshine.
    2) Tried my hand at making instant rava dhokla which turned out to be yummy!
    3) Tambola/housie over video call with my mom,dad, siblings and cousins..lateafternoon...its always a gud time even when i lose money in the game.
    Have a great day..and keep inspiring!

  32. Late in replying but 3 things that made me happy were:-
    The hubby preparing Chicken65 even though he does not eat it.
    Going out to the park with the family and trying tennis
    Talking to parents back home


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